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Emmy Perry

Animal ActivistMonarch Beach, CAStory and Photos by Lauri LevenfeldHair & Makeup by Veronica Fensel

Meeting Emmy Perry is truly an amazing moment. Seeing the compassion and passion that emanate from her deep, brown eyes is life-changing, as there is such a clear understanding in someone at such a young age in how the world can be better, and that what little you can do (or  lot) makes a clear and important difference. Perry, who has dedicated her life to saving dogs and giving back to her community, walks us through the steps in taking action..

.. towards ideas, concept, and causes you believe in. And it’s true, that we all can pave the way, change the course, and devote ourselves to something special just through the desire and time we choose to give. This is a perfect story for the holidays and for looking into the new year and how we all can make a difference in 2017.

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Jillian Shea Spaeder

Walk the PrankLos Angeles, CAStory and Photos by Lauri Levenfeld

For Jillian Shea Spaeder life is all about a good laugh. With a background in music and improv and a lifetime of performing, Spaeder has proven to be the perfect pick for Disney XD’s show Walk the Prank. Her easy going and “go with the flow” abilities and attitude have not only channeled the opportunity of a lifetime, but have also helped Jillian to manage the stresses and challenges ..that come up being a teen in the media light. We talk to Jillian today about the amazing ride she has been on since she hit LA ground running. It’s no wonder the girl has fallen in love with LA’s palm trees, rollercoasters, and so much more. 

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Ariana Greenblatt & Malachi Barton

Actress & ActorLos Angeles, CAStory and Photos by Lauri LevenfeldMakeup by Melissa Sandora
Hair by Kendria Spratt

We all love our girlfriends more than sometimes we love ourselves. But hanging with a guy can be just as wonderful. They can sometimes offer things that your girlfriends can’t. For Ariana Greenblatt and Malachi Barton becoming stars of the “it show” Disney’s Stuck in the Middle was a dream of a lifetime, but quickly they found that this wasn’t the only jackpot they hit. The two friends became instant BFFs over so many alike interests, and knowing they had each other’s backs through all their new life experiences and excitement became the ultimate win and a forever bond. Today we celebrate another beautiful story of best friends.

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Ariana Greenblatt

ActressLos Angeles, CAStory and Photos by Lauri LevenfeldMakeup & Hair by Irmina Martinez Loeffler

They could not have found a more perfect person to embody the character of Daphne Diaz on Disney’s hottest sitcom SITM. A tomboy who loves a good tutu, Ariana Greenblatt is a nine-year old ready to take on the world. But what is special and unique about Ariana, is how she has not only taken..
.. on this part with the zest and confidence of someone twice her age, but has also taken her role and made it an opportunity to give back and be charitable, and to say loudly and proudly to all her fans that us girls need to stick together, love ourselves, love one another, and be kind. Our sentiments exactly.

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Olivia Rodrigo

ActressLos Angeles, CAStory and Photos by Lauri LevenfeldStyling by Erin Kelly for BCBG
Makeup & Hair by Irmina Martinez Loeffler

One thing I have learned in photographing all the amazing girls that I do, is that passion, desire and dedication run really deep when you love what you do. And loving what you do is the true key to so many people’s success. It is undoubtedly a gift when work doesn’t feel like work. 

For Olivia Rodrigo, acting and working on the Disney series Bizaardvark has given her just this type of inspiration and this quirky and loved series is just the start of many more opportunities she plans to pave on her way.

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Gabrielle Begun

Published AuthorSan Francisco, CAPhotos by Lauri LevenfeldStory by Gabrielle Begun

How many girls out there have always dreamed of being in a photoshoot? Where the camera is ready, everyone respects you, people make way for you on the streets, and all the attention is on you. As a little girl, well at least before I published my book, I had always dreamed of being in that position; being respected enough to get my own personal photoshoot and for my pictures to be swiftly thrown out into the world. The problem was, I was an extremely shy kid. I didn’t

have stage fright, but I was shy in front of the camera and other people. I had no trouble performing but I had trouble meeting people and holding conversations without breaking a nervous sweat, and I still sometimes do. It might sound strange saying that I feel at home on stage but when meeting new people and starting conversations or talking with adults I feel like a turtle who wants to crawl back into her shell.

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Avery Poznanski & Olivia Rodrigo

Writer & ActressLos Angeles, CAStory and Photos by Lauri LevenfeldStyling by Erin Kelley, Makeup by Irmina Loeffler Martinez

This is the first of many stories to be dedicated to friendship. And this is the story of two best friends who recently moved apart from one another, when Olivia started filming the Disney series’ Bizaardvark. Although life shifted in many ways, one thing remained the same…their endless devotion and love towards one another. What is a bestie? Someone who knows your thoughts before you do, who finishes your sentences, and who loves you unconditionally no matter what. In Avery’s words… ”Someone who makes you laugh so hard milk comes out your nose in the middle of the school cafeteria. Someone you can talk with until two in the morning and makes you wish your conversation could last forever. Someone who makes you feel like yourself, who could see you in sweatpants and no makeup and still call you beautiful. A best friend is someone who can see you at your absolute worst, and still be the first one at your side. When you find someone who makes you feel happier than you ever thought possible, hold on tight.”

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Lori Mae Hernandez

ComedianLancaster, CAStory and Photos by Lauri Levenfeld

Like so many, I was completely awed by the courage, humility, and joy that Lori Mae Hernandez showcased on last season’s America’s Got Talent. I mean the 13-year old took on Donald Trump! But what many don’t know is how her passion and her enthusiasm for life (and for the stage) blossomed through her parent’s unwavering devotion, both channeling her interests and strengths into daily activities the whole family could join forces in. When Lori’s father Rick developed Bell’s Palsy, Lori dedicated each day to crafting one perfect joke to make her dad smile. This lasted a year. And the jokes were so good that Dad and daughter decided to take the act on the road. After spending the day with this extraordinary family unit, it is quite obvious that Lori doesn’t fall far from the tree and has chosen to use her wit, humor and talents to entertain, inspire, and teach the world. In a year full of dynamic possibilities and shifts (and a possible woman president), Hernandez has not shied away from the opportunity to make each joke count, as well as, to create opportunity to break through barriers with social commentary that calls for action. And check out Hernandez’ YouTube inspired song about The Project for Girls at the end of this story. 

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Kenidra Woods

Cheetah MovementSt. Louis, MissouriStory by Kenidra Woods

Hey, I’m Kenidra Woods. I’m not just any “ordinary” girl, more like extraordinary. I feel way ahead of my time, like I’ve seen this all before but with a remarkable ending. While going through this journey I am growing much more wiser, mature, and insightful. Ya know us girls mature faster than boys anyways, right? Lol. As a young girl we never imagine life being hard and we really see no wrong in the ones who loves us. You just never know or ask for what happens to you. Well, I certainly didn’t ask nor would I have ever imagined being sexually abused starting at 8 yrs old and it went on for about two years by the two men in my life that were supposed to protect me. Feeling resentful, ashamed, and worthless, I started to harm myself in any way I possibly could to make myself feel better about what happened to me. After several suicide attempts, I was in and out of the hospital. One day, I just told myself I don’t want to live like this anymore. I needed a plan, a different way to release what I was feeling. That’s when I started my movement, CHEETAH (confidence, harmony, enlightenment, encouragement, tranquility, awareness, and hope) Movement for self-harm and suicide prevention- to let individuals know that they are beautiful even through their battle wounds inside and out. Whether it’s a scar inside or out, every scar symbolizes strength and builds each and every one of our characters daily. Ever since then I believe in my heart that…

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Francesca Capaldi

ActressLos Angeles, CAPhotos by Lauri LevenfeldStyle by Katja O’Brien & Makeup/Hair by Irmina Martinez Loeffler

Today is the official launch of The Project for Girls and I couldn’t be happier to have Francesca Capaldi, star of Disney’s “Dog with A Blog”, leading the pack. Francesca, already an inspiration to so many girls around the world (I mean who doesn’t love Chloe?), has made a choice to balance a life of normalcy with the Hollywood lifestyle. And while everyone wants to be a Disney star, after talking with Capaldi, you realize just how special of a person it takes to make this happen. Francesca talks candidly about the dedication and drive, the long hours in the car to each audition, and the desire to stay in school and just be a

normal kid. Yet how her love and passion for acting have made her want to make these sacrifices and more. She tells all here and wants to hear your thoughts and questions too. This is what TPFG is all about… sharing a space where ideas can be churned, relationships can begin, and we can all lend support and love to the girl next door. We invite you to read our stories, share your hopes and dreams, leave your comments and ideas. But please know this is a sacred space and one we want to keep safe and positive. Enjoy! xo, Lauri

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