The Girls!

Jayden Bartels

DancerLos Angeles, CAStory by Grace Wethor & Photos by Lauri Levenfeld
Styling by Nicole Pollard Bayme & Courtnee Scully of LALALUXE
Makeup by Kelli Shawn
Hair by Brittany Oros

It is hard to believe that in just three years, Jayden Bartels has taken the dance community by storm. With over 10-million+ followers tuning in daily, Bartels uses her social media platform as a creative outlet to share and showcase her choreography, music and comedy videos. There is no doubt that everyone loves Jayden’s approachable and fun-loving spirit and Jayden has nothing but admiration for her supporters adorning them with the loving and coveted

nickname “JayBeas”. With a full-fledged acting career dominating this Fall’s lineup including Disney’s Coop and Cami and Showtime’s new Jim Carrey series Kidding, we sat down with Jayden to talk the real deal on social media, how she juggles it all while staying focused, positive, and still having a whole lot of fun. 


1. Who is Jayden Bartels today?

That’s a great question! It changes day to day. Overall, I am someone who wants to go down in history as a person who inspired people to do things they didn’t think they could do. I am also a dancer, actress, model, singer, and social media influencer.


2. When did dance become a passion and why?

Dance was always something I liked to do. When I was 8 ½  I took my first real dance class and that’s when I fell love. I am so passionate about dance because I can express myself through movement. It is like a different language.

3. What messages do you hope to communicate via your platform?

The main message that I hope to communicate is to spread positivity. Also, to be yourself, never give up, and follow your dreams!


4. Name those who have influenced you and why.

Some people that have influenced are my parents. They are so hardworking and I definitely look up to them. Ellen Degeneres also inspires me because she is always spreading good messages and helping people out.

5. What are the positives/ negatives of social media?

The positives of social media are that I can meet new people, spread positive messages, and inspire people. The negative side of social media is definitely all the haters, but I try not to let it get to me.


6. What lessons have you learned via your social platform?

Through social media I have learned that there are always going to be people that are not going to support me! I have learned to just focus on the positive people around me. I want my followers to know this and do the same thing.

7. Describe a day in the life for you.

A day in my life goes like this… I wake up, go to school, come home, I will probably have an audition, coaching, or meeting, then I  take a dance class, maybe grab dinner with friends, come home, do homework, then go to bed!


8. Tell us about the TPFG photo shoot.

The photoshoot was amazing. I loved the outfits, they were so edgy and stylish. The poses were very unique which I loved. Overall, it was an awesome experience.

9. What are the most important issues you face today?

The main issue I face today is balancing my schedule. I do many things in one day and sometimes it gets overwhelming, so I try to balance it out and stay stress free as much as possible.


10. Where will we see Jayden Bartels next?

You will see me on some upcoming TV shows like Coop and Cami on Disney. You can always see me on my Youtube channel where I post challenges and vlogs every week.


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Vintage Rocker Tee

Spanx shorts at Saks

Red Boots at Fred Segal


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A_PLAN_APPLICATION Jumpsuit at Barneys

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We are LEONE Duster at Barneys

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