The Women

Jasmin Savoy Brown

ActressLos Angeles, CAStory & Photos by Lauri Levenfeld

In the TV series The Leftovers, Jasmin Savoy Brown brought a determined and untamed attitude to her character Evie. Watching Evie evolve you understood the depths of where she had been, her sense of urgency to become who she would be and the plight of her missionary. This is not unlike Brown in real life whose path has always been to follow her passion,  find purpose in her beliefs,
and seek truth, compassion and understanding for others. Through acting and activism, Jasmin has uncovered her true spirit and identity. And through total transparency, she dives in on so many relevant subjects: LGBT, religion, civil rights, politics, spirituality, and love. All being subjects that have shaped and defined her into the beautiful young woman she is today.  

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Natalie Holst

Founder & Designer of Holst +LeeNew York, New YorkPhotos by Lauri Levenfeld & Andrea PosadasStory by Lauri Levenfeld

When you meet Natalie, you immediately fall for her zany, fun-loving and creative spirit. She is her art and her art is she. Natalie has managed to make her passion for designing jewelry a true reflection of her life passions- infusing her inspirations around travel, art, and fashion within every creation. And every design has an extra dose of humor, a gifted way in which Natalie sees the world. I am currently wearing her What’s Your Sign bracelet and I am constantly stopped on the street. Natalie’s pieces are noticed.


Hi, I’m Natalie Holst-I am the designer and owner of |HOLST + LEE|, an NYC based Fashion and Jewelry House. I began my fashion career almost 10 years ago after moving to NYC from Charleston where I studied Art. Once I moved to New York I was fortunate enough to work for a variety of different fashion houses including Marc Jacobs, Proenza Schouler, and Adam Lippes. This being New York, I had to supplement my income by working in different restaurants as a maitre d…

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Lisa Salzer

Founder & Designer of Lulu FrostNew York, New YorkPhotos by Lauri Levenfeld & Andrea PosadasStory by Lauri Levenfeld

Out of the torrential NY rain we came and into a holiday winter wonderland.  Lisa Salzer, a visionary and artist in every way- has created in her new studio, a breathtaking oasis to showcase her jaw-dropping jewels. Every detail is designed by Lisa herself or one of her many talented and famous friends, even down to the duct taped graphic walls (Lisa did herself!) that resemble the finest in wallpaper. Lisa’s strength and poise show in everything she does- her story below is an open-encyclopedia for women wanting to follow their dreams and make becoming an entrepreneur a reality. So much wisdom to be behold…


My name is Lisa Salzer and I am the founder and designer of Lulu Frost jewelry. My journey in becoming an entrepreneur began when I was quite a young girl.  My grandmother, Elizabeth Rock Frost, was the manager of an estate jewelry store in New Hope, PA. I spent many weekends whiling away the hours in the store, admiring all of the glorious vintage and antique pieces. 

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Samantha Wills

Founder & Creative Director of Samantha WillsNew York City, NYPhotography by Lauri LevenfeldStory by Lauri Levenfeld

It’s too cute that our entire New York trip leading up to photographing Samantha, everyone we met had something lovely to say about this lady. And everything they said was true. We were immediately enamored as well when greeted by this beautiful and instantly likeable Aussie, whose style and home interior reflect the poignant, pretty, and powerful designs behind her jewelry. It is Samantha’s authenticity and ability to connect to her exact customer’s needs that has led her company to such incredible success and popularity.


I am Samantha Wills- Founder & Creative Director of Samantha Wills, an accessories brand that was established on the notion of Bohemian Luxury. The brand originated in my home land of Australia and we now have offices in Sydney, New York (where I am based), Seoul, Tokyo and Paris.

I always knew I wanted to do something creative. When I was in high school and everyone else was applying for universities, I felt lost about my future and where I was going. 

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Adrienne Arieff & Mireille Gutierrez

Women & Prodigy Come TogetherTWP & Fairytale Success Mentor ProgramPhotography by Lauri LevenfeldStory by Lauri Levenfeld

After my first call with author Adrienne Arieff, I realized we had an amazing opportunity here. Adrienne a leader in the digital & marketing world, has written 3 books. She recently wrote her 3rd book, Fairytale Success: A Guide to Entrepreneurial Magic to help young entrepreneurs bring great ideas and products to market. Adrienne also recently created a mentoring program to pair young aspiring individuals with leaders in their fields. I immediately knew our latest Prodigy Mireille of The New Order Blog was the perfect match for Adrienne’s mentorship.

      Here is the initial meeting of the minds. We asked Mireille to come up with a series of questions for Adrienne.  We also share an excerpt from Adrienne’s book.


Mireille: Why do you think mentoring is important?

Adrienne: Mentoring is important as we all need role models in our life both professionally and personally, informally and formally. 

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Adrienne Arieff

Author & Founder of Arieff CommunicationsSan Francisco, CAPhotography by Lauri LevenfeldStory by Lauri Levenfeld

With 20 years of experience in the digital and marketing world, not only is Adrienne a purveyor of what’s in, what’s out, what’s about to hit and who to tell- but most importantly, she is a cheerleader and supporter of her peers and the women around her. She believes in community and she finds the time to make deep and authentic connections, always looking to provide others with opportunities like her own. Adrienne has worked hard for everything she has and has built all from the ground up. It is for this reason, that she is an open book and an advocate for other women trying to do the same. Her latest book A Fairy-Tale Success, A Guide to Entrepreneurial Success mentors young women looking to launch their own business, product or idea in the market place. Adrienne writes monthly for the Huffington Post and currently spearheads a mentor program for a younger generation with big ideas. 


I am a hard working woman that is addicted to her iphone! I studied communications, International relations, and education in school on the East Coast.I have a lot of energy. I’m a triple-A personality.

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Cath Kidston

Interior Designer and Store OwnerLondon, UKPhotography by Jess EpsteinStory by Andrea Posadas

Everything in life has a meaningful purpose. For Cath, growing up had all her ingredients and inspiration for what was to come. Inspired by her English country childhood, Cath set up her first small store in Holland Park in 1993 and she had no idea of the journey she would embark on.

Catherine Isabel Audrey is an English fashion designer, business woman and an author. Her first store sold hand-embroided tea-towels and brightly renovated furniture. Her childhood bedroom was always her biggest inspiration, a room of pale blue walls and striped rosebud curtains with the overblown chintz of coloured formica worktops and gloss paint in her playroom.

One of Cath’s first job opportunities and creative outlets was working for an antique fabric dealer. This is where the love for fabrics began. Shortly after, Cath was offered an opportunity to work with one of the most distinguished design firms Nicky Haslam. She learned from the best- how to stay on top of trends and the customer’s needs. Knowing the English heritage designs were what people wanted, she converted her style and created Modern Vintage designs.

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Isabel Posadas

PhotographerGurgaon, IndiaPhotography by Isabel Posadas & Marjte Van Der HeideStory by Andrea Posadas

Isabel Posadas is a fantastic woman, wife and mother of two. She has been to several countries around the world and seen the good and the not-so-good. Her husband’s job requires the family to constantly move, and so, Isabel and her family are frequently re-adjusting and having to accept change. But with change, there comes a good story.


I was born and raised in Mexico but left the city to follow a dream that changed my life. I met Federico, an awesome Italian man with whom I started a family.  My two boys are Alessandro and Rafael. They, along with my husband,  are my motivation and my life. We currently live in Gurgaon, India.

I worked in the hotel industry for many years, but when Federico was posted to Dubai 12 years ago, I decided to look after my family and become a full-time mom and housewife. Federico is a hotelier and that is the reason we move so much.

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Anastasia & Claudia Soare

Founder & President of Anastasia Beverly HillsLOS ANGELES, CAPhotography by Lauri LevenfeldStory by Lauri Levenfeld

Anastasia Soare built her beauty empire from the ground (or brows!) up. She created everything that her company is today from hard work, persistence, passion and perfection. Anastasia Beverly Hills is the leader in every creation and product, and its success comes from products that are produced at the highest quality and effect. When it was time for her daughter to join the ranks, Claudia quickly fell into line. Not only has Claudia been instrumental in expanding the companies’ interests and vision, she has contributed to the growth via social media and ABH currently has 2.4 million eyes on Instagram.


Anastasia…First and foremost, I am a woman. I am also a mother, a daughter, and a business owner. Along with my daughter Claudia,  I have built the global cosmetics brand Anastasia Beverly Hills.

It definitely started with “work life”. Before coming to the US, I went to cosmetology school because I figured I wouldn’t need to be proficient in English in order to work here as an esthetician. Sure enough, I was lucky to get a job at a beauty salon shortly after my arrival from Romania.

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Lauri Levenfeld

Editor's NoteSan Francisco, CAPhotography by Andrea Posadas

Hi All,

After a year of having so many ideas swirling around in my head, I am excited to be launching our new site The Womens Project and our adjoining business THE PROJECT – two businesses that marry everything I have set out to do since TMP’s conception. 

First off, it makes me very happy to broaden the spectrum of The Moms Project into the new overall site The Womens Project. We will not leave out moms in any capacity, as they will still have their dedicated page and stories that are relevant to moms and others. But the site will broaden to create a more diverse and even more dimensional scope, including all women in all areas of interest, inspiration, and achievement.

By broadening the focus, we are allowed the opportunity to build a bigger and more supportive community for our readers and the women who participate in this site. Our newest section being dedicated to a younger generation who inspire called The Prodigy. You will not believe the individuals, the stories and the successes- at such a young age!

The site will now include retail, along with its current stories, inspiration and resources. And readers will have the opportunity to be conscious consumers- turning a percentage of each buy into direct support of another woman in the community.

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