Lauri-1Photo by Andrea Posadas WHO WE ARE & WHAT WE DO


The Project for Women is a community of women, professionals and burgeoning talents that inspire, teach, share and network. The TPFW team promotes, celebrates and collaborates with each of their clients to support and elevate personal stories and/or brand goals.


In September 2016, The Project for Girls was born. A spinoff of its predecessor, The Project for Women, which pairs personal Q&A’s of entrepreneurial female leaders with signature photography, The Project For Girls offers inspiring content and interviews girls from all walks of life. In keeping with the site’s ethos, to be a “community powered by positivity, passion, and electric idea sharing, posts on TPFG are not only written for tweens and teens – they are written by tweens and teens. Topics covered on TPFG include everything from bullying to teacher favoritism, social media to girl empowerment. Photos of each subject aim to capture each girls’ quirks and authentic self-expression, showing off their creativity and unique personality.


The brainchild of fashion photographer Lauri Levenfeld (Marie Claire, Seventeen, Sundance Film Festival), TPFW & TPFG encompasses Lauri’s mission to contribute high impact strategy to the stories she narrates and the prolific visuals she captures heightening each woman and girl in a new, unique way while furthering client outreach. Lauri spearheads the TPFW & TPFG team with a group of accomplished professionals across industries, providing a one-stop shop for visual communication to many of the featured women.


TPFW is a creative forum that works with individuals and companies to develop and enhance their brand. Through strategic messaging, narrative and imagery, our team promotes, celebrates and collaborates to elevate your business to the next level. We evaluate objectives, create an individual portfolio and develop a unique plan to accomplish your dreams (or facilitate your goals), working with you every step of the way.


We have collected the best-of-the-best in all industries to bring you a one-stop shop in visual communications and services. TPFW studies your brand. We develop the most compelling story, the most unique vision, and then, solidify the perfect direction in all contextual and visual aspects for your brand. We offer consulting to each client in all aspects of visual communication including but not limited to logo, identity, styling, photography, motion, web design, print media, social media, public relations, and marketing.


In 2016, TPFW initiated a movement, the “Power of One”, a series of stories showcasing women of service who take small, impactful steps to greatly affect individual lives, community, and global problems. The Project for Women believes that the power of one is the starting impetus for the power of all, encouraging women to come together and empower universal change. This concept has led to the birth of the Black Swans, a private membership within the TPFW community where unexpected magic begins.


“The Black Swans transcends the community we have created online with TPFW to real life encounters, introducing featured women to one another through carefully, crafted events aimed to promote opportunity for networking, teaching, collaborating and inspiring on personal, brand and global fronts“ – Lauri Levenfeld.


To learn more about our packaging, pricing and the world of TPFW, email Lauri. We would love to know more about you!


Founder, Creative Director
& Photographer

Lauri Levenfeld


Project Manager & Stylist
Katja O’Brien


Editorial Director & Contributing Photographer
Jessica Epstein



Kathryn Davi


SEO & Digital Marketing
Myrna Plaisir Daramy


Mary Gonsalves Kinney


Makeup & Hair
Irmina Martinez



Katreece Montgomery
Frances Byrne


Contributing Editors
Jennifer Griffith Wayland
Amy Wong

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