The Girls!

Mykal-Michelle Harris

Modern Day She-RoLos Angeles, CAStory & Photography by Lauri Levenfeld
Styling by Lauren Taylor
Makeup by Stacye Branche
Hair by Marva Stokes
It is hard to believe that at age 7 Mimi Harris is already taking the world of entertainment by storm. In her case, there is something more than true to a person’s calling and knowing exactly what you were meant to do. But TV and commercials are not the only thing this girl is passionate about. Mimi is using her popularity and platform to get the word out on causes important to her heart and she is already making a difference in people’s lives by being committed to kindness, charity and ways of thinking of others. With her current role on Mixed-ish, Harris brings her sassy character to life tackling important issues with relevant conversation. Now our total she-ro, we can’t wait to see what this young lady does in life. Our modern day Snow White comes to life.

1. Who is Mimi Harris today?

I am a 7 year old who loves to help others, has a ball acting because it’s like just pretending to be someone else and can’t wait to see my friends for play dates.  And, like Olaf, I love giving warm hugs.


 2. Have you always had a passion for acting and why?

I can’t really say that I have always had a “passion” because I’m not really sure what passion feels like…but, I’ve always enjoyed being “extra” as my mom calls it.  Acting for me is really natural. It’s just like breathing to me. Like I feel like I wouldn’t know who else to be if I wasn’t just able to express myself this way.

3. Who is Serena Williams to you and why is she important? 

Ms. Serena Williams is like a she-ro to me.  When I saw her on TV, I knew that I wanted to be like her.  She’s strong, pretty and powerful. When I was three years old, I was telling my mommy what she meant to me and my dad said I could be just like her and so I pretended to be her while my mom filmed it.  I was so excited that I was going “crazy” inside. My mom thought it was super cute and posted it. Well, 15 million hits later, that video really started my 4-year acting journey.


4. Who are your heroes/ mentors? 

My heroes are my mom, my dad, my mom-mom because I think they are all really cool people who help others and I would love to be more like any of them on any day.  I also want to be more like Jesus too. I do things that Jesus did in the Bible because I think he was so cool and if we all tried to be great people and help one another, the world wouldn’t be so mean.

5. Tell us about your role on Mixed-ish. How is the show relevant today? 

Mixed-ish is about a family that moves from a commune ( a place where things like race and rules don’t matter) to the real world — Los Angeles where it all absolutely matters.  The show is about how each family member tries to fit in and at times it doesn’t work. I plan young Santa Monica who is 5. She is a sassy little sister who wants all of the attention and is really sad when she doesn’t get it.  The show is relevant today because it’s all about being able to be confident in who you are no matter what people say or don’t say. When they try to bully you, you have to stand up and have a voice. Santa Monica is making her voice heard.  Much like I had to do when I was in kindergarten. I was very sad when I was bullied. My mom guided me in taking my power back and not letting their words control how I felt. SHE WAS SO RIGHT and IT FELT SO GOOD to take it back. I was a rock star in my own mind.

6. What are you most passionate about? 

It is very important to me to give back in whatever way I can.  Because I am only 7, I think it’s important for me to let people see that even little kids have a heart and space.  I enjoy doing homeless give backs. I am saving my money to buy things for people who don’t have what they need. Just the other day, my mom and I saw a man eating out of the trash can and she and I made sure he had a meal. I am grateful to be able to do things like that.  I also like spending time with children in hospitals.


7. If you could have any acting role, what would it be?

I would want to play a judge because they look cool and they get to use big words and tell people what to do.  I love when they put the bad guys away.

8. What attributes do you look for in your friends?

I look for kids who are nice and don’t have bad attitudes.  I like kids who are fun and want to do exciting things. I love kids who are active and physical.


 9. What does “Girl Power” mean to you?

Girl power is when girls do good things that people think they shouldn’t or couldn’t do.  It’s when we are strong, powerful and confident in everything we do.

10. Our story is about a re-envisioned Snow White- in your mind what does her character represent for you? 

She is beautiful (your version of what YOU think is beautiful), she’s strong and she is a boss.  She is a part of all the questions I just answered here about my heroes and she-roes, and my “passions.”  Her superpower is helping others.

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