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Ariana Greenblatt & Malachi Barton

Actress & ActorLos Angeles, CAStory and Photos by Lauri LevenfeldMakeup by Melissa Sandora
Hair by Kendria Spratt
We all love our girlfriends more than sometimes we love ourselves. But hanging with a guy can be just as wonderful. They can sometimes offer things that your girlfriends can’t. For Ariana Greenblatt and Malachi Barton becoming stars of the “it show” Disney’s Stuck in the Middle was a dream of a lifetime, but quickly they found that this wasn’t the only jackpot they hit. The two friends became instant BFFs over so many alike interests, and knowing they had each other’s backs through all their new life experiences and excitement became the ultimate win and a forever bond. Today we celebrate another beautiful story of best friends.
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1.Tell us about your best friend.

Ariana: I moved here last year from Florida because I booked the role of Daphne Diaz on the Disney show “ Stuck in the Middle”. I met Malachi who plays my t.v. brother when I started the show. He was the first person I really hung out with. Malachi is the coolest, he is always up to do anything FUN. He is the type of friend who always wants to take adventures with me. He is the type of friend who always includes me. He also protects me like a big brother.

Malachi: Ariana is super fun and outgoing, and also super crazy.


2.What made you two want to be best friends?

A: I wanted to be friends with Malachi because he was so nice to me. He loved doing fun things I liked to do. It is really cool to have a friend that is just as imaginative as you are.
We love to learn new things from each other. He always encourages me to be my best. He is a true friend and supporter of anything I do.

M: When we met the first time it was like we were meant to be friends…we are only 6 months apart and in the same grade. And since we are both on the same tv show, we got to spend a lot of time together.

3.Name five things you like to do together.

A:We love to do so much together but our favorite would be, making forts with blankets and pillows. We love making up our music and raps together. We perform it in front of our friends and family. I also like making up dances that I teach Malachi. Malachi and I also love to skateboard together. He actually taught me how to ride.

M:We like to do special effects make up together, ride our hover boards, sing, play games, she likes to dress up like Miranda from Miranda sings and then we make funny movies, and come up with dances.


4.Has there been a challenge in your friendship that you had to work through?

A:I think there are challenges in any friendship. We are so close that we are like brother and sister. Most of the time we just like to laugh and have fun.

M: I mean we are together a lot so of course we annoy each other sometimes.

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5. What song best describes your friendship?

A: Cheap Thrills! We know all the words to that song!

M:Cheap thrills…..not sure it describes our relationship as much as when it comes on we immediately sing it super loud and start dancing.


6.What would be your dream adventure together? Describe this experience.

A:I would love to go to Hawaii with our families and have cool adventures on the island. I would love to learn how to surf with Malachi and my real brother Gavin. We would hike up volcanoes and stay in a cool tree house. That would be cool.

M: We would go to Hawaii on our adventure, which would be so fun. I would teach Ariana how to surf and we would eat shaved ice, of course. 

7.What’s your silliest or most enjoyable memory of each other?

A: When we went to Madonna Inn in California with both of our families. We stayed up late and danced the salsa in the ballroom like we were on Dancing with the Stars. Lol!

M:One night she and her mom came over and she dressed up as Miranda (from Miranda Sings) and we put on a really funny show for our family.


8.Name some of your favorite stomping grounds you enjoy together?

A: We love going to The Grove together. They have good shopping and restaurants. We also love going to the movies and going to Universal Studios. The Back Lot Tour is our favorite.

M:Mammoth… we went there this summer with our families and HAD SO MUCH FUN! We went to the top of mammoth mountain and hiked, and then, we took a boat ride in one of the lakes. But around LA we love to eat at Midici and go to The Grove or watch movies!

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9.What’s the main difference between having friendships with the opposite sex vs the same?

A: Having a boy best friend is cool, but definitely different. Boys are just gross sometimes and really don’t care if they get dirty or have ketchup on their face. LOL!! The cool thing is always having someone to talk to about anything. I think with true friendships it doesn’t matter if you are a boy or a girl. It’s just friendship!

M:I mean there are definitely differences….some of the things she likes to do are WAY TOO GIRLY for me… but we find things that we both Iike to do and that’s why our friendship works! Most of my guy friendships we play baseball and basketball and Ariana isn’t really into sports that much, but she comes to my games and supports me which is really cool. Guy and girls are for sure different but it doesn’t mean we can’t all be friends.

10.Where do you see your friendship in five years?

A: I see us always being friends no matter what. In 5 years I see us both still acting with each other or different projects. Still hanging out and enjoying each others company.

M: I think we will still be friends because we’ve been through so much together at such a young age…only we really understand that….so no matter if we live in the same state or not we will still always be friends!

For more on Ariana and Malachi’s work and friendship, visit Magnificent Magazine for our amazing cover story.

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