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Natalie Hampton

Sit With UsLos Angeles, CAStory & Photography by Lauri LevenfeldStyling by Grace Wethor
Makeup & Hair by Stephanie Baker

Natalie Hampton was a creative and inspired kid, always social and ready for the next party or fun celebration. That was until Middle School, when Natalie was bullied online and in real life. The teasing and torture became scary when Hampton was physically attacked and had to change schools for safety. Hampton decided it was time to stand up and do something, to take the power away from these bullies and claim it back for herself and anyone who has ever gone through a similar story. Natalie created an app, Sit With Us, where no one is left alone at lunchtime to build back a community of love and kindness, where no one is alone and there is a place for everyone. Natalie has been awarded many times over for her courage in saying no. No to bullies, one lunch at a time.  


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Jocelyn Woods

Los Angeles, CAStory & Photography by Lauri LevenfeldRetail by Izzy Be

In April 2017 Jocelyn Woods appeared on the stage at the RDMA’s I was attending with my daughter Harley and I was immediately captivated. Jocelyn’s story tugged at my heart, a childhood which began complicated yet bloomed into a life prospered by love and inspiration. At five years old, Woods entered the doors to the Boys and Girls Club of Silicon Valley, and suddenly, she felt safe, secure and supported to try new things, develop new skills, educate

and wonder. And through her many successes along the way, Woods became a believer and a leader paving the way for others.  With a full ride to USC and the honor of National Youth of the Year in her pocket, it is now Woods lifetime goal to make education, more specifically the college process, easy and accessible to others, especially those from impoverished backgrounds (like herself) who need a little more encouragement and support along the way.   



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Sienna Vratimos

SuperheroDaly City, CAPhotography by Wendy HortonStory by Lauri Levenfeld
Retail by Little Rags and Riches & Airfish

When photographer Wendy Horton brought Sienna Vratimos to my attention, I was blown away by the presence, the strength and the love of this little girl. At five years old, Sienna’s non-verbal autism has challenged her life in many ways, yet has never defined her. Through the support of her loving mom Karyn, the Vratimos’ family and her therapists created a dedicated blog to share her story, to sharpen her toolset, and to help others through insight and resources. Karyn’s photo booth has given Sienna a celebratory platform to connect and communicate with others, while giving its readership the opportunity to witness the incredible internal light radiating from one deeply determined and passionate child. For Karyn and her daughter Sienna, this is a journey of love, two best friends, and a community learning to see life a little differently and taking a cue from a new Superhero on how to live life to the fullest.


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Allegra O’Brien

The DiplomatBelvedere, CAPhotos & Story by Lauri LevenfeldStyling by Katja O’Brien
Makeup & Hair by Veronica Fensel

For Allegra O’Brien, traveling with her family throughout her childhood gave her the unique opportunity and insight into many different cultures, people, and ways of the world. This understanding has shaped the person she is today and has cultivated a deep compassion and desire to connect with others. Rather than be tied to the typical teenage occupations, Allegra works hard to

navigate a path built of authenticity, discovery, and passion. O’Brien is the first to admit she hasn’t necessarily found her ultimate live-or-die “thing”, but meanwhile, she’s putting her energy into staying open and participating in all that she loves. We have to admit, even if her journey is still unfolding, what Allegra has gained thus far is proving to be quite enlightened and special.  

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Nicole Green

JournalistSan Francisco, CAStory & Photos by Lauri Levenfeld

I knew Nicole Green was a stand-out for the lucky year I had her interning for The Project for Women. I immediately understood her drive, her understanding, her passion and her kindness towards others and the world around her.  What I did not realize was her total badass perspective on the way she wanted to see the world, record it and change it for the better. Over the past year, Green has gone on to shine light on her own star locking in a journalism major and a future career telling stories through her writings &  photos.

Last week, she jumped at the chance for her first major assignment covering the Northern California fires for her college magazine. Through her story today on The Project for Girls,  Nicole gives us a unique window into the heartbreaking relics and devastation of last week, yet celebrating the women and men who bravely fought to keep their communities safe and who will forever be marked as heroes. 

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Megan Rose

SongwriterSan Ramon, CAPhotos & Story by Lauri LevenfeldMakeup & Hair by Irmina Martinez Loeffler

When Megan Rose stepped onto the stage for Season 13 of The Voice, her smoky rendition of “Ode to Billie Joe” not only instantly turned the chair of Adam Levine (and later had him offering up his judge’s seat to Rose for deliberations), but went on to make Voice history as Megan became the last seat on the all-girl team of one Miss Miley Cyrus. A moment crystalizing Megan’s forever dream and all the blood, sweat and tears given to getting there. This San Francisco local with deep-seated country roots understands how important family, community, and an all-girl squad are to keeping her passions and purpose uplifted and undeniable. In response to that glorious moment when Megan made her-story, “I’m not intimated to be on an all-female team, it’s empowering.” This is a girl after our own heart. 

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Kheris Rogers

Fashion DesignerLos Angeles, CAPhotos and Story by Lauri Levenfeld

At only ten years old, Kheris Rogers has done what many adults never accomplish. Not only has she decided to always dream big, but she has faced her confrontations and made solutions, for herself and the world around her. When Kheris felt the constant stab of her peers with their name-calling

and bullying, she decided to do something about it. Taking a lesson from  granny’s whisper in her ear, she founded a fashion company to relay the important message she so desired to convey. Accept yourself, love yourself, and always be comfortable and strong in your skin. 

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Amanda Gorman

PoetLos Angeles, CAPhotos by Anna ZhangStory by Lauri Levenfeld

These days in such volatile political and social times, it is more relevant and necessary than ever to understand the power of our words; how they impact, change, benefit or harm ourselves and others around us.  With social media and other technological means to manifest and exploit, it is now mandatory that our words be well constructed, thoughtful and impeccable. For Amanda Gorman, the youngest female poet ever to receive the honor of Youth Poet Laureate, using words to initiate passion, power, and wisdom has helped this young woman to evoke attention, education and movement on fronts such as social injustice, tolerance, and solution. Gorman unleashes the combination of examination, dialogue, and deliberation in her writings, in order to support women, minorities and anyone needing answers or to be upheld. This is the story of a true freedom fighter, a girl dedicated to the voice of many and prepped with the weapon and word of one. 

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Seedel Chris-Emenike

SongwriterNew York City, NYStory & Photos by Lauri LevenfeldAssisting by Gabrielle Begun

When Seedel Chris-Emenike sent me her music video Forgive and Forget in honor of National Bullying Month last year,  I was immediately drawn to this fearless, determined young woman in front of me. Not only did Chris- Emenike command the lyrics she wrote, the video she produced, and the quirky, cool style that screamed “This is me”, but her video displayed heart, soul and humanity and her voice echoed a mission and message to uphold love and to always forgive and move forward. As I have gotten to know Seedel, it is this lack of fear and constant faith that push her forward creating, doing, and being the best that she can be. This is her story,  a true New Yorker, carving a path of positivity with persistence, passion, and purpose. 

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Trinity Rose

SongwriterMalibu, CAStory & Photos by Lauri LevenfeldFashion by Rosie G
Makeup by Veronica Fensel/ Hair By Kendria Spratt

Music is the gateway to the soul. And a song can touch people not only emotionally but physically, driving an ability to act on a endeavor, a movement and a dream. For Trinity Rose, finding passion in the lyrics of a song is her opportunity to connect with others and to connect to the world through personal acts of giving back.  And with her incredibly unique sound and style, it is no  surprise that Trinity was selected as the youngest female contestant ever to perform on the much celebrated talent show The Voice. With a little humor and a whole lotta love, Trinity Rose will no doubt be touching our hearts for a long time to come and we can’t wait to watch her shine. 

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