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Seedel Chris-Emenike

SongwriterNew York City, NYStory & Photos by Lauri LevenfeldAssisting by Gabrielle Begun
When Seedel Chris-Emenike sent me her music video Forgive and Forget in honor of National Bullying Month last year,  I was immediately drawn to this fearless, determined young woman in front of me. Not only did Chris- Emenike command the lyrics she wrote, the video she produced, and the quirky, cool style that screamed “This is me”, but her video displayed heart, soul and humanity and her voice echoed a mission and message to uphold love and to always forgive and move forward. As I have gotten to know Seedel, it is this lack of fear and constant faith that push her forward creating, doing, and being the best that she can be. This is her story,  a true New Yorker, carving a path of positivity with persistence, passion, and purpose. 

1. Who are you? What were you like as a child?

As a child, I was always dreaming and very hyper with understanding my surroundings. I would walk like I was walking a runway. The funny thing is that in Times Square, I would stop in the middle of the square to ask my mom to take a picture of me, which still hasn’t changed. I’m an idealist, always daydreaming of what I want my world to be. I loved music right from when I was three; my mom taught me the Musical notes while I was still learning how to read. I wrote my first song when I was three called “I love Abraham“.


2. What are your passions? How have they shaped your life?

My biggest passions are Singing, Acting, and Writing. I knew that I wanted to be a singer when I was 3 and an actress when I was 9. It was the day when I was watching Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, and Dawn, and there was a girl that looked my age and that’s when I realized that I really wanted to become an actress. Writing has always been there. I love writing, like poetry and stories. These things shaped my life because I wouldn’t be able to make music without a song. When I was in 5th grade, I auditioned my class girls for a play. Acting makes it easier to connect with the audience that watches music videos.


3. You have experienced bullying in the past, what happened and how are you stronger for it? (let’s talk about your faith, your music, and bullying)

I’ve  been in my school since I was in Kindergarten. My class has always been very big with approximately 24 girls and 10 boys. Most of

the girls in my class liked things that I didn’t like; for example, I loved classical music because it brought peace while they mostly enjoyed the more hip-hop music. Being an only child, is an advantage in my eyes, as the kids with siblings did not always have one another’s backs or mine for that matter. For a while, I got named called, which I’ll be very honest never actually got to me. I was like a brick wall where you can throw something and the brick is intact. I learned to ignore, stick with the friends I have and put on a smile. As a Christian, I would read the bible and learn about loving my neighbors and treating them as I would love to be treated, and never to hold grudges. I learned that to be like Jesus, we must forgive seventy x seven times. This gave me the inspiration for my song “Forgive and Forget” which is to forgive those who hurt you and turn the negative comments to positive.


4. Who are your role models?

My role model is definitely my Mom. My mom has always taught me rights from left and the importance of an afternoon nap. She’s always been very hardworking and determined and has always told me to chase and follow my dreams. The only birthday gift she gave me when I turned ten was an unwrapped board that read “Never just go with the flow….always desire to be more”. At the time, I  got mad but I think I am grateful for it now. It hangs beside my bedside stand, and I read it every day. My other role model is Michelle Obama. I loved her courage, style, and intelligence. According to her biography, she was determined as a child and got what she wanted.

 5. How do you think girls can empower each other? Why is a platform like TPFG so important today?

Girls can empower each other by spreading kind words. In the era of Social media, we need a base to lift each other up, and support each other. Having “The Project for Girls” is an amazing platform to influence other girls. It’s a community that has such amazing stories that a bond is created with the reader. It’s also an amazing way to motivate other girls. It’s a notable way of giving girls a voice. I feel it gives girls a sense of worth who may not always think what they’re doing is cool, and with the recognition they find satisfaction in knowing the world needs people like them.


6. What are some of the ways that you center yourself through creativity?

I center myself through creativity by singing, writing, and photography. When I sit down and a topic and tune comes, my hand begins to move. Writing music is transferring my thoughts, my inspirations onto paper. I love writing stories inspired by the books I read. It’s like transferring something you’re thinking about and creating your own person.  I love looking around at very unexpected photogenic places, photographing, and editing them. I then anticipate to see the final result. These are ways I express myself. Creativity is like a target, my mind is the bow and arrow, and then BOOM! Magic happens. Acting alone,  Let’s not even go there! It’s like having two personalities (yourself and the character you’re playing) and colliding them together, and something new is born. Acting is a form of creativity that I express through my music.

7. You are a New Yorker, what is best about growing up urban? Name some of your favorite places to hang.

New York is definitely what it is known for; “the city that never sleeps”. This means that as a New Yorker, you have to stand up and work hard. And if you have a dream there are avenues to get your dreams accomplished. I definitely love hanging out with Friends and Family at Central Park Zoo, Coney Island, Bowling in 42nd street, and most importantly on Broadway.  As for my personal favorite show, it’s Matilda.  As a New Yorker, I’m used to the traffic. The traffic is bizarre, it’s a lot. On the issue of fashion, we can’t talk about New York without getting to the topic of “mode” which is a French way I say “Fashion”. I’m so inspired every day by the innovative way most New Yorkers dress. The sharp SoHo outfits are A-Amazing!


8. If you were a superhero… what would your superpower be and how would you change the world?
If I had a superpower….Let’s see. I would want to read people’s mind. I think it would be funny to ask them something that they’re thinking about and before they say it, tell them what it is. If you see their faces, they’d be petrified. I’m just kidding but they’ll be very confused. On the issue of bullying, I would be able to scan the minds and stop someone before they hurt another person. This question just got me into my thinking zone!

 9.  Name a song that best describes you and why.

The song that best describes me is “Walking on Water” by Britt Nicole with the quote “You know you’re made for more, so don’t be afraid to move. Your faith is all it takes. You can walk on the water too”. This quote is definitely a reminder to never lose faith in your dreams, and if you don’t, you’ll be able to succeed.

 10. Where will Seedel Emenike be in five years?

 In five years I’ll be 18 years old. I definitely will still want to be a singer, actress, and author. I want to make an impact on people. I hope when people think about Seedel, they think of me as inspiring and as someone who helped someone. That’s my goal as a Christian girl. I want to influence people’s lives, and if that’s all  I did, then bravo, I achieved my highest goal.

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