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Olivia Rodrigo

ActressLos Angeles, CAStory and Photos by Lauri LevenfeldStyling by Erin Kelly for BCBG
Makeup & Hair by Irmina Martinez Loeffler
One thing I have learned in photographing all the amazing girls that I do, is that passion, desire and dedication run really deep when you love what you do. And loving what you do is the true key to so many people’s success. It is undoubtedly a gift when work doesn’t feel like work. 

For Olivia Rodrigo, acting and working on the Disney series Bizaardvark has given her just this type of inspiration and this quirky and loved series is just the start of many more opportunities she plans to pave on her way.

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1. Who is Olivia Rodrigo?

Olivia Rodrigo is a girl who loves her friends and family, performing arts, and life. Her passions and goals drive her to work hard and never give up. She is constantly learning about the world around her and making new experiences. She believes in love, friendship, and living your best life.


2. When did you know you wanted to be an actress? What was your path?

I kind of fell into the whole acting thing by accident. I first started out by singing, which is something I still love to do. My singing teacher thought I would enjoy acting because I loved to show emotion when I sang. She was right!

3. You moved to LA to start your Disney series Bizaardvark, away from your best friend Avery and school- what has the transition been like for you? I would be lying if I said that the transition has always been easy. I’ve found that it’s really important to surround yourself with people who love and support you. Balancing filming, school, homesickness, and simply growing up can get a bit challenging at times. But that being said, I think that challenges are what make you grow as a person and teach you who you really are. I am so happy for the opportunities I have been given, and I wouldn’t change a thing!


4. What’s the best part of being on a show like Bizaardvark? The hardest part? The best part of being on Bizaardvark is getting to know and work with so many amazing people. It’s so eye opening to see all the hardwork that collaboratively goes on to put the show together. I couldn’t be more grateful for everything they do. The hardest part is being away from my friends back home.

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5. Name a few of your favorite LA obsessions?

LA is so big! There are so many places to explore and so many cool things to see. I love all the interesting museums, but my most recent obsession is exploring different donut shops.


6. What do you think are some of the hot topics or necessary conversations girls need to have with their peers?

Whether it’s about school, crushes, your body, or challenges to overcome, I think it’s really important to express how you feel and have discussions with people going through the same struggles. Growing up can be difficult; you’re finding out who you are and what you believe, but when you know you’re not alone it becomes much less daunting. Girls coming together can be a really powerful thing.

 7. How does social media fit into your life? The benefits? The downfalls? It is a little odd to think of social media as a new concept, because it seems it has always been a part of my life.I love the power that it has to bring people together and teach people new things. Sometimes it can get rather discouraging reading people’s mean comments or looking at the “perfect” lives that people pretend to have on social media. But overall I think it is a great platform that our generation can use to come together.


8. What other passions do you have outside of acting? We know there’s a lot of dabbling in songwriting, can we expect an album soon? Ha! Don’t hold your breath for the album just yet! I love fashion, history, and music. I think it would be really interesting to study fashion design or music at an arts college. It would be amazing to get to pursue a singing career, but for now I’m just grateful for whatever life throws at me.

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9. Who do you admire? And why?

Lorde is one of my biggest idols. Her songs are so true to what it feels like to grow up. She stays true to who she really is and I feel like it truly shows in her music.

10. What would be your next dream role?

I love to travel, so anything that films out of the country would be so exciting! I also love mystery shows that keep you on the edge of your seat. It would be awesome to to work on something like that.

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  1. Olivia is a great and beautiful young lady. I loved her movie “Grace Stirs Up Success” and her show “Bizaardvark” I love this article about Olivia. Great pictures of Olivia. I am a big Fan of Olivia!!!

  2. You are an awesome actress, daughter, friend and extraordinary human being! Although we missed seeing you at your home town, I’m so proud of you, we all know you are doing your passion and you will do great! I love you my little Olivia!!! … Beatriz

  3. You have big life ahead of you. You amazing and a great singer I hope you travel and met your biggest fans.

  4. Your funny and a inspiration. I think you are a beautiful young woman. And I hope you reach your life goals.

  5. Your great a really funny person I watch all your shows and your really beautiful and I’m like one of your BIGGEST FANS I LOVE YOU SO MUCH❤

  6. Honestly Olivia your super talented and beautiful I’m really proud of the amazing things you have a complished I love you will are my heart And I hope to meet you so day ❤

  7. you are a really nice girl,nice actor,nice singer and the truth is i really love you as well as someone like me in your age you are like my celeb crush keep working hard and i wish a year of happiness to you from your biggest fan

  8. Yo olivia/paige ur so awesome iv watched like all the bizaardvark episodes and your personality is da bomb ( are you single) but cerial tho your song love for the haters is my fav. Is awesome. Keep up the good work!!

  9. You are really beautiful. I love you and your acting and your singing I really wish I could meet you someday and hopefully we can become your friend. you are like an angel I love you ❤️❤️

  10. I love Olivia Rodrigo I wish like I could run away from home and go to L.A. and live with her and be her sister like that is how bad I wish I coulf meet her and get to know her more and become best friends forever. I hope she wants to meet me and I can become an actress just like her

  11. Olivia you are a beutiful actress and are very beutiful inside and out. You are nice funny and even though your famous you always leave time for fans, in which that i thank you. Thank you for making be happy in the sad times

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