The Moms

Marquita Lanier

Three GenerationsLos Angeles, CAPhotos & Story by Lauri LevenfeldRetail by Izzy Be & Les Tout Petit

This is a story of three generations. Three women (well 2 + one girl) dedicated to empowering one another and the world at large. Through faith, creativity and love, each is inspired daily to be the best version of themselves while incentivizing and supporting each other and those around them to do the same. This love is spread through all types of artistic endeavors and a whole lot of

laughs and silliness to accompany. Through their family blog, Love the Laniers, they continue this inspiration weekly with devoted time for togetherness centered on developing passions, goals and lifelong dreams together. A perfect story for the holidays, one celebrating love, compassion, and collaboration. Hey, even Oprah Winfrey got wind of this terrific family. 

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Jessica Hanson

Perricone MDSan Francisco, CAStory & Photos by Lauri Levenfeld

It seems we are all relentlessly on the quest to find a product, a plan, or a path to looking and feeling Forever Young. For Jessica Hanson the path has always been pretty clear; follow your heart and your passions and they will inevitably lead you to living an authentic life,  resulting in a joyful manifestation that shows up internally and externally as beauty and light. And while all that is true, it doesn’t hurt to have the best products to supplement diet and wellness on your path to eternal beauty. What started as a young enthusiasm and curiosity around makeup became a lifelong career in science and artistry. And while Jessica has worked for the biggest brands in beauty she has now found

her home with a company whom resounds in the same principles and philosophies as she. As Chief Marketing & Sales Officer for Perricone MD, Hanson’s latest gig centers around treating the internal to best affect the external and in Jessica’s life as a mom of two, showing up healthy and energetic lets her follow her heart, pursue her passions and achieve her goals independently and for her family.  With her wealth of knowledge in all the best ingredients and product, Jessica lends her advice to you today on where you should best spend your money and efforts.

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Jessica Taran

Freezing my EggsSan Francisco, CAStory & Photos by Lauri LevenfeldMakeup & Hair by Irmina Martinez Loeffler

In a year when women are fighting for independency and equality both personally and politically, the choices we make in terms of our own bodies and our paths to motherhood seem even more crucial to the future of our gender and generation. Rather than waiting on the right partner, finding the wrong one, or just in general giving the power away to someone else, many professional women and/or women dreaming of motherhood are finding new means to  becoming moms and not succumbing to the inevitable ticking clock. For Jessica Taran, choosing to freeze her eggs at 36 years old gave her the opportunity to do motherhood her own way, to continue to seek the kind of love she dreamed of and to pursue motherhood as a single woman. Taran, our modern day hero, opens up about her process and pregnancy. Yes thanks to women changing the course, motherhood never looked so good.

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Delaney Ruston

Filmmaker & PhysicianStony Brook, NYStory & Photos by Lauri Levenfeld

Thinking about our teens- their cell phones and the time they spend on their screens makes most parents crazy, sick with worry, and most definitely, unsure about how to navigate it all. While technology is a beautiful tool to give our children access and means to learning, it is also the culprit of time spent away from real social interaction, family-time and school work. When physician Delaney Ruston found her two teenage children growing more committed and preoccupied by their screens, Ruston’s anxiety grew. And her questions as to how to rectify the situation gave her cause to turn a film camera on her own family to document their struggles, while researching to find answers in other people’s experiences. Her anxiety turned to hope as her discussions with adults and children signified that we all are new to this and scrambling to find the right answers and path, but through dialog and community we will pave a way. With this Screenagers was born, another documentary where Ruston puts her personal life in the camera’s eye to explore a larger societal issue. This is a story about a woman, a mom, and a caretaker working her best to shed light and change circumstances for those individuals and issues under addressed by society.


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Kristina Wandzilak


This is not a fashion story ladies. It is a story of strength, survival, determination, courage, and love. Kristina Wandzilak chose life and faced every fear and hardship in her journey up. I am awe-stricken by Kristina’s courage, faith and willingness to go to places she has not returned to since being homeless on the streets of San Francisco 21-years ago. I thank her for this bravery, for facing her fears, and for being such an extraordinary and beautiful person in life.


“If I gave up each time I was afraid I would be dead.”


I am a fighter. A survivor with a brave heart. I am a mother. A widow. A friend. A daughter. A sister. An international business owner. An author. An all-american athlete. And an all-american drug addict with over 20 years sobriety and recovery.

I am now an addiction interventionist and the co-founder of Full Circle Intervention, Addiction and Recovery Services, an organization working with families and individuals who are in crisis with the disease of addiction. It is a thriving practice, which has taken me on adventures all across the US and internationally.

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Sasha Lazard

ChanteuseNew York City, New YorkPhotography by Lauri LevenfeldStory by Lauri Levenfeld

To those who know Sasha Lazard, she is a staple in the art world equally as comfortable in a couture gown as she is on the playgrounds of lower Manhattan watching over her children. Widen the lens, however, and she is considered one of the most elegant and beautifully trained artists of our time. Enhancing her musicality are her mesmerizing performances, breath-taking sense of style and her associations with the finest luxury brands, all lending Sasha a public figure-aura of glamorous mystique. When Lazard opens the door to her gorgeous apartment, the gypsy interiors exhibit first-rate bohemian glam and exude a life centered around sharing her love of music, art, and the world around her with her dearest and everyone she meets.

My life’s work is my children and my music.  I began my career as an opera singer. Shortly after beginning my real training at The San Francisco Conservatory of Music—I realized quickly my destiny was not to follow a traditional path. I had an operatic quality to my voice, but was attracted to all forms of music. I loved collaborating, and mixing up genres. I was at the frontier of classical crossover with my first album “The Myth of Red” and I have just released my 5th one entitled “Lumiere.” My most personal one to date.


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Heather Vandenberghe

Founder and CEO of Vandenberghe & CoNew York City, New YorkPhotography by Lauri LevenfeldStory by Lauri Levenfeld

What do you do when a dream job or opportunity comes along and you’re not quite ready for it on paper (maybe the proper experience or perfect credentials don’t exist yet)?  If you are Heather Vandenberghe (in her younger years)- you bluff. You go for it with your head held high and make everyone believe that not only are you ready for this gig, but you are ready to offer something more special and more expansive than was ever dreamed of. It is this positive outlook and confident attitude (and of course, Heather packs some mean marketing skills)  that led Heather through the most prestigious doors and into the most coveted jobs early in her career. It also led her to a high stress and unbalanced lifestyle where she wasn’t managing her personal time and time for her daughters in the way she wanted. It was at this time, in her most frustrated and anxious moment,  Vandenberghe faced the most unimaginable hardship-her daughter’s accident, a moment that changed everything and gave her the will and the strength to live better and find more desirable work.

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Chriselle Lim

Founder of The Chriselle FactorLos Angeles, CAStory by Lauri LevenfeldPhotography by Karen Rosalie

Following suit with her team member Lauren Fong and our last mom-to-be, Chriselle Lim of The Chriselle Factor has made pregnancy look chic and amazing. She shares her latest styles today on Style Me Pretty; while we get the juicy behind- the-scenes talk on how Chriselle quickly grew her blogging business to incredible heights and why her positive, authentic spirit and her attention to high quality has led her to become one of the most loved and valued fashion bloggers.


My name is Chriselle Lim. I am a stylist, editor, and the founder of The Chriselle Factor. There were a lot of growing pains and ups and downs as I started to pave my own path as an entrepreneur. I started my blog/ channel four years ago as a creative outlet for me to share my passions around fashion. As things started to take off,  I realized quite quickly that I could make a business out of what I was creating. And although I have always felt I was more creative than business oriented, over the past few years this has changed as I continually learn needed skills to grow my business.

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Lauren Fong

Founder & Fashion Consultant of Itsola, IncBrooklyn, NYPhotography by Lauri LevenfeldStory by Lauri Levenfeld

I was lucky enough to stumble upon Lauren when we started working together on another soon-to-be TWP mom-to-be, Chriselle Lim. I immediately fell in love with Lauren’s high spirit and radiant positivity. And when I began to unravel her impressive resume and accomplishments, I knew she needed to be featured. And that’s when I found out not only was she game for a photo shoot while we were in NYC the following week, but game for one at 39 weeks! Lauren still charging at this late in her pregnancy (who would have known!), left us all breathless as she commanded the camera in a transparent leopard maxi looking amazing and effortless on the coldest day to date in New York.


I am an entrepreneur, wife, and soon-to-be mom who recently moved from LA to Brooklyn.  I own Itsola, Inc. which includes LF Fashion Consulting, a fashion business consulting firm helping designers and fashion influencers organize and manage their businesses.  It also includes, LFFC Productions, a fashion event production company that produces fashion shows, store openings and other fashion related events.  

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Meg Schackelton

Founder + Designer of Margaret Elizabeth JewelrySan Francisco, CAPhotography by Andrea PosadasStory by Andrea Posadas

Meg Shackleton started off with a simple jewelry trunk show in the college dorms. It was this trunk show that ignited a passion for jewelry and later evolved into the now Margaret Elizabeth Jewelry. Fast forward 4 years, Meg is now adjusting to being a mom, alongside running a successful business. Adjustments are never easy, but it is the challenges that make the journey…


My name is Meg Shackleton and I am a mom to 4-month old Tate, wife to Lane, and founder and designer of Margaret Elizabeth Jewelry. I started designing jewelry while a student at Boston College, hosting my first trunk show in my dorm room. After graduating from BC, I went on to work in Advertising at Google and continued to design jewelry on the side. In 2011 I decided to leave the corporate world so that I could pursue the line full-time. Since our beginnings, we have expanded our website and sell our pieces in over 100 stores worldwide. In 2012 we opened our first flagship studio in San Francisco which has been so much fun!

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