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Sasha Lazard

ChanteuseNew York City, New YorkPhotography by Lauri LevenfeldStory by Lauri Levenfeld

To those who know Sasha Lazard, she is a staple in the art world equally as comfortable in a couture gown as she is on the playgrounds of lower Manhattan watching over her children. Widen the lens, however, and she is considered one of the most elegant and beautifully trained artists of our time. Enhancing her musicality are her mesmerizing performances, breath-taking sense of style and her associations with the finest luxury brands, all lending Sasha a public figure-aura of glamorous mystique. When Lazard opens the door to her gorgeous apartment, the gypsy interiors exhibit first-rate bohemian glam and exude a life centered around sharing her love of music, art, and the world around her with her dearest and everyone she meets.

My life’s work is my children and my music.  I began my career as an opera singer. Shortly after beginning my real training at The San Francisco Conservatory of Music—I realized quickly my destiny was not to follow a traditional path. I had an operatic quality to my voice, but was attracted to all forms of music. I loved collaborating, and mixing up genres. I was at the frontier of classical crossover with my first album “The Myth of Red” and I have just released my 5th one entitled “Lumiere.” My most personal one to date.


I am a single mom raising two little boys.  My youngest requires extra care, so my life goal these days has been to get him the best possible services this city can offer, and filling his life with love, fun, and stimulation. I feel blessed to be living here and fortunate to be living in NYC surrounded by the extraordinary educators while pursuing my passion.

I have always been more of a rebel with an eclectic personality.  I never fit neatly in with any group, and that included the opera singers from the San Francisco Conservatory. Yet, I had the good fortune of meeting up with a great cellist while I was there. After a year of teaching me all there was to know about the romantic era music-Schumann, Dvořák, and Brahms, he opened me up to the world of “classical crossover” which at the time was fairly revolutionary. I started collaborating with all kinds of instrumentalists and different types of musicians. I loved opera, but I didn’t want to sing in operas. I heard the music, felt the passion, I had the “operatic” voice-but I wanted to move.  I remember having a singing lesson with a grande-dame diva—she looked at me curiously in my torn up ball gown skirt, dancing around the room as I was singing my aria—and she said: “This is who you are. You have to find a way to do this.”

I met an electronic music producer and we started working on tracks together. He would create beats behind opera arias and art songs, pieces of a classical melodies that I loved. I started performing these songs at high profile events in NYC. I was “discovered” at Patrick McMullen’s birthday party. The event led to years of bookings with luxury brands such as Bulgari, Mikimoto, Maserati, Louis Vuitton. I would perform at the launch of a jewelry line or boutique hotel in locations all over the world. I was given a  record deal by EMI/ Higher Octave Music. My producer and I were given free reign of the project…and we created cinematic, eclectic music that we loved. My first album was The Myth of Red.

I have been writing, producing and performing songs ever since. As a side passion project I launched the Myth of Red Cultural Salon -which brings together brilliant  artists, musicians, dancers, poets for a night of culture centered around a chosen theme. 

I feel blessed that I don’t have to go to an office every morning. My job takes me a way for sometimes a week at a time, but I am fortunate that I can be there for many school drop offs and bedtimes. Making music fills my soul and I feel grateful every time I get to do it.  Trying to juggle being a mother and working is mind bending though. If I do have to go on a trip—I map out every minute of my boys lives for weeks in advance so I can actually feel a bit of freedom and relief when I am away.

Children: Cyrus Mailer-age 8, Lucien Allen-age 4

Firstly, I was given boys. I have always been the girliest of girls. I talked about the baby girl I would have since I was 5.

I have learned so much from my boys- about boys, men, the real difference between the sexes. I remember driving our car with my kids and a pal of theirs in the backseat. I listened with amusement, as the little girl chattered away endlessly into my son’s ear. She just wanted his attention, and he just wanted to sit in his chair and chill out.  He adored her, but he just wanted some quiet. Little boys are seemingly more simple, yet they are just as emotional and that is not to be underestimated. They express their feelings in a completely different way. I have had to figure out a totally new approach to be able to communicate with my sons. None of it comes naturally and it has taken me years to figure out how they are wired and how to get through. It has been extremely challenging. When I sit down and chat with a little girl, it is a breeze! My goal is to raise my sons to be kind, gallant (great listeners!) young men who are not afraid to show their feelings.

My oldest son would build Legos all day long if he could. He has a very mathematical brain, and he can construct things for hours. He also loves to read, and builds forts out of cardboard boxes, pillows, blankets. My youngest loves music, trucks, anything having to do with construction and driving an ATV on his dad’s farm.

My Favorite Kids’ Toys, Products, & Clothing

1. Magna Tiles, any toys from ABC Home, and cardboard farm kits.

2.Weleda Creams and Shampoos and Raw Shea Butter.

3.Pamela’s Gluten-Free Pancake Mix—(the yummiest pancakes!), Nutiva’s Coconut Oil, and Bitsy’s Brainfood (organic snacks).

4. Boinpoint, Caramel Baby & Child,  Clotaire, Papouelli, and Naturino shoes.

My favorite clothing designers are Luisa Beccaria and Isabel Marant. I love shopping at NY Vintage and Warm (On Mott street).  The website PRIV (a one stop destination for beauty and wellness) has made my life so much easier. Uber for hair, makeup and nails-I can get dolled up while hanging with my kids..

My style icons are Veronique Peck (wife of Gregory and mother of Cecilia),  Kate Moss, my dear friend Emma Jane Pilkington, Lois Chiles, and Elisabeth Reynaud (French author).

I have learned so much from performance. This day and age—you have to find what is UNIQUE about you and go after that. I had many producers and record label folks who tried to turn me into something I wasn’t, and it never worked because it wasn’t authentic. I “sold out’ on one project and it was one of the most painful months of my career. My advice is to create something new based on your life experience. Follow your passion, but develop basic but very real skills in other areas along the way.

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