The Moms

Dana & Jeanne Dowell

Yoga Instructors, Co-Owners Green Buddha

When I met Dana and she told me about the incredible bond and business she shared with her 84 year-old mom Jeanne, I was instantly in love. With their company Green Buddha and a motto of “AOG-Attitude of Gratitude”, these two women have dedicated themselves to loving one another and sharing that premise of love, community, and graciousness with everyone around them. Their inspiration couldn’t be a better story on this Mother’s Day and I am excited to open up The Moms Project to multiple generations of women sharing visions, philosophies, and resources for every age of woman.


I’m Dana…I am 48 years old and a mother of three boys. I am an actress, yoga instructor, and co-owner of Green Buddha with my mother. I used to ride motorcycles with Mickey Rourke, I completed Outward Bounds, and I grew up fishing on The Little Red River in Arkansas every summer.

I am an artist and I am passionate about working on my Dollhouse I bought from an M&M commercial when I was 12. I studied yoga in Greece for a summer with my mother when I was 20. I love anything that has to do with self-discovery, therapy, group therapy, meditation, and books. I especially love learning about other people. I have been studying yoga for 28 years and I learn something new daily.

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Lauren Podoll

Co-Founder & Designer for The PodollsSAN FRANCISCO,CAPhotography by Lauri LevenfeldStory by Lauri Levenfeld

I had heard so many good things about Lauren. And when we met, I realized all are true. Lauren is an exceptional visionary with a crystal clear definition of detail and understanding in every aspect of her life. This understanding and acknowledgement is from deep and conscious roots, as everything she designs and curates comes from a place of respect, care, and consideration for her community and the world around her. A sentiment expressed perfectly in  the hangtag of each garment she crafts. Lauren gives her list of favorite eco brands and great tips on becoming more green. And don’t forget to head over afterwards for my fun Q&A with our celebrity TMP moms at Style Me Pretty Living.


I am Lauren Berdell Podoll-designer; mother; entrepreneur; Bay Area native; only child; Leo; yogi; lover of travel, dance, cookbooks, astrology, massage and Rumi.

My husband Josh and I are the team behind The Podolls, a women’s clothing line and flagship store in Burlingame, CA. We have been designing clothing for about ten years and recently launched our children’s collection, podots, when we opened our retail store last Fall.

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Zem Joaquin

Founder of EcofabulousSAN FRANCISCO, CAPhotography by Lauri LevenfeldStory by Lauri Levenfeld

Zem Joaquin was an easy pick for the celebration of Earth Day. As the founder of Eco-fabulous and the current Editor at Large of Home & Lifestyle for Huffington Post, Zem has always been someone I admired for her utmost passion, dedication, and concern for her community and the world around us. Zem has lived the eco-life all of her life. It was never about being on trend and always a lifetime dedication.

When Zem and I decided to focus her story around the many things each of us can do to make our lives more eco-friendlier; we also decided to share the glamorous world of eco-fashion and show how grown up it has become. We invited Mary Kinney of Style Army to style this fabulous shoot with all Zem’s favorite eco-designers, beauty and home brands included.


I’m Zem…I was raised on a (non-religious) commune in Palo Alto. I have lived in California my whole life, except when I lived in London, Milan, Brussels and Paris. I am a mother of two. I am  a horse mom, which means I spend endless weekends going from horse show to horse show with my daughter.  I love the pony hunter division and I will be rather sad when my daughter moves to jumpers.

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Nellie King Solomon


“Hi-ya” is a painting about the moment you’re going to make it happen. You spend all this time in preparation for something and then the actual time spent on the moment itself is quite small and calm. Just like in life: it’s chaotic and busy and most of your time is spent taking the steps to set yourself up. But the actual moment can feel anticlimactic, its built up for so long and the reality is the moment can be small. But it is in these small moments that Growth begins to churn, that your heart is open and your mind present, and you speak to the world. It is these small moments you disengage from the noise and center yourself. You are in touch with your soul, your community, your child. And this is where your Hi-ya manifests and gains power.

I asked artist Nellie King Solomon to describe her “Visions of Growth” and to take her rituals around painting and apply them to techniques and ideas that we all can carry with us to process our steps and prepare for “our moments”. I knew she was the perfect person to engage in the conversation when she showed me her latest latest work of an airplane runway & an abstract ring blob painting, which is about the moment when you are on an airplane and the captain asks you to turn off your phone, all technology. Where are you then?

These questions I ask of myself all the time and have stimulated the current TMP topic of Growth. In the disconnect with lack of noise, where do you land? Are you at peace? Are you present?

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Merriman Mathewson

FundraiserPhotography & Story by Lauri Levenfeld

I enlisted one of my fave friends and fashionistas Merriman Mathewson to reveal the essentials for Spring and model the current must-haves. Running around constantly shuttling three boys, Merriman is always dressed perfectly urban-chic. With the help of stylist Mary Gonsalves Kinney of Style Army and retail darling Elizabeth Charles, TMP is all about the Best of Spring. And you will love the story of Merriman, a mom dedicated to her amazing family and a list of incredible causes.


I am a New Orleanian who has embraced San Francisco. I am a mother to three boys who I am trying to impart my love for both places, as well as, raise to be gentlemen with an appreciation for art, music, literature, culture, and spending time outdoors. But manners and not missing the toilet would be a nice start! I love good food, wine, live music (in smaller venues)…and spending time with my husband Eric and friends doing all of the aforementioned.

I spend time volunteering with For the Bayou which is a Bay Area-based non-profit 503c which raises funds to restore the eroding wetlands of the Gulf Coast (we lose a football field of wetlands every 30 minutes!) and provides humanitarian aid in event of a disaster. 

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Pamela Fishman Cianci

EntrepreneurPhotography & Story by Lauri Levenfeld

With Pamela Cianci Fishman, there’s always six degrees. Having lived in the San Francisco for   fifteen years, run three successful businesses side by side, having three kids in eight years, and now joining team with one of the most successful and international company brands; at one time or another you have most likely run into Pamela. And being a local SF gal for so many years myself, I have recognized many times over the interest, influence, and affect this lady has had on so many people and in so many areas of life. Pamela has learned “you have make time, so you have to make time count”. She shares her list (and much more) on how to be most efficient in life, business, and entertaining.

I’m Pamela…Walking into my home is always a surprise. Since I am a busy mom of three little ones, you’re sure to find something exciting going on. Perhaps I’m hosting a cooking class for the neighborhood kids, chatting with friends who help connect me to brands about the next Gilt partnership, or adding DIY “Hallmark” holiday decor to one of the many rooms we have filled with antiques, accessories and art handed down from family members. The integration of my family’s treasures into my home is one of my greatest loves. I feel transported on a daily basis back to the houses where I spent my childhood laughing, snuggling, learning, crying, dancing, hiding and examining the countless objects of curiosity relived through my own children.

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Melissa Kieling

Founder of PackitWESTLAKE, CAPhotography by Lauri LevenfeldStory by Lauri Levenfeld

Melissa is truly the mom story you hear about on Oprah and the success story we have all dreamed of. A mom dedicated to providing healthy and safe lunches for her kids, Melissa invented PackIt one day in her kitchen out of necessity. And five years later, her company is a multi-million dollar success. And not only that, Melissa is the sweetest person, whip smart, and a do-it-or-die mom. PackIt came at a crucial time for her family, and Melissa’s drive and work ethic made the company into what it is today, while giving her family stability and security. From the moment we sat down, I knew I would have a friend in Melissa for life. She’s that kind of gal. And I am proud and honored that she chose Style Army to help style and photograph the latest PackIt campaign.


I grew up in a very small town in Iowa. I went to high school with pretty much the same 82 kids I started kindergarten with. My first job was in my grandfather’s fields at age 12. At age 92, my grandparents still live on the farm. We celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary a couple of years ago and my grandfather says he knew the first day of kindergarten he would marry my grandmother.

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Tara Hirshberg

Jewelry DesignerPhotographs & Story by Lauri Levenfeld

Tara is a purveyor of all things beautiful. This is apparent from the minute you walk through the door into the house her husband and she built from the ground up, to the art collection exhibited on the walls, and to the exquisite must-have fashions that Tara adorns. But Tara is also a woman of wisdom, creativity, strength, and presence. You see this from the minute she interacts with her two boys and in her tales of meeting her husband at 17 years old, and how he continues to be a daily inspiration in her life. As TMP moves into a month on growth, Tara reflects beautifully on taking the time to feel your life. And if you head over to Style Me Pretty Living, you will see more on how this art of balance and simplicity shines through in all aesthetics of Tara’s life.

I’m Tara…The Basics:

  • I am a wife and mother, although not always in that order. And I own two businesses
  • My husband and I have been together for 24 years. We have two amazing boys, ages 7 and 9.
  • I have a BA in Economics from UCLA, a BA in Art History from UCLA and a Masters in Post War and Contemporary Art from the University of Manchester, England.
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Galina Sobolev

Fashion DesignerPhotography by Lauri LevenfeldStory by Lauri Levenfeld

Galina is that bit of sunshine everyone needs in their life. Her positivity and light radiate from every ounce of her and from everything she does. She immediately befriends you, listens to you, wants to help you, mentor you, and connect you. She is a woman who loves and supports all women. I felt this all via our first phone call. And then I saw her in person; the beauty, the energy, and the love for her family. I knew right then she was the full package.

My name is Galina Sobolev. I am a happy, hardworking career mom of three incredible kids. I own a contemporary clothing company called Single by Galina Sobolev. And my children and my husband are my greatest achievements in life.

I love what I do. I have been creating clothing since I was six years old. I started with my dolls and continued on to people. My company is based in Los Angeles and everything we create is one hundred percent made in USA. We support the local community and our downtown factories wholeheartedly. I am blessed to have met so many incredible people in this town and to be considered a fashion insider and expert is quite a treat.

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Jeanne Chan

Author of Shop Sweet ThingsPhotography & Story by Lauri Levenfeld

I was recently introduced to Jeanne and her blog of all things wonderful. Upon our first meeting (the shoot), my team and I immediately fell in love. Jeanne is adorable, her kids are adorable!!, and her love of fashion, design, and home are infectious. Jeanne is an original however, as she is a great curator of finding the beautiful things in the not so obvious places and always supports and promotes the smaller and more unique labels and boutiques that hold her celebrated findings. I lost count of the number of times she clued me into a fabulous shop or a local designer in my city (and I call myself a local!).

It is exciting to see a creative person make a successful living out of doing what she loves, especially in the blogosphere world which is so here and now. And all while balancing the act of being a mom to two young kids. More on all of this now from Jeanne.

I’m Jeanne…I author a lifestyle blog called Shop Sweet Things. I started the blog in 2011 after having my first daughter, Hayden. I spotlight my favorite finds in fashion, home décor, and kids. I believe in elevating a lifestyle that’s stylish and approachable. I also try to include shops and places I discover and frequent in SF since I have been living here for over 25 years. Prior to that, I was born and raised in Hong Kong.

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