The Moms

Zoe Giraudo

Visual Manager at Ugg Australia & Co-Creater of Blonded By Style

Zoe has been a friend for a long time.  I have always admired her for her keen sense of style and design, and her constant search for artistry and implementation of creativity in her life and with her family. She is a world traveler with an amazing love for people and connection. In her very minimal free time, Zoe has now launched a lifestyle blog today Blonded By Style to showcase her love of life. And don’t forget to catch more of my post on Style Me Pretty Living to see my coverage of Zoe’s fabulous Valentine DIY ideas for home and family.

I’m Zoe…I grew up in Northern California.  My parents were true products of the 70’s, both were artists and they traveled the world with my sister and me.  They believed that the world had more to teach than western education.  My childhood was spent on the beaches of Bali and exploring Asia. It was an unorthodox upbringing, but one that still leaves me with a bit of wanderlust and larger appreciations of beauty and people of the world.  Today my father is still an amazing artist and true Renaissance man. My mother has been an art teacher for the vast majority of her life and passion for kids and art run deep.

My craft was not as easy for me to define and I was much more interested in soccer as a teenager.  I was dragged to every art show and found my passion in competitive sports.

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Claudia Castillo Ross

Public Relations

I will never forget the first time I photographed Claudia for San Francisco Fashion Week. I was completely taken by her, her sense of style, home decor, and her passion for work, travel and mostly family. Firecracker is an understatement. Over the years I have gotten to know Claudia better. I am continually amazed by all her amazing things, but I have also enjoyed seeing what a sweetheart Claudia is and how loyal and attentive she is to her family and friends. TMP spent the day with Claudia dressing for many the occasion, while she gave us her savvy tips on entertaining luxuriously while staying budget conscious.

I’m Claudia…I am Claudia Castillo Ross. Mother, Wife, PR Maven, Entrepreneur, Winemaker, Tastemaker.

As a working mom my life’s goal is to be balanced, happy and create an environment where my children can thrive and be their personal best. For work, I help build brands for my clients while also creating products which I believe and have a personal interest.  It is imperative that I find balance not only in everyday tasks but when approaching life’s greatest achievements.  

As an entrepreneur, I look to create.  I have a thriving pr business called Cross Marketing PR.  I am a partner in a branding company called House of Tres, Co-Founder of a Children’s snack food brand called Pipsqueaks, Co-Founder of our wine label, Double R Family Wines and a partner in a skincare company called ReVitalistic Skincare with Vanessa Williams.

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Corey McCarthy

MarketingPhotography & Story by Lauri Levenfeld

I met Corey McCarthy years ago on the streets of San Francisco walking our beloved pups. I was always struck by the positivity, her inner confidence and strength, and her excitement and energy. Her knowledge of travel, food, and fashion kept and always keep me well informed from city to city, and her individual sense, passion for work, and commitment and love for her family keep me inspired and respecting. Corey is real about the juggles in life and she is open about how she pursues them in a elegant, but real manner. January celebrates the entrepreneur at TMP and Corey is a shining example.

I’m Corey…I am a loving mother who can’t get enough of her sweet little girl.  I am laid back, fun loving and loyal friend that is always ready to lend a helping hand or be a partner in crime.  I am an entrepreneur who is continually evolving.  My deepest secrets: I love hip hop and am a sucker for a good pun…ok any pun.

My career kicked-off in the world of magazine publishing and evolved into digital publishing.  My friends always thought I had a glamorous career because I was on the road non-stop visiting big clients in “fabulous” cities, and eating at all the top restaurants.  There was a time when I could give better recommendations on places to eat in New York than where I lived in San Francisco.  The truth was that there aren’t enough glasses of wine to make that much travel glamorous.  When I was back in San Francisco all I wanted to do was sit on the couch and order in.  But hey, I was living the dream.  

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Faith Wheeler

CreatorPhotography & Story by Lauri Levenfeld

I have always loved Faith. Each interaction is more than inspiring, and always life-evolving. Her visual sense and cerebral connection to a person, place, or thing is always exceptional and extraordinary. She relishes in her experiences and celebrates every moment. Her joie de vivre attitude comes through in everything she is, does, and touches. And her philosophy of life as art and art as life shines through day-to-day in her work for Jaded Palate Productions, in her home, style, and family. I see how Faith has raised her beautiful daughters to be thoughtful, creative, and independent young woman and how their incredible bonds have only grown over the years. It makes me believe and have hope for the future relationship with my daughter Harley. This is the magic of Faith.

I’m Faith…I’m a third generation NYer who settled in San Francisco in 1987 with a sign posted the window of my VW Rabbit: California or Bust! I moved here because it was the most beautiful place I had ever seen and didn’t understand why everyone I knew found me impulsive to quit a high powered marketing job to come jobless, homeless and friendless. Everything has worked out just fine.

I started at Ogilvy and Mather when David Ogilvy still made cameo appearances to teach my training program. I started in advertising, moved into marketing and public relations for restaurants, hotels, wineries and lifestyle brands and have grown into producing video content for my new company, Jaded Palate Productions.

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Olya Dzilikhova

Fashion DesignerPhotography by Lauri LevenfeldStory by Lauri Levenfeld

Upon meeting Olya Dzilikhova, I was mesmerized by this petite firecracker and all that swirls around her in life as a mom and designer. The overwhelming care and passion she has for her family, home, career, art, and life is evident in everything she touches and speaks of. As her stories of her childhood unfolded I was enraptured; how her mom inspired her and influenced her love for clothes and construction, how she was destined from age four to be a fashion designer, and most importantly, how she has managed to apply her life philosophies into the philosophies of her brand Mina+Olya. In between shots, we huddled inside Olya’s dream closet. There were so many ooh-and-aahs, not only for the oh-so desired mentionables, but for the loving and talented woman before us.

I am the Creative Director and Co-Founder at Mina&Olya Inc. My business partner, Mina Yazdi, and I started a luxury, sustainable clothing line for women in 2011. Our company mission is to create clothes for women who care about the environment, quality, and want timeless pieces in their closet.

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Lindsey Colhoun

Fashion Designer & Personal ShopperPhotography by Lauri LevenfeldStory by Lauri Levenfeld

I have known Lindsey for over 12 years now. Since we met in San Francisco, Lindsey has managed to go from one success to another. She started her fashion takeover with the fabulous Goldenbleu handbag company which she successfully sold in only two years. When she went on to produce another fabulous handbag collection Deere Colhoun, she was immediately snatched up by Nicole Richie (yes THE Nicole Richie) as Creative Director of the handbag division at House of Harlow. Amazing!

All the while Lindsey remains the beauty inside that she is outside. She is always down-to-earth, open, and loving. Heart of gold this one! Lindsey has gone on to produce the ever-in-demand MyLine Clothing which she now gifts to you for a holiday shopping spree (see all the fun discount details via this post). I love you Lindsey. You are as inspiring and shining as the California sun!

I am a designer.  In kindergarten, my teacher had us draw what we wanted to be when we grew up.  “A fashion designer” was my response and I never looked back at the possibility of any other career.  At a young age, I would sketch a pair of shoes or dress that I saw and tweak it to make it my own.

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Kimberly Bakker

Event PlannerPhotography by Lauri LevenfeldStory by Lauri Levenfeld

Every time I see Kimberly Bakker, I am inspired. First I scan her head to toe to see the fashion must-haves. Then as we walk into the house and she begins her stories of recent past, I race for my phone to jot down notes of the latest and best in everything…fashion-check, home-check,  decor-check…beauty, food, wine, kids, books, the who’s who and the what’s what. Kimberly is the 411 on everything in-the-know. And she’s an open book on everything she’s got. As Kimberly glides through the kitchen to offer me tea and treats from her favorite local gem Comforts Cafe, I again fall in love with this beautiful, fascinating, and amazing woman.

I’m Kimberly…I am foremost a mother, to my beloved daughter, Quinlan “Quinn” Antoinette Bakker, named after my dearly departed father, Robert Quinlan Jr. of Ross and San Francisco, my adored and departed brother Anton, very present mother and stepfather, Kaylea and Peter Bakker. My family came to California from Missouri (via Virginia) in 1848 as documented by the Society of California Pioneers on a plaque that proudly hangs in my home.  My great, great grandfather, Coleman Walker Graves was once the Assistant District Attorney of San Francisco and ran against Adolph Sutro for Mayor in 1894. A fact not lost on me when I went to work at City Hall in 2005.

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Mary Gonsalves Kinney

StylistPhotography & Story by Lauri Levenfeld

It seemed perfect to feature Mary Gonsalves Kinney, stylist extraordinaire, on the day of Fashion’s Night Out and hours before this talented lady dresses sixty (yes 60!) of Sacramento’s finest. Not only is Mary gorgeous, smart, successful, and loving…she is my partner-in-crime (Style Army-whoop whoop!) and an amazing mom to three sweet children. Every day, I am in awe of this woman’s energy, drive, creativity, and humor. And I think one child and a business (or two) is crazy…Read on, you will be inspired.

My name is Mary Gonsalves Kinney. I am 35 year old mother of three, wife of Jason Kinney and fashion stylist, editor and co-owner of the Style Army. I am a ball of energy – probably, though not entirely, due to the large amounts of caffeine I consume. A girl’s gotta get through a day…

I am a fashion stylist, editor, and co-owner of the Style Army. Since I was a child, I have loved fashion. I love the creativity behind piecing together a look. I love the anticipation of not knowing what you’re going to wear until the last minute and having to rise to that challenge. And I love to push the envelope. I went to UC Berkeley and graduated in Political Science. I deferred law school for a year and pounded the pavement as a lobbyist for 7 years before I decided it wasn’t my cup of tea.

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Anngi Sieger

Anngi Sieger Strick

Jewelry Designer

On the very stressful, painful, and joyous week of a dear friend’s healing from a double mastectomy (thankfully, her test came back and her nodes are negative!), I wanted to share the amazing story of another close friend and client Anngi Sieger Strick who 3 years ago was diagnosed with Stage III colon cancer. Anngi… a mother, a wife, a jewelry designer, an artist,a traveler, a health fanatic, friend, a happy and blessed woman, AND a survivor… chronicles the journey of her diagnosis and her uphill battle back as a survivor. When I read Anngi’s story, I was in tears. Her words filled me with horror, hope, inspiration, sadness, and love. It is unthinkable and unimaginable to picture oneself in Anngi’s situation and shoes, and yet, 1 out of 8 women will be touched in some way by cancer at some time in their life. Thankfully, we have beautiful and courageous SUPER-women like Anngi to share their experiences and pass on their stories so we can hold on to them. This is Anngi’s story…


I’m Anngi…“I am sorry….but it’s cancer.” Anyone who has ever heard that 6-letter word spoken to them will remember the exact day, time, and place. Confusion, fear and shock poured into my soul. I couldn’t feel my body anymore and my head weighed 50 pounds. Within a second my world as I knew it, changed. Changed forever. I would never, ever be the same person after September 17, 2010. Everything the doctor said to me after the “C” word sounded like the teachers on the Peanuts cartoons, “WA WA WA WA WAAAA….” I couldn’t hear words anymore—only noise.

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Jennie Hearing

Fashion DesignerPhotography by Lauri LevenfeldStory by Lauri Levenfeld

Today is a super treat! I am not only highlighting an amazing client, Jennie Hearing of the fabulous, organic kids brand Luna Leggings, but a dear friend. A mother of three, a designer, and an entrepreneur…Jennie is someone I greatly admire for her vision, clarity, balance, harmony, and intelligence. I don’t know how she does it but Jennie not only balances her own family with such grace and care, but her community and the world around her as well. Stay here for an amazing read on creativity, sustainability, fashion, and love. And if you ever thought finding chic, eco-friendly, sustainable products a chore, you will be so pleasantly surprised with Jennie’s laundry list of incredible resources to share.


I am a mom to 3 amazing little buddhas, Sienna (6), Amber (almost 3), Sage (4 months) and loving wife to my truly supportive, awesome husband Arden. I am also the designer + founder of Luna Leggings.Luna Leggings are hip, fun, fashionable organic cotton tights for girls. Launched a year ago, we are now in over 75 boutiques and department stores worldwide, and on track to expand into children’s apparel (including boys!) in 2014.

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