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Fashion Designer & Personal ShopperPhotography by Lauri LevenfeldStory by Lauri Levenfeld

I have known Lindsey for over 12 years now. Since we met in San Francisco, Lindsey has managed to go from one success to another. She started her fashion takeover with the fabulous Goldenbleu handbag company which she successfully sold in only two years. When she went on to produce another fabulous handbag collection Deere Colhoun, she was immediately snatched up by Nicole Richie (yes THE Nicole Richie) as Creative Director of the handbag division at House of Harlow. Amazing!

All the while Lindsey remains the beauty inside that she is outside. She is always down-to-earth, open, and loving. Heart of gold this one! Lindsey has gone on to produce the ever-in-demand MyLine Clothing which she now gifts to you for a holiday shopping spree (see all the fun discount details via this post). I love you Lindsey. You are as inspiring and shining as the California sun!

I am a designer.  In kindergarten, my teacher had us draw what we wanted to be when we grew up.  “A fashion designer” was my response and I never looked back at the possibility of any other career.  At a young age, I would sketch a pair of shoes or dress that I saw and tweak it to make it my own.

I would always, and still do, look at furniture, clothing, accessories with a very critical eye and have an idea of how I could change it to make it my own.

I recently got engaged and I actually designed my engagement ring with my fiancé, Tim.  The best compliment is when people say “It’s so you”… it really does encompass my personality.  Very understated, but I love a hint of sophistication and edge.

I own a company called My Line Clothing. It is an umbrella company for all things fashion. It consists of a clothing line, My Line, design consulting, a trunk show business and personal shopping/styling division. My general motto is ‘basics with a twist’. It is the best way to design and to help others create an easy, yet stylish look for themselves.  I am lucky to work with my best friend from childhood.  Jessie and I went into business 4 years ago and have an amazing, well balanced partnership. I am most inspired when I am in a creative, eclectic environment like a flea market or vintage furniture shop. I love stumbling upon treasures.  It helps me figure out small details that I can use while designing clothes and creating my perfect nest for myself and my family.  I incorporated the Navajo textiles from a recent blanket find into the color story of my latest tees.

As a working mom, I make a tremendous effort to make my children my only priority when I am with them.  I put the cell phone down and don’t email, text, and make calls around them.  I want them to feel like they have my undivided attention.  Their father and I are divorced and since they spend half the time with him, I try to get my busy work done when they are with him or while they are in school.  I feel so lucky to do what I do and also have a flexible schedule that enables me to fully engage with them.

The hardest part of being a mom in my scenario is the back-and-forth. My kids are so lucky to have two parents that are fully committed to them and their well being in very aspect.  We co-parent very well together.  

But it breaks my heart every time they go to their dad’s. I miss them tremendously.  When they come back and I see their sweet little faces and how excited they are to see me – that’s the best feeling ever!  It’s taught me that every moment with them is precious and special and I see how fast they grow up. I try to enjoy each moment and phase – even the frustrating ones. I have a wonderful, soon-to-be step daughter, Tyler.  The three kids adore one another and I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful relationship with her.  You would think the three kids are biological brothers and sisters with the way they interact.  It feels complete when all of them are in the house.  I truly cherish those moments.  Kids: Ryder- age 6.5, Haven- age 5, and Tyler-13.

My mom is an interior designer in Los Angeles.  I grew up with a talented, successful working mother.  She owned a very well-known furniture and accessories store.  I would go on buying trips with her and loved watching what she would buy.  I would work in her store during the holiday season – helping with sales, wrapping gifts, etc. I loved that.  Some of my most fond childhood memories of the holidays were in her beautiful store.

I watched her balance it all.  People always ask where I got my entrepreneurial spirit, it’s definitely from her.

My mom and I, both working moms, manage to get together about once a week and do something fun with the kids.  They adore her.  As do I.  We are all very lucky to have one another.


I am usually most inspired by anything that makes me feel comfortable with a slight edge. On a typical day when I make it out of my Lululemon work out gear, I am pulling for my skinny jeans with a loose, comfy linen tee by My Line, a great pair of booties and a leather jacket.  When I’m going out at night,  I love mixing a great Chanel bag with a tee and jeans and Isabel Marant heels – that’s as dressed up as I get unless it’s a formal event.  Of course, it’s not always easy getting dressed with 2 little ones so I have a general uniform that I like to stick to and I change it up with accessories.

I use ambre blends as my scent. I love a fresh, clean scent.  Perfumes are too strong for me.  I can’t leave the house without my moisturizer, sunscreen mascara, and aquaphor on my lips.  Then I’m good to go.  I am highly sensitive to chemicals and perfumes.  I use Aveeno body wash for the kids and Enjoy shampoo and conditioner.  It’s A 10 detangling spray is a must have for mine and my daughter’s long hair.  

I shop for the children mostly at H&M, Zara, Crewcuts, and Target.  I also love to shop for them when I travel.  I was in Paris a year ago and bought them the cutest clothes and accessories.  Haven would say “Where’s my Paris bikini”… and I would laugh… sounded so avant-guarde of my then 4-year old.


Ryder’s Five Favorites…

Star Light, Hearts A stuffed dog from age 3, Fred Segal vintage planes, BrainTeaser toys, Ralph Lauren blankets.

Ryder’s room is very vintage/industrial mixed with all of his little boy stuffs, trucks, cars and planes.  He’s such a boy!  He is pretty basic with his clothing.  He typically wears a grey tee shirt with black sweats, a hoodie and his Nikes.  He likes a uniform.  


Haven’s Favorites…

Parisian owl, DWR white sheets, It’s A 10 detangler, Princess gear.

My daughter Haven is all over the map.  I see a little diva and fashionista coming through… There have been many princess pajama nightgowns that have been worn to school and to events.  Her adorable little Crewcuts dresses never made the cut.  

She’s coming around now … looks like Hello Kitty and Princess adorned tee shirts, dresses and other items are slightly taking the back burner.  Haven’s room is very girly – when we moved in with Tim a year ago, I promised her “Arial” would be on her wall.  So much against my personal taste, I did it.  We all know what makes the kids happy, and of course, you give in and do it, even if it’s against your personal style.  


Visiting Lindsey in her new home was such a joy for me to see. Everything contained within its walls is a deliberate choice made by Lindsey with regards to color, style, pattern, designer, and product. Her critical eye lends itself to finds of the most creative and the most unusual. But it is her free-spirit and relaxed ways that brings easy, happy, love, and a down-to-earth vibe to everything she is and showcases. And her beautiful family emphasizes this wholeheartedly, in every way and more.


A Day In The Life

Task: Personal shopping for client in Montecito

Mission: Casual chic with an edge. Special requests: My client has narrow shoulders. She likes cuts to broaden shoulders and does not like anything low cut or too short. But still likes the edge.


Wake up and get kids ready, fed, and dressed. I like to do basics with a twist, so a typical outfit includes My Line cotton linen tank, JBrand black wax jeans, and Thakoon booties


Off to school.


Grab a green juice and get a work-out in.


Run across the hill to Curve, Intermix to pull jeans and great everyday basics. Stop by Barneys to check out shoe selection and pull any evening attire. Last, a little Anita Ko to grab diamond bangles and rings.


Head back to valley and pop into JCREW and ZARA for less expensive finds to throw in the mix.


Grab a quick lunch


Client last minute requested sequin skirt for New Years event.  Run to Neiman Marcus and Madison


Grab a snack for kids


School pick up

Haven soccer practice


Head home


Start homework with Ryder


Kids play and I make healthy dinner like quinoa and chicken or brown rice pasta with pesto.


Sit down as a family for dinner






Lights out kiddos


I make school lunches and clean up


Tim and I catch up and hang out


Last emails get checked and responded to (if they are lucky) and lights out for me!


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