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Amanda Gorman

PoetLos Angeles, CAPhotos by Anna ZhangStory by Lauri Levenfeld

These days in such volatile political and social times, it is more relevant and necessary than ever to understand the power of our words; how they impact, change, benefit or harm ourselves and others around us.  With social media and other technological means to manifest and exploit, it is now mandatory that our words be well constructed, thoughtful and impeccable. For Amanda Gorman, the youngest female poet ever to receive the honor of Youth Poet Laureate, using words to initiate passion, power, and wisdom has helped this young woman to evoke attention, education and movement on fronts such as social injustice, tolerance, and solution. Gorman unleashes the combination of examination, dialogue, and deliberation in her writings, in order to support women, minorities and anyone needing answers or to be upheld. This is the story of a true freedom fighter, a girl dedicated to the voice of many and prepped with the weapon and word of one. 

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Seedel Chris-Emenike

SongwriterNew York City, NYStory & Photos by Lauri LevenfeldAssisting by Gabrielle Begun

When Seedel Chris-Emenike sent me her music video Forgive and Forget in honor of National Bullying Month last year,  I was immediately drawn to this fearless, determined young woman in front of me. Not only did Chris- Emenike command the lyrics she wrote, the video she produced, and the quirky, cool style that screamed “This is me”, but her video displayed heart, soul and humanity and her voice echoed a mission and message to uphold love and to always forgive and move forward. As I have gotten to know Seedel, it is this lack of fear and constant faith that push her forward creating, doing, and being the best that she can be. This is her story,  a true New Yorker, carving a path of positivity with persistence, passion, and purpose. 

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Trinity Rose

SongwriterMalibu, CAStory & Photos by Lauri LevenfeldFashion by Rosie G
Makeup by Veronica Fensel/ Hair By Kendria Spratt

Music is the gateway to the soul. And a song can touch people not only emotionally but physically, driving an ability to act on a endeavor, a movement and a dream. For Trinity Rose, finding passion in the lyrics of a song is her opportunity to connect with others and to connect to the world through personal acts of giving back.  And with her incredibly unique sound and style, it is no  surprise that Trinity was selected as the youngest female contestant ever to perform on the much celebrated talent show The Voice. With a little humor and a whole lotta love, Trinity Rose will no doubt be touching our hearts for a long time to come and we can’t wait to watch her shine. 

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Chandler Moseley

Fashion DesignerTiburon, CAStory & Photos by Lauri LevenfeldFashion by Chandler Moseley

Chandler Moseley is a fun-loving, creative soul who is deeply passionate about art and fashion design. Her collections portray a witness to the world with humor, color, and imagination. And while a painting might spark her direction for a latest collection, Chandler hopes her designs inspire women to feel good about themselves and inspire activism and a voice for those who need the support. For Moseley, it is her passion for fashion that has provided a way to channel her life’s dreams and challenges. Never could she have imagined that her activism and pledge to stop bullying (inspired by a dear friend & a tee) would a year later become her own personal story, an outcry to her own victimization. But Chandler isn’t lying down and taking this lightly, she is starting a movement and the movement is fashion.  Stay tuned… 

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Zai Deriu

WriterSan Francisco, CAStory & Photos by Lauri Levenfeld

What strikes me about Zai Deriu is her awareness and dedication to authenticity and to being herself. As a teenager, it can be difficult to stay on the path in terms of what you want and what truly defines you. But by staying the course, you provide yourself the gift of true happiness and inner peace. A self-proclaimed weirdo, Zai is paving a path for herself unlike anyone else; one where she is exploring her next story plot in life as an individual and a writer. With a new blog Witchy with AB., Zai celebrates her individuality, creativity, and passion for life’s questions and curiosities. All while sprinkling unicorns and rainbows wherever she goes. 

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Rebecca Black

Singer / SongwriterAnaheim Hills, CAStory & Photos by Lauri LevenfeldMakeup by Stephanie Baker
Hair by Kendria Spratt

It is extraordinary what life sometimes hands you. When you think you are going one way, and then, your path suddenly veers and you can’t even remember why or where you started from in the first place. For Rebecca Black, life has certainly thrown some curve balls.  But seven years after her video Friday went viral and the world turned a bit dark; Rebecca has reclaimed her love of music,

performed with her idol Katy Perry, and this fall starts her worldwide tour Love is Love.  What you will find most striking about Rebecca is her passion and devotion to her one true love music, not to mention, her desire to connect honestly and wholeheartedly with words. Rebecca Black is definitely one to watch. 

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TPFG x The Ya Sisters

A Gathering of The GirlsVenice Beach, CAPhotos by Andrea Posadas

On Sunday August 21, The Project for Girls invited its members in the LA area and at large to attend a day celebrating community, girl power, creativity and philanthropy. In partnership with Tehya Rose & Maya Jade Frank of 13 Wishes by The Ya Sisters, the TPFG girls came together to meet, learn about one another’s passions and strengths, distress some tees, and talk through a plan of action to bring forces together to support charity in a creative, inspiring way. Ideas were thrown about, laughter filled the rooftop, and some serious karaoke broke out. In the spirit of previous Black Swan events with our sister site The Project for Women, a few members were spotlighted with performances including Walk the Prank actress Jillian Shea Spaeder, songwriter Seedel Chris-Emenike (all the way from NYC), and comedian Lori Mae Hernandez. 

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Isabella & Sophia Canepa

Modeling & Soccer SistersSan Francisco Bay Area, CAStory & Photos by Lauri LevenfeldStyle by Katja O’Brien for Tuchinda and Moque
Makeup & Hair by Irmina Martinez Loeffler & Tacha Scott

When I met Isabella and Sophia Canepa a few years back for an editorial campaign I shot, the first thing that struck me was their undying love and support for one another. As individuals, they were both confident, strong, talented and engaged, yet together they were a fun-loving, undeniable force. I have watched these girls swiftly excel in their careers and on the soccer field, yet both are determined to find balance in a career and sport that can be all-consuming.  This is a story about two sisters following their dreams and paving a path together, hand in hand. A TPFG story by all means… as we know the power and inspiration of girls standing together vs one girl standing alone. 

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Kai Morton, Charmienne Butterfield, & Kimora Oliver

Black Girls CodeOakland, CAStory & Photos by Lauri Levenfeld

Technology jobs are among the fastest growing in the US, and yet, women still hold less than 30% of all STEM related work. Due to a lack in investment and exposure, girls are being left behind especially at the critical ages of 13-17 when their confidence and enthusiasm for science and computing decline. Now more than ever, we need to impact the pipeline and show girls that science can be cool and that the girls who code are also cheerleaders, models, artists, dancers, and more. Because of our innate ability to problem solve, be compassionate and think larger picture, girls are paving a new way with the support and sponsorship of programs like Black Girls Code. And for girls like Kimora Oliver, Charmienne Butterfield and Kai Morton, coding has opened doors they never imagined could be true, and in return, these girls are showing others that diversity and femininity are clear ways to ROCK  the technology world.

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Tehya Rose & Maya Jade Frank

13 Wishes by @theyasistersVenice Beach, CAStory & Photos by Lauri LevenfeldStyling by Giuliana Crescentini
Makeup & Hair by Irmina Martinez Loeffler

For Tehya Rose and Maya Jade Frank creativity is everything. The Renaissance sisters have not only dabbled in all, but they’ve put their heart and soul into everything they do: from music to art, fashion to filmmaking, writing to songwriting, philanthropy to kids. With one, they dream and expand, with two they dream and conquer. Cheerleaders by day and best friends for life, they challenge and build one another in the true meaning of sisterhood. And through their organization 13 wishes by @theyasisters, they intend on making you sisters too. Dedicated to art, charity, and kids, Tehya and Maya open up their world to every girl next door in hopes of creating community, expressing through art, and making a difference. I am so happy to have them on board as partners of TPFG with our first upcoming event in August and after you read their story… I am sure you will be too! 

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