Nigella Lawson

for Simply NigellaLondon, UKPhotos & Story by Lauri Levenfeld

Journalist, broadcaster, food enthusiast,  television personality and celebrity chef, Nigella Lawson has made a career out of her enjoyment of food and making cooking an expression and engagement of life. The domestic goddess has fans in women and men alike, as Lawson approaches food in a relaxed, uncomplicated manner and draws pleasure from all sides of cooking- the prepping, the making and the eating. Where most people control their lives through the ways that they eat, Nigella celebrates the balance, the joy, and necessity of food. She sees food as not only a vital source of life, but as a playful and hopeful way to connect with family, friends and life as a whole. Her latest book, Simply Nigella, celebrates this movement creating food that makes everyone feel good and TPFW gets some great new recipes via this talented lady.

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Suzanne Lerner

for Michael StarsManhattan Beach, CAPhotos & Story by Lauri Levenfeld

Honored as a Woman of Vision by Gloria Steinem and the Ms. Foundation,  Suzanne Lerner has been recognized many times over for her lifetime commitment and achievements in furthering the agenda and rights of women worldwide. Through her role as President of Michael Stars, Lerner chose from the beginning to make philanthropy a quintessential part of the company culture.  The international fashion brand champions women in marginalized countries without the means to build businesses, while also initiating awareness and creating a solid role model for other companies to follow suit and as Lerner puts it,  “Get into the business of good”.  I could not ask for a better person to spearhead 2016 and TPFW’s social revolution The Power of One, a series dedicated to influential leaders who take small steps to ignite big changes within their community, outside communities, and the world at large. 

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Chudney Ross

for Books and CookiesLos Angeles, CAPhotos & Story by Lauri Levenfeld

It was her love of books and children that gave Chudney Ross a strong voice and vision for her business and the passion and conviction to advocate literacy. In turning the pages of her favorites, Chudney found an imaginative world open up revealing an opportunity to experience different people and places within them and to formulate a strong sense of self and an independent voice. With a daughter of her own and a thriving new business, Ross sets out now to share how reading can enlighten everyone’s life and bring community to kids, mothers and anyone alike. So sit down, get cozy, grab a warm drink, and let’s read her story together.

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Catherine McCord

for WeeliciousLos Angeles, CAPhotos & Story by Lauri Levenfeld

Catherine McCord makes you want to hang out in the kitchen. Her kitchen isn’t spotless or perfect- its a “working kitchen”- where many hands and lots of kids congregate to make their latest meal together. Everyone dives in, share duties, and gives their input while listening to McCord divvy out  fun tidbits of wisdom on wholesome food and easy techniques. It’s inspiring because McCord juggles life (just like you and me)-three kids, a husband, and an ever-expanding enterprise-
yet her dedication to putting nutritious food on the table for her family every night is actually doable with her simple to follow recipes. I can honestly say after having a mini-aversion to cooking, my daughter and I got down and dirty in the kitchen recently and had a blast working the recipes. And so my holiday gift to you,  an article chock full of recipes, links, must-haves and a GIVEAWAY Weelicious cookbook at the end of the story.

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Ellice Condon: Tips for Redesigning A Home

Interior DesignerSan Francisco, CAPhotos & story by Lauri Levenfeld

In the case of interior designer Ellice Condon of Velvet & Green, her client’s home redesign happened to be the hidden treasure The Albion Castle, a 145-year-old castle with underground caves located in San Francisco’s Hunters Point neighborhood.

Even with a property so magnificent and daunting,  Condon describes a doable approach and easy tips which can be applied to a home of any size and structure,  each suggestion guiding you to create your own personal masterpiece-one that is fit for a queen. And has left this castle a cozy, dreamy winter oasis.  

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Maya Brenner

Jewelry DesignerSilverlake, CAPhotos & Story by Lauri Levenfeld

Meeting Maya Brenner for the first time;  her zen-like ways, whimsical manner, and beautiful smile are all instantly inviting. It is easy to see why Brenner’s jewels and home accessories have become sought after by every cool California girl and beyond. It is her innate sparkle that Brenner showcases through her work that makes everyone ultimately want to accent themselves (and their homes) in her charming baubles and adornments.

Maya talks about designing for herself and how her mom has nicknamed her the “reluctant entrepreneur” (okay she doesn’t like the accounting, deadlines and such – who does?). All that being said, every joy and challenge in creating this global business has been part of her process and it is exactly where she wants to be.

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Laura O’Dell

Fashion DesignerSilverlake, CAPhotos & Story by Lauri Levenfeld

There is good design in everything touched by Laura O’Dell. Not only is she one half of the coolest wife & husband fashion design duo, she is now owner of the cheeky, fun Bucks and Does boutique in Silverlake (the hipster hood of LA). The storefront houses Laura’s most chic curation, a style that is uniquely her own.

The yurt in the back acting as the studio design center showcases just how different and out of the box the O’Dells choose to go. Laura with her upbeat attitude and fun-loving family has created a dream job situation where she can do and be what she loves, and still have time to custom design the wall paper.

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Alex Woo

Founder & Jewelry DesignerNew YorkPhotos & Story by Lauri Levenfeld

When you meet Alex, it becomes clear very quickly that this talented artist not only has  profound creativity, but a clear and purposeful strategy on executing her vision and growing the success of her business. A die-hard (born and raised) New Yorker, Alex celebrates the energy, people and surroundings of her city through her jewelry pieces-  telling personal stories,  supporting local causes, and maintaining a totally local brand and local production. At a young age it took a brave moment to enter a design contest (and win!), the rest is history and entrepreneurial magic.

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Vanessa Zahorian

Principal BallerinaSan FranciscoPhotos & Story by Lauri Levenfeld

Most every little girl dreams of becoming a ballet dancer. But very few have the drive and ambition to make it a reality. For Vanessa Zahorian of the San Francisco Ballet this dream never wavered and it was the freedom of movement and expression and the pure athleticism that enticed her ever more to stay the path.  Vanessa has traveled the world for her art, and in 2010 became engaged to principal dancer Davit Karapetyan who proposed to her after one of their staring performances in Romeo & Juliet.  

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Ellice Condon: How to curate a room

Photography by Lauri Levenfeld

I am always in awe of those who can look at an empty room and immediately fill it (in their minds) with the perfect decor-intricately painted walls, the floors dressed with chic carpet, and the best in furniture selected and placed. Or the other person who goes to the flea market or bargain store and immediately finds the hidden gem. Ellice Condon of Velvet & Green not only finds her deepest inspiration in a blank slate-four empty walls, but she can also can strip down a 140-year old castle to its authentic being-glorifying its original detail and character, while restoring its whimsical presence with fresh ideas and modernity. We hunkered down at one of Condon’s latest projects- her beautiful, yet masculine chic apartment to talk life as a designer and how to become a curator of pretty things.

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