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Catherine McCord makes you want to hang out in the kitchen. Her kitchen isn’t spotless or perfect- its a “working kitchen”- where many hands and lots of kids congregate to make their latest meal together. Everyone dives in, share duties, and gives their input while listening to McCord divvy out  fun tidbits of wisdom on wholesome food and easy techniques. It’s inspiring because McCord juggles life (just like you and me)-three kids, a husband, and an ever-expanding enterprise-
yet her dedication to putting nutritious food on the table for her family every night is actually doable with her simple to follow recipes. I can honestly say after having a mini-aversion to cooking, my daughter and I got down and dirty in the kitchen recently and had a blast working the recipes. And so my holiday gift to you,  an article chock full of recipes, links, must-haves and a GIVEAWAY Weelicious cookbook at the end of the story.

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1. Who are you and what were you like as a child?

I’m the founder of I am the author of Weelicious cookbooks;  including One Family One Meal, Weelicious Lunches, and Weelicious Menus. I just started my new business One Potato, a new home delivery service.  I am a wife and mom to Kenya, Chloe and Gemma. I started modeling when I was 13-years old and only stopped in the past few years. I’ve acted in tv, films and commercials, but my real love has always been cooking. After 9/11 I decided I need to follow my dreams, so I enrolled in culinary school in New York. It’s funny how the knowledge from all the collected jobs you do can help create a vision of what you really want to do in life. I have never looked at a past job with regrets, as they are all building blocks and experiences to shape who you are.

As a child I was always busy doing, building, playing sports, obsessed with Barbies and dolls, cooking and running around. There’s a little Energizer Bunny in me.


2. How did a Kentucky girl influence a clean, healthy lifestyle in California?

Even as a kid there was a focus on fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables by my grandparents. They grew a lot of their own food and went to U-pick farms to can and freeze other foods like berries, sugar snap peas and more. 

After living in New York for many years I moved to Los Angeles for work and fell madly in love. If I’m not going to end up living on a farm, then being able to shop at farmers markets all year long is my happy place.


3. Tell us about your transition from catwalk to kitchen?

I have always loved cooking, even as a child. When I was modeling I was lucky enough to travel around the world from Japan to France, Mexico to Africa and beyond. I always had a curiosity for local international cuisine, what and why people eat certain foods and how it reflects on them as people.


4. Now you appear as a judge on Guy’s Grocery Games for the Food Network (among others), did you ever think you would be on TV? What has been the biggest challenges there?

I have been hosting TV shows since I was modeling. My first opportunities came when I was in the Victoria’s Secret runway shows and got to work as a correspondent. I went on to host a bunch of shows like Loveline and New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Dick Clark which gave me the experience to do it now, but in a totally different capacity.

Weelicious Strawberr-Wee Fruit Leather Recipe. 

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5. What is your personal measurement for success?

Happiness. It sounds simple, but I feel like day to day happiness is one of the most challenging things to achieve.


6. Weelicious inspires and educates kids in the cooking process, what are your five tips for keeping them in the kitchen & eating healthy?

Make it fun. When you make cooking feel like an art project it encourages kids to play and be better eaters. Give kids specific tasks they can do a learn from.

Show kids an array of fruits and vegetables, let them taste, touch and talk about where each come from. And take a deep breath, don’t worry about the mess because there will always be one!


7. As a mom of three, what is your take on work/ life balance? How has your business life changed?

You can’t have it all. Something will suffer at all times, so just make the most out of a few things instead of attempting to make everything feel and seem “perfect”! I try every day to do something for myself whether it’s taking a walk, reading a book or eating a yummy ice cream sandwich.


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 8. How do you give back, empower women who are a few steps behind or in front of you? I try to do some sort of Mitzvah every day whether it’s doling out advice, connecting women looking to advance their businesses, answering emails from parents who are stressed about their family eats, or just being there for a friend in need. You hope that if you do those things for others they will be there when you need a little pep in your step too.


9. What’s your current obsession? And what’s on your holiday wish-list?

My Isabel Marant Jumpsuit and the book ‘Wonder’  which I read with both of my kids. I feel like everyone should read it to learn about being totally selfless. On my wish list, a Clare Vivier handbag, jewelry from Roseark, and an egg slicer. This is in no particular order.

10. How do you define love?

Waking up to hugs and kisses from my husband and 3 kids. Nothing in the world could possibly feel happier.


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