Jennifer Griffith: Leaning Out-Embracing Uncertainty

Photography by Lauri LevenfeldStory by Jennifer Griffith

There is a saying that in order to live a creative life you have to give up certainty.  The first few weeks after saying goodbye to my tech career I found myself uncomfortable. Gone was the frantic schedule that started at 7am and ended at 7pm. No longer was I driven by someone else’s agenda on a daily basis. I began saying yes to every opportunity that came my way. I became more involved in my son’s…

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Design + Art : Fog Fair 2015

Photography by: Andrea PosadasStory by: Andrea Posadas

One of the benefits of living in a large and popular city is having the influx of art and inspiration all around us . San Francisco not only has the privilege of its amazing museums and art associations, but its diverse design shows are stand out as well. One of the latest being the FOG Design + Art. This show, in collaboration with the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA), exhibited some of the best work from galleries via other large cities in the United States. The name “FOG” derives from the…

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Shelley Lindgren

Healthy Family Food ResolutionsPhotography by Lauri Levenfeld

After the holidays, we all desperately want to get on track with eating and fitness. If you are a mom, this is doubled with the immediate need to get your kids back on a healthy routine. While there is every cleanse available after the New Year, we wanted to find more realistic methods for cleansing our bodies and techniques to change the overall patterns and lifestyle of…

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Marrin Costello: Stones, Metals and Chains

Photography by: Andrea Posadas

 During the holidays, we popped into Marrin Costello‘s latest pop-up/ San Francisco to see her gorgeous jewelry and chat about life in the world of jewelry making. Not only were we impressed by the natural beauty of the gems Marrin selects for her designs, but even more, for Marrin’s contagious enthusiasm in helping each customer learn to accessorize and build beautiful layers of jewelry into their wardrobe. Marrin shares her life as an entrepreneur below and how she made her…

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Holst+Lee: The Future Perfect Collection

Photography by Andrea Posadas

On our fab trip to NYC,  we were fortunate to make it out to Brooklyn (it was only 20 degrees!) to meet Natalie Holst of Holst + Lee. Natalie, a fun-loving and spirited gal, whose industrial and art-inspired studio reflect wholeheartedly her down to earth and groovy personality made us feel instantly welcome and enthralled. Holst + Lee jewelry has a lot of fun- creating iconic and humorous themes.  

Natalie’s latest travel to Bali (to get married!) inspired a collection based on Carmen Miranda and coconuts. Each H&L piece is cleverly made with a signature magnetic clasp and multi-strand leather, ropes, brass and endless color threads. Did I mention endless color threads? To read more about Natalie and her advice as a woman entrepreneur, check out her feature here soon.


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Lulu Frost

Lulu Frost: Vintage with a Modern Touch

Photography by Andrea Posadas

Lisa Salzer, a woman inspired by her grandmother’s gems, created Lulu Frost – a jewelry house filled with beautiful eye candy. As a young woman, Lisa was always scouring flea markets and antique shops in search of the perfect find. She started mixing the traditional look of her vintage pieces with modern day designs when she was in college.

Soon after her passion and business skyrocketed, the journey of her new chapter had begun. Lisa is one of the…

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Last Minute Holiday Buys For Your Best Girlfriend

We all know the clock is ticking and there’s way too much fun to be had. If you’ve left the shopping to last minute (like we have) just to get in that last holiday hooray, here’s a quick guide to some goodies that are sure to be loved by all your besties. We found the frilly and fun, the rocker and chic – whichever you pick, your friends will abound.   



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Samantha Wills: The Perfect Party Accessory

Photography by Andrea Posadas

It never fails to amaze me how every time I travel, there’s an Aussie to meet and one to fall in love with. The easy, fun-loving, and beautiful nature of these people make them instant best friends- and always people to aspire to. Samantha Wills is no different. She designs for her community; a perfect combination of delicate, yet statement- free-spirited, yet sophisticated pieces that work magically on the beaches of Australia or the streets of New York.  Where ever you may be this holiday season, be the Bohemian we all want to be. Wear them single or stack them up plenty. Everyone will notice.

She designs for her community; a perfect combination of delicate, yet statement- free-spirited, yet sophisticated pieces that work magically on the beaches of Australia or the streets of New York.  Where ever you may be this holiday season, be the Bohemian we all want to be. Wear them single or stack them up plenty. Everyone will notice.


To read more on this successful and stylish entrepreneur, check out Samantha Wills.


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A Girl & Her Bump with Chriselle Lim

Photography by Karen Rosalie

Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger Chriselle Lim of The Chriselle Factor has welcomed her fans open-armed to be a part of her pregnancy allowing them to see every stage. She created the series Dressing The Bump to document the different outfits she wears on a daily basis as her belly grows. And one thing is for sure, Chriselle hasn’t let the bump take away from her desire to be fashionable and chic. It is also heartwarming how Chriselle has continued to be an open book on something as intimate and personal. She shares and exudes all the wonderful beauties of pregnancy.  “I think my style has remained the same since my pregnancy, but I’ve had to make some adjustments here and there. I’ve become more creative with my outfits since the majority of things don’t fit anymore. I admit that as your belly & body grow, the last thing you really want to do is get dressed and look chic. But I feel a responsibility to always do so  (especially during this time of…

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The Holiday Roundup-Food vs. Joy

Photography by Lauri LevenfeldStory by Amy Eliza Wong of Always on Purpose

The holidays seem to bring up just as much stress as they do joy. As Christmas music starts to play, twinkling lights begin to go up, and cloying scents of cinnamon and pine waft through department stores, our nostalgic childhood memories are summoned by familiar feelings of joyous anticipation and comfort.  It feels wonderful….Until it doesn’t.

      Crowds, hyper-materialistic consumerism, and weight gain, oh my!  We may be pretty good at controlling our experience around mobs of crazed shoppers, but what about…

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