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I consider myself a dreamer. Not because I’ve got my head stuck too far up in the clouds, but because I dream of my future and fantasy more than “usual”.  My friends think that my expectations for my future are unrealistic, and that I have to grow up sometimes, and I completely agree. They are unrealistic and ambitious. But isn’t that the point? I’ve always been the biggest dreamer, because of my vivid imagination and passion to do the impossible, and I’ve been put down  

for that countless times, but I made a promise to myself when I was 8 to always look at the world as if it is my first time seeing it. This started when I was a fairy-loving 6 year old. I believed in The Second Star to the Right, so I recited the little poem (Star light, star bright…) and would wish on that star every night. My belief in the “unreal” attracted the ruthlessness of little children, and I was bullied for six years. But I kept believing and dreaming.

My most recent dreams have gotten me to places I could only have imagined as a fairy-loving 6 year old. I published a book. I have met so many kids, and every time I do a book reading and inspire one more my dream just grows bigger. I’m a part of TPFG, my dream came true; photoshoots, acceptance, recognition. I also transcribed the choice scene from Sophie’s Choice into a monologue that has gotten me two 1st place trophies in two speech competitions for Dramatic Interpretation (and transcribing is almost impossible to win with). My dreams got me into my number one high school. Just a couple weeks ago I was praying to the stars to get me in there, and the stars kept their promise. And last but definitely not least, I was on TV.


My greatest dream is to be remembered as an icon. A legendary Oscar is what I strive for. I want to be as recognizable as Steven King. I wish for my movies to be put down in history. I want my voice and my 

instruments to travel through everyone’s ears. I want to have a legacy like Mary Pickford. Some of these dreams will be harder to achieve than others, and I definitely know that. I know that my type of body is not what today’s society finds very acceptable. But I know that I have chops, or else I wouldn’t be where I am today. Achieving your dreams takes a certain level of confidence, and reaching that level takes a very long time. It took me four years to reach my level of confidence, and it still dips. I want to be a revolutionary figure, because I know that with my body I will change the way people see women.  To start you need drive, passion, and ambition. You cannot be scared. You can’t just let that dream play out in your fantasies, you have to be able to achieve the same dream in you reality. And while you try and achieve your dream in reality, you cannot let anything stop you from achieving that dream.

But, how do I achieve my dreams? I don’t have an exact answer for that, because everyone’s situation is different. But you know what you can do? You can visualize what you want. Your dreams are achievable if you visualize what you want and work hard for that. To dream you have to work, and to work you have to dream. You control your future, but you mustn’t let it get the best of you. The past also plays an important factor: remember who you are, but don’t dwell on the past. You have to be in the present to achieve what you want. Listen to the people that put you down, but don’t hear their words. Because they don’t realize, that the person who they are talking to, might be the next

Maya Angelou, or Helen Keller. Wait, no. They are talking to a unique person, a unique talent. They are talking to you. The future is you.


You can be anything, no matter what anyone tells you. Do not let social stereotypes bring you down, because most of the time, they aren’t even true. You can do anything you put your mind to. Your path may be a little bit longer, steeper, tougher, but it’s your path nevertheless. And if you want to reach your goals you have to brave that path. But be careful; sometimes your biggest obstacle is you. You think you’ll be judged, mistreated, or rejected. This will happen. So what? Stay true to what you want and you will get there.

My path is definitely long. Some people are already so successful at a young age, and I still feel like I am not living up to my potential. Everyone feels that way at one point, but you have to keep going. We all start at the bottom of a beanstalk. If you want to reach the clouds, you have to climb that beanstalk, however slow you may be.

Dream Big. Do not let anything stop you. Your passions are the things that will make you most happy. Your dreams are your greatest realities. There’s this great quote from Rocky Horror Picture Show that I find appropriate to end this article with.

“Don’t Dream It, Be It” (Dr. Frank N. Furter).

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  1. Inspirational Gabby! Keep dreaming big, I believe in you, you are incredible!!

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