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Hannah McCloud

ActressLos Angeles, CAStory & Photos by Lauri LevenfeldMakeup & Hair by Irmina Martinez Loeffler
Hannah McCloud is a ball of energy, enthusiasm and passion. Every word she speaks and every move she makes comes directly from the heart. Hannah is open, compassionate and approachable. It is important for her to stay true to her beliefs and share her thoughts and feelings with others, so that they in turn do the same. These qualities have shaped her interests and abilities as

an actress, and when Hannah dives into character, not only does she want to feel and be everything necessary to become the character, she wants you to believe too. This is a story of a girl who dreamed of becoming an actress and her dreams came true. But, not without a lot of work and perseverance along the way. 

1. Who are you? What were you like as a child?

Actually, as a child I was a little shy. But the funny thing is, although I was shy, I still loved adventures and going places to discover new things. Believe it or not, I did my first dance recital on a big stage in front of 150 people when I was only 3 years old. Out of the five other kids performing, only me and one other little girl actually danced. The others kind of froze and stared into the audience.


2. Describe your biggest passions.

My biggest passions are acting and singing. The first time I knew that I wanted to be an actress was when I was about 5 or 6 years old. It was one day when I was watching a show called The Upside Down Show and there was this girl actress on it, and I said that’s what I want to do, I want to be an actress. So, I asked my mom how do I become an actress. It was actually after a few years of constantly asking when my mom finally agreed, and from there we signed with an agent.

3. Who are your role models?

I’ve had a few role models. First, I would say my parents. They have believed in me and reminded me to never give up, even when life may not always go according to your plan, just don’t give up…simply find a different route to the same destination.


4. What’s it like growing up in LA? In the industry?

Besides all the traffic, I love growing up in LA. There’s so much diversity here, and so many places to go, and growing up in the industry has taught me a lot. I remember hearing this mom tell my mom how she would never put her child in the industry because she didn’t want to expose her child to all the rejection. But I don’t look at it that way, and neither does my mom. I look at as something that has made me stronger and more focused. I have learned to take rejection. But really, it’s not personal rejection, it’s just simply about not being right for the part That doesn’t mean that the right part isn’t out there for you. It just may take a little time for all the elements to fall into place at the right time. And, the most important thing is that I’m having fun and meeting lots of great people in the process.


5.  What song best describes you?

“Fire N Gold” by Bea Miller. There’s an inspiring verse in the song that says, “When you’re stuck in a moment, And your spark has been stolen, This is your time to own it, So own it”.  This song describes so many feelings that I have identified with at some point in my life.


6. You are the most flexible person I’ve seen, tell us about your dancing (and your eye trick)?

Haha! I wasn’t always that flexible. I have been in dance for years, and it was only the last couple of years that I became much more flexible. I learned a lot of stretching exercises and did them everyday until I became more and more flexible.  As for my “shaky eye trick” I started doing that when I was in about 4th grade. It was a great trick to freak out my classmates or people on set.

 7. What do you do when faced with a challenge or a fear?

Everyone in life, no matter who you are, will be or have been faced with some type of challenge or fear. For me, sometimes I just need to walk away from the problem and think about before tackling it. Or, sometimes I may attempt something that has been a challenge, and fail. I’ve been taught that failure isn’t a bad thing. Sometimes in order to have your biggest successes you need to fail once, or even a few times, first. I think, as a society we are taught that failure is final, if you fail that’s it. But, that’s not true. We are not defined by our failures, we are defined by how we handle them and how we keep trying to overcome our challenges.


8. If you could travel anywhere, what would your first choice be and why?

If I could travel anywhere it would definitely be Paris, France. It just seems so magical!

9. Why is it important for you to be part of an empowering community like The Project for Girls?

Being part of an empowering community like The Project for Girls is important for me because as girls growing up in the social media age, we need more support than ever before from each other. We need to empower, support, and lift each other up, and a community such as this one provides those connections. It gives a unique and individual voice to every girl who is part of it. Especially to those girls who are in the industry, because we are putting ourselves out there in the public eye and are constantly scrutinized one way or the other. Yes, I understand that scrutiny comes with the territory, but that’s why it makes it more important than ever to have support and become empowered from one another.

10.What do you want to be when you grow up? Or where do you see yourself in five years?

When I grow up, I still want to be an actress. I also want to possibly write, and direct my own movie someday. In five years I will be 18 ½ years old. I hope to see myself in some projects that leave an impact. If I make you cry, give you hope or inspire you through a character I play, then I have done my job, and that is what is most rewarding to me, to make the audience FEEL!

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