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Lana Mahook

The Girl Next DoorIrvine, CAPhotos and Story by Lauri Levenfeld
We were immediately struck by Lana Mahook’s TPFG Super Girl Contest entry. Lana is many things; a good person, a dedicated family member, and a determined academic. But what we love most is her honesty and her ability to articulate herself as a happy person with a happy life. Rather than denouncing her gifts in life, she appreciates all that she has been given. Her #superpower is a quiet, gracefulness…someone ready to take on every opportunity given and make it something special. On the morning of her birthday, we talk to this “girl next door” about her day to day life and how she makes the most of each moment. This doesn’t always end perfectly, but Lana has made it her ultimate goal to take on each day and make it a happy one. This story is about an inner drive and devotion to being good and making good choices.
 1. Who are you? What were you like as a child?

As a child, I was a huge dreamer as I still am now. I would always dream about my future and what I’d like to do. I was very quiet and shy when I was younger, sometimes people still see me like that. Truth is, I’m not shy at all. Although, I can be very quiet meeting someone new, it is because I am a very independent worker and I try to act respectful others by not blabbing too much. When I get closer to people and know them for a while, I am more comfortable and can be more energetic and silly, in a good way of course. Ever since I started Elementary school and so on, I’ve always been focused on doing good and getting good grades. At school I always prefer working alone rather than working with partners, it just makes me feel like I can do a better job at it. I don’t care about impressing anyone at school, what others think of me based on my looks and interests, or being the best at everything. I’ve always been a positive happy person, which makes my life feel amazing. As for focusing a lot on my work and school life, I still manage to do what I love and what I enjoy outside of school as entertainment. I’m also that type of girl who goes to fun events such as concerts and meet and greets, mainly in LA. My friends and school mates always tell me how lucky I am that I’ve met so many celebrities and get so many opportunities. I always reply with all the amazing stuff that they have in their own lives and that there are so many reasons to be happy with yourself.


2. What does TPFG mean to you? How has social media impacted your life?

The Project For Girls means so much to me. It’s an amazing platform that influences girls from all over and creates remarkable connections. I love the whole society of the business and what it teaches and shows all the girls. Girls, especially teenagers, really need to be guided in the right direction and know that they have a purpose in life. This is why everyone should be involved with TPFG because it will definitely have a positive impact on your life. If it weren’t for social media, I probably would not have found TPFG that easily. I love being able to go on social media and connect with different people and companies around the world. It has lead me to many outstanding opportunities, like TPFG which I am so grateful to be a part of. Social media allows people to get in touch with other people, such as their


old friends and family members. I do agree that it is very time consuming, and can be an addiction, but hopefully, people are able to manage their time and are not spending so much time on their phone or computer that they forget about the rest of their life that they need to enjoy.


3. Tell us about the day-to-day life of Lana Mahook.

We all have good days where we feel like we are on top of the world and bad days where we feel like we are in the dark corner of a room. I am so thankful to have a loving family, a cozy home, and an amazing life. Although my Instagram page may seem like I’m living the best life ever, that’s not fully the truth. What is on social media is not half of my actual life. During the school year, I wake up every week day super early, go to school and learn for eight hours straight. After school, I’m always exhausted but still push myself to study and do my homework after getting a small snack at home. I usually spend two to three hours doing all of my homework and studying for exams. My parents and brother usually come home later in the day. That’s when all the quietness and peace dies. My brother is sweet and all, but very, very loud and annoying. I’m sure that many siblings get annoyed by their other sibling. My brother constantly whines and complains when he doesn’t get his way, he is always attracted to video games and having fun. I try to help my parents out a lot with controlling him because I can tell when my parents are over trying to deal with him. I have to admit that sometimes I do get really upset and annoyed by him, especially when he’s being mean to me or bothering me on purpose. Aside from that, I always help my parents around the house with chores including dishes, laundry, and tasks like those that pile up each and everyday. As far as my free time and entertainment, I am a huge concert junkie. I love going to see my favorite artists perform live. I usually always go with my mom and one of my friends, and it is always so much fun. I’ve gone to over fifteen concerts and I have met tons of celebrities. That is what I enjoy doing as my entertainment, but it is not my first priority. My dad is very against me going to concerts and celebrity meet and greets, I always hear him lecturing me about only focusing on educational stuff. Education and school are my first priority,, but I like to treat myself by going to events that I love after knowing that I’ve been succeeding in school.


 4. What did this photoshoot mean to you? How did it help you express yourself?

Shooting for The Project For Girls was a dream come true. It was my first time ever doing a photoshoot in Hollywood and I enjoyed every second of it. I really liked how I got to express my fashion style through the photoshoot and got to wear what I want. I loved all the scenery and where the photoshoot took place. Most of the photos that were taken of me really shows how peaceful and mellow I am. This photoshoot did definitely let me experience the feeling and put myself in the spotlight to shine and be the person who I am. I am not completely comfortable or familiar with photoshoots, but I am hoping that I can have more experiences and really express myself more and more each time.


5. What are your dreams and goals?

I have very big goals. I am a huge dreamer and always believe in myself. Some may seem very hard to accomplish, but they are possible, it just takes some time. I’d like to do very well in school and get into a fabulous university after high school. I hope for a career that I enjoy and that will help me to be successful in the future. I am not sure what exactly I want my career to be related to, but I know that I want to do the things that I love and am best at. One of my dreams that I wish to accomplish as a teenager is to become a celebrity correspondent for a company, radio station, etc. I think it would be great practice for my public speaking and interacting with others in the area. I would love to interview successful celebrities and inspirational people who are working to become bigger on camera. I also really want to be an inspiration myself and get to talk to a crowd of people, and really just have an impact on the world. I am always inspired by my favorite celebrities and I hope to be a positive impact to others just like they did for me.


6. Who are your biggest role models/mentors/inspirations?

I have a couple of inspirations that I always look up to. The first person that I’ve ever looked up to in my life would obviously be my mom.

She has mentored me all my life, been really supportive with all my decisions, and taught me the best. I’ve grown up happy and successful all thanks to her and being such an amazing mother figure in my life. I also really get inspired by celebrities known as Demi Lovato, Ariana Grande, Zendaya, and Cameron Dallas. All of those lovely people really are the best to have as role models and represent great figures. They teach you to never give up on your dreams, to be yourself, and much more. I fell in love with Cameron Dallas not only for his looks, but for the positive message that he always spreads around. These role models aren’t blown away by their fame and they don’t let fame get in the way of their beliefs and personality. They always stay true to themselves and make sure that they make everyone around them happy. Demi, Ariana, and Zendaya constantly give great speeches about loyalty, feminism, equality, dreams, passion, and many more interesting topics, this is why I follow them. I would never follow someone who is very trashy and only cares about fame. My inspirations really shape who I am as a person today, but I build my own life and follow my road to who I want to be.


7. What are your fears? Your biggest challenges?

It’s always difficult for me to write down my fears and challenges, they usually come when something happens or I think about what could happen due to an event or conflict. I have a fear of the world, there are so many cruel people everywhere and it really worries me that scary events happen randomly. I’m scared of not succeeding and not becoming the person I want to be. My biggest challenges are people and school. There are so many people like me out there who enjoy doing what I like to do and are always very competitive. School stresses me out a lot when it comes to huge exams because it can affect my grade dramatically. If I don’t do well in school, I won’t get into a great college and may not have my dream career. Even though I have many fears, I don’t like to make myself scared of them. I try to cancel out all my fears, be bold, stay happy with my loved ones and rest in the heart of God knowing that I’m safe and sound.


 8. How do you view the world today? What changes would you like to see happen and how do you fit in with these changes?

In my perspective, the world is a beautiful place but there is much cruelty around. The world is full of so many great details, opportunities and kind people. Although, it is turning into a horrible, ugly world because of the people who make really bad decisions which hurt others. Recently, there have so many horrid events. Bombings, shootings, robbery, are all becoming normal and okay to some people. It’s really sad because those kind of situations are not healthy and are very illegal. This generation of the world is becoming bad, people are make disappointing decisions that can ruin their reputation in a minute. It really frightens me how mean people can be, especially when they are hurting others and ending their precious lives. I hope this will come to an end, but unfortunately there will always be people with a messed up mind and a black heart where they won’t stop. I see so many hearts broken by tragic events that happen all over the world, people who lose their loved ones and friends. People are so selfish, stuck up, and don’t care about the lovely people. They take lives away from people who have a future ahead of them. It frightens my heart that people even have the thoughts to do such destructive things.

There are many other ways that I’d like to see the world change. In this era so many people, especially teenagers, think of the bad as good. They don’t want to listen to rules because they think that it will make them uncool and unpopular. I see so many dumb decisions made at school by so many people which can get them in lots of trouble. Some people may be under pressure and make bad decisions, but I believe that they should stand up for themselves and chose the right path which leads to happiness. So many people are judgmental of others and bully them, in person, behind their back, and online. Some girls become insecure about their looks and would do anything to make themselves look pretty and impress others. Girls should love how they were made, with their own unique and beautiful look. No matter how much makeup you put on, your true beauty lies within your heart and natural looks. Yes, it is totally okay to wear makeup for special events and when you’re going out, but if you wear it everyday especially at school, it starts to make you look fake and it seems like all you care about is being pretty. Trust me, natural looks are the most beautiful and appealing to people with the right heart and mind. Girls need to learn and understand that more.

 9. What would be your top five places to travel and why?

There are so many amazing places I’d love to travel to. I really love traveling and visiting new places while making new memories, and going on amazing adventures. To start, I’d like to visit a gorgeous island in Hawaii. Hawaii is my favorite place to stay for a vacation with my family and I always enjoy every moment of it. It’s relaxing, tropical, and beautiful. I’ve been to Maui and Honolulu, Hawaii and I’d like to visit more of the islands. Paris is another place that I’d like to visit, it seems very cute and pretty to sit and have a cup of coffee in a warm café. I would be more motivated to wear stylish pink, girly clothes and take many pictures in Paris. Italy would also be a great option that I’d like to go and visit as well. The Neuschwanstein castle in Germany is also another great place I’d like to visit. It would be super cool and interesting to view a castle built many years ago which was even inspired to make the Sleeping Beauty’s castle by Disney. Iceland looks very beautiful as well! The Northern Lights would be so amazing and unbelievable to watch. I’d love to lay down with my family and watch the sky as we dream. Last but not least, the Sea of Stars on Vaadhoo Island in the Maldives would be surreal to see in person. The glowing bioluminescent water is very amazing and gorgeous. It would blow my mind to stand right next to it.


10. When you go wake up and when you go to bed, what is on your mind?

Every night I think about so much stuff. I look back at how my day went and how it could have been better or worse. I remember memories from the past, some I hate and some I love. I think of other people, my family, friends, people at school, and the people out there in the world. I always dream of making connections each and everyday, it has been happening slowly mainly through social media and being outdoors at public places. Literally everything possible imagined goes into my head and keeps me up at night for a good twenty minutes before I actually fall asleep. When I wake up, I always like to wake myself up happy and ready to start a brand new day. I always tell myself that a new day leads to new exciting opportunities and adventures. When I have to wake up super early for school, I drag myself out of bed even though I’m super tired and feel like not going to school. I’m more of a morning person than I am a night person, I look forward to getting up around eight (rather than six for school which is way too early for me) and getting ready for a brand new day.

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