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Lauren Fong

Founder & Fashion Consultant of Itsola, IncBrooklyn, NYPhotography by Lauri LevenfeldStory by Lauri Levenfeld

I was lucky enough to stumble upon Lauren when we started working together on another soon-to-be TWP mom-to-be, Chriselle Lim. I immediately fell in love with Lauren’s high spirit and radiant positivity. And when I began to unravel her impressive resume and accomplishments, I knew she needed to be featured. And that’s when I found out not only was she game for a photo shoot while we were in NYC the following week, but game for one at 39 weeks! Lauren still charging at this late in her pregnancy (who would have known!), left us all breathless as she commanded the camera in a transparent leopard maxi looking amazing and effortless on the coldest day to date in New York.


I am an entrepreneur, wife, and soon-to-be mom who recently moved from LA to Brooklyn.  I own Itsola, Inc. which includes LF Fashion Consulting, a fashion business consulting firm helping designers and fashion influencers organize and manage their businesses.  It also includes, LFFC Productions, a fashion event production company that produces fashion shows, store openings and other fashion related events.  

I’ve always been enterprising, even as a little girl selling Girl Scout cookies growing up in Houston.  In college at USC, I studied entrepreneurial business and started a clothing line a couple years after graduating.  That business led to the consulting which eventually lead to the production company.

I always knew I would work in fashion.  When I was young, I used to sew clothes for Barbie on my grandmother’s sewing machine.  In high school, I worked at Gap and Nordstrom where I learned the retail side of the business.  After trying out a few more “typical” internships in college – investment banking, marketing, accounting – I realized my passion was the fashion industry.

My advice for entrepreneurs is to meet the women you look up to in your industry.  Surround yourself with sharp, creative people that will push you to always be better and push yourself to be inspiring to them.

When the crash of ’08 went down, it took a huge toll on my clothing line.  As stores shuttered and stopped payment on orders, I found myself spending most of my time chasing unpaid invoices and unloading excess inventory.  The biggest huddle for me was figuring out when to let go during the economic downturn.  

I didn’t want to feel like I failed, but I had to reinvent the business.  In changing course, moving from designing a clothing line into fashion business consulting and producing, I opened amazing new opportunities that are fulfilling and exciting!

My current roster of clients are at the top of the fashion game.  Having the opportunity to work with them is a dream come true.  At the same time, as I am writing this, I am 39 weeks pregnant.  I have a feeling this might be another major accomplishment in my life.

I think that once I go through the process of labor, I will feel invincible!  I predict my confidence will be even greater and I hope to channel that into growing my business even more.  I constantly toy with the idea of starting a kids clothing line.  I’m still getting into this whole new mommy world…and I’m excited to see what comes of it!

I know I will need help and I am not afraid to ask for it.  I am lucky to have a strong community of family and friends that surround us.  I have been prepped well by other mom entrepreneurs in my life who say to get help and set limits, and to be sure to prioritize the things that are important to you.

I am definitely looking forward as a mom to sharing all of the things I love about life to this little creature my husband and I have created!


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