Agnes Azria

SongwriterLos Angeles, CAStory & Photos by Lauri Levenfeld
Agnes Azria is a young, modern-day woman with an old, soulful voice that combines a powerful blend reminiscent of the jazz era with the latest pop influences. In her debut music video “The Beauty Myth”, Azria reveals a great understanding of how beauty standards have impacted womankind and kept male domination intact. Inspired by Naomi Wolf’s book, Agnes uses her hyp- notic voice and poetic lyrics to evoke a conversation on complex, feminist topics and to denounce women in their traditional roles as trophies. And yet when meeting Azria in person,  a whole other experience manifests itself in a upbeat, playful and mystical artist slip-sliding in the hallways and doing somersaults on the backyard lawn. 


1. Who are you? What were you like as a child?

I’m still discovering who I am! But I think I can categorize myself as an observer, even though I’ve been focusing more on action as opposed to reaction recently. When I was little my parent told me they could leave me alone for hours and I would just sit and watch everything around me.


2. When did music become a part of your life? Tell us about your journey.

I think my fascination was always there, but I actually started by writing poetry. I would write something in a journal and leave it out, wanting, waiting, checking to see if someone picked it up and read it. And from what I remember I one day decided to turn them into songs and started taking lessons around 8.


3. In your song “Beauty Myth” your lyrics reveal a great understanding of how beauty standards have impacted womankind- Where do you see this impact? Is singing your portal to conversation?

Singing is totally my portal of conversation… well said. Beauty, and how we are being viewed, is a large part of today’s culture in many women’s lives. This is thankfully being addressed, changed and shaped a lot by my generation, which is now focusing more on self-

acceptance and recognizing different kinds of beauty. But still a lot of American culture continues to depict women as trophies. And this depiction has shaped women’s perception of themselves, their aspirations, and ways of seeking love. It has created competition, insecurities and values merely based off of surface level characters.


4. In your eyes, what are the most important issues women face today?

My biggest concern is violence against women and human trafficking. I believe 1 out of 5 women in college experience sexual assault an over a quarter of a million women in the US  are survivors, and that’s only what is reported!! In 1994 an act called VAWA was issued to  protect women against domestic violence because the statics were so staggering. And human trafficking is a 32 billion dollar industry! 

Not only is it an issue that women are being taken, kidnapped or sold from and by their families, but the investment of abuse is worth 32 billion dollars. Violence against women is woven so deeply into our culture through the media, as well as, industries such as beauty and celebrity. It has shaped how women are viewed and disrespected.  We have to fight twice as hard, work twice as much to receive the same type of respect as men do.  This is an infuriating issue that I face all the time being a woman.

5. Can music change the world?

Music is powerful and universal because it is capable of changing and enhancing your emotions! It can evoke feelings, and feelings are what motivate and drive us to do essentially anything. Music by itself is just sound waves, but when coupled with action it can definitely help change the world.


6. What is your favorite song and why?

Oh my gad,  I don’t know! I have a couple songs on repeat like Have Mercy by Eryn Allen Kane, Mantra by Boyo and Insane by Madison McFerrin.

7. Name five items on your bucket list.

1. Play at the Staples Center

2. Live somewhere desolate for 1 year

3. Learn Krav Maga

4. Get in the Guinness Book of World Records

5. Swim with sharks without a cage


8. Who are your role models or inspirations?

I just started producing so I am really inspired by Flying Lotus‘s work!

9. How would you describe the music industry today?

It’s interesting. Before a record deal was kind of everything, and now people want to see what you can do on your own before you get signed. There are so many ways to be independent, release music and succeed as a DIY musician, and the best part is that you have total control over your actions and image. So the possibilities are kind of endless!!

10. What’s next for Agnes Azria?

Continue to innovate my expression and share my art with anyone who can connect to what I have to say. Expect a lot of releases! To stay updated on what I am doing check out my instagram @agnastyy.


For more on Agnes, hop over to our beloved platform for everything fabulous in art and fashion Joliegazette.


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