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Agnes Azria

SongwriterLos Angeles, CAStory & Photos by Lauri Levenfeld

Agnes Azria is a young, modern-day woman with an old, soulful voice that combines a powerful blend reminiscent of the jazz era with the latest pop influences. In her debut music video “The Beauty Myth”, Azria reveals a great understanding of how beauty standards have impacted womankind and kept male domination intact. Inspired by Naomi Wolf’s book, Agnes uses her hyp- notic voice and poetic lyrics to evoke a conversation on complex, feminist topics and to denounce women in their traditional roles as trophies. And yet when meeting Azria in person,  a whole other experience manifests itself in a upbeat, playful and mystical artist slip-sliding in the hallways and doing somersaults on the backyard lawn. 


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Rachel Clyde & Sage Mace

Activists & BestiesMarin, CAPhotos by Lauri LevenfeldStory by Lauri Levenfeld

Having a best friend to lift you up when you need lifting and to help you soar when you are dreaming is truly one of our most precious gifts as we grow up. For Rachel Clyde & Sage Mace, a friendship bloomed from a very early age centered around how to serve the world, lots of giggles, and the act of giving back. Both were horrified when they learned of the 32 million modern-day slaves still existing in the world.



They used their determination, persistence, and drive to help formulate ways to strike back on this issue and channel fundraising efforts to stop slavery via their organization Free-Beauty.org. There is a reason people call them Rage (Rachel & Sage)- alone each is special, together they are magnificent. Their story shows how with drive and focus, anyone can see their efforts affect change and impact a problem you care about.

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