Shinola Broad Series X TPFWSan Francisco, CAPhotos by Andrea Posadas & ShinolaStory by Lauri Levenfeld
In today’s day and age, we as the consumer have a myriad of choices. We also have the ability to choose companies and brands that do good and do right by their mission and products. One such company Shinola has popped onto the San Francisco scene and created quite a buzz with a gorgeous flagship filled with rose gold colored bikes, stand-out chic and functional watches, and an ever rotating pop-up shop of product from partner American designers.

I was honored to host one of Shinola’s Broad Series evenings with women from our TPFW community around the topics of passion & invention and the “demyth” of life/ work balance. The evening brought out some of the most creative, passionate, and innovative women.

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The 3,200-square-foot space offers the full lineup of Shinola’s quality goods along with a rotating pop-up shop from partner American designers. Their latest collaboration with jewelry designer Pamela Love not only brings together a shared affection for understated luxury, but also Shinola and Love’s passionate commitment for the return of manufacturing jobs here in the States. With the belief that products

should be well-made and built to last, Shinola stands for skill at scale, the preservation of craft, and the beauty of industry. Located in the heart of Jackson Square with an entrance on the picturesque Hotaling Place, the San Francisco store location similarly captures the area’s rich history in the landmarked Belli Building, originally built during the Gold Rush circa 1850.

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With a commitment to empower women and provide an environment for discussion and community, the Shinola Broad Series’ highlights female executives, entrepreneurs, and creatives. The evening hosted by Shinola and Lauri Levenfeld, brought together San Francisco’s most influencial “Lady Bosses” including co-hosts Jane Chen of Embrace Innovations & Little Lotus, Zem Joaquin of Near Future

Summit, and Olivia Peeke of Slash PR. The evening celebrated each of its 40 attendees with round table introductions and a moderated Q&A. Guests enjoyed a farm to table menu created by Stag Dining and crafted spirits by Women & Whiskies. As dinner came to completion, the evening rolled into a high energy gathering of networking, shopping and a wee bit of drinking.

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Visit Shinola San Francisco for all your holiday gifting.

Shinola San Francisco
53 Hotaling Place
Store hours: Monday-Saturday 10AM-7PM, Sunday 11AM-6PM


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