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Jewelry DesignerBroooklyn, NYStory & Photography by Lauri LevenfeldStyling by Katja O’Brien
I have been a fan of Pamela Love’s jewelry since the beginning. There is a spiritual and personal presence to each piece, a twist of modernism in the historical with each design holding a perfect mix of luxury and rock-and-roll. It is no wonder that Pamela has inspired a celebrity and cult following.

And it is the power of her mastered craft, her attention to detail, and her desire to create jobs that has recently inspired the synergetic union of Shinola Detroit and Love with their new collection. Walking into Pamela’s Brooklyn apartment opened the storybook on this woman’s life in a very intricate and intimate way.

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1. What were you like as a child? Who are you today?

I was always very curious. I was obsessed with collecting things, rocks, stones, shells. I made all sorts of arts and crafts projects – especially jewelry. I even made bangles out of toothbrush handles- and loved animals, especially cats and little frogs. I was always finding frogs and bringing them in the house. I made a little habitat for them.  I didn’t understand yet that they would prefer to just be outside.   I think I’m pretty much the same person today, just taller and with more responsibility.  Everyone at my company jokes that I’m the child of the office.


2. Describe your life’s work

Making beautiful wearable objects that have meaning and keep craft alive. Creating jobs is extremely important to me. It’s a major part of why I started this business.  Jewelry is my passion. I think there is nothing more personal or powerful than jewelry- the way it transcends time and generations, it’s importance through cultures and rituals– is something I explore every day.

3. Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Travel, art, movies, architecture, everywhere really. The American southwest was such a huge inspiration for me for so many years, still is. But I recently traveled to Copenhagen and I am so inspired by Danish craft and design. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately.


4. Your home reflects your travels and life in Brooklyn, tell us about the special pieces you have woven into your interiors.

Morocco, Mexico, South America, the American southwest are all places I love to visit and collect textiles, pottery etc. I used to be a hoarder but lately I’ve been in a purging mode and really want to focus on simplicity.  I don’t want my space to feel cluttered. It doesn’t leave room for the mind to wander.  I am interested in art and artifacts that have personal importance to me and remind me of a special time and place.  I want my home to have space for those things to breathe and shine.

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5. How do you define love?  

My definition of love is changing and growing every day.  But I think it’s when you are most comfortable in a state that you generally wouldn’t be with anyone else- being who you truly are, completely naked (metaphorically and literally) and totally flawed. And feeling completely at home with all of their flaws and all of the things that make them special equally- that’s love.


6. What was your a-ha moment?

I think I’m still waiting for it.

7. Are you a spiritual person? What are your practices and how do they affect your art?

Yes. Meditation and daily breathing are important. I lost my father when I was in my early twenties- I still believe he’s with me every day and that he can see what I’m doing.  I talk to him sometimes.


8. Breakdown a Day in the Life of Pamela Love.

There is no typical day so it would be tough to breakdown – I spend most of my time in my studio with my team.  That’s my favorite place to be. Making jewelry is really all I want to do ever.  Unfortunately there’s lots of other things that come with running a business. But I’m getting used to that.



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9. Who is your ultimate icon? Cherished mentor?

My Icon is Georgia O’Keefe – her life, her style, her art work. All of it. My mentor- Francesco Clemente– no one has been more of a personal and creative inspiration to me than him. I am very lucky to have worked for him for so many years. Everything he does is art. Even the way he drinks an espresso.  And no one has greater insight than him. The way he sees and interprets the world through his work is truly magical.

10. You have just launched a collaboration with Shinola Detroit, tell us about the partnership and process.  

I love working with Shinola.  We share the same passion for creating jobs- and they are a wonderful group of people.  The jewelry is very timeless and classic. It celebrates craftsmanship and understated luxury. 


11. What’s next for Pamela Love?

I would like to make some large metal works.  And also get a puppy.

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