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Kelly Jones

Owner of LPP & ArtistPhotography by Lauri LevenfeldStory by Lauri Levenfeld

Little Paper Planes (LPP) is a boutique of many artistic traits. It is online and has a physical store located in the heart of The Mission in San Francisco.  Each item that is chosen by Kelly is impeccable to say the least. The thoughts and details that go behind each piece of design is worth every penny and time spent in the shop.

The stories, the creations, and the designs are just three of the many reasons why to support local. But there is more than art and creativity to Kelly and Little Paper Planes store….


I’m Kelly…I started LPP at the end of 2004 online in response to a lack of representation of art ephemera on the Internet.

I had just graduated from art school where my friends and I were making all sorts of things from accessories, jewelry, zines and prints so I thought it would be fun to try to create an online store. (Keep in mind back then there wasn’t even Etsy yet, so the Internet was a very different place then.) Since then, I have juggled many part time jobs and lots of other projects as LPP grew. I designed and manufactured a clothing line for a couple years as well as continuing with my own art practice as an artist. I went back to school from 2008-2010 where I earned my MFA. Since then I really pushed LPP to continue to grow which the most recent push was opening the physical location in May 2013.

LPP has been doing features on artists since mid-2008. We feature one to two artists a month with an interview and print a collection of print editions. We have also worked with artists for book/publications as well. Since opening up the physical location, we have a residency space where we give artists the space for 4 weeks at a time. Currently, we have Vacation Days as our guest artist.

When we host events, it usually correlates with our residency program.  However, sometimes we invite artists and designers to teach classes like calligraphy, weaving, net-making and jewelry stamping. We also have visiting artists give talks about their work which is always inspiring to hear about an artists’ inquiry into their work.

I don’t feel like I can choose something for a working mom since I am not a mom and am not going to tell moms what they need! However we have lots of items that are perfect gifts to give yourself!



We have these beautiful hand-dyed silk tanks by Willow Knows that are super feminine, classy, yet you can totally wear them with jeans, too. Lee Coran’s tote bags are an upgrade from the classic cotton tote. Calm bath salts by Herbivore Botanicals are something everyone needs to use especially mom!


Janette Crawford from Sun + Dotter stopped by the shop to pick out her five must have picks and to do a little shopping herself.

Kelly’s store is a gem to shop in. Every nook and corner has a piece of design that is irresistible to buy. It is the little details in a gift or a room in the house that makes it unique.


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  1. I LOVE what you’re doing with the focus being on moms. Your photography is beautiful! I’m a photographer & writer as well and began my project, Small Places Big Things, 3 months ago and am loving it. Coming across your website was a delight! Keep up the beautiful, inspiring work! :)

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