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Being a mom and business owner can get quite hectic; from morning wake-up calls to prepping lunch boxes to figuring out what the next best thing is for your business. Naturally, humans want to keep going to the rhythm and conquer it all. But there comes a time when crazed lives will take over the mind and body. That’s where Denmo Ibrahim, founder and owner of Earthbody, comes into place. Denmo integrates holistic wellness, business coaching and spiritual mentorship in all of her work to inspire an inner path of mindfulness, leadership, and personal transformation. Ibrahim may not answer all your prayers but she will help you clear your mind and take one step forward…

..towards accomplishing your goals. Now relax, breath and read on to find out how to have a balanced life.

I’m Denmo… Earthbody began as my own journey into healing. I realized in my twenties that parts of my body which had suffered from injury or surgery could be healed through massage and bodywork. It was a powerful awakening which led me on a path in search of master healers. I felt compelled to share what I was learning about healing through direct experience. Eight years ago, I rented a room to start my private massage practice in Hayes Valley.

I spent years designing treatments to transform- inspired by Ayurveda and crafted to awaken the body and mind. Now, Earthbody has evolved into an award-winning day spa with over 13,000 devoted clients and is environmentally conscious and committed to sustainability in treatment and in business.

While searching the market for clean products to use in treatment,  I found that even the most ‘natural’ products were mass produced, loaded with fillers and designed without a mind and body philosophy. And so, I made my own. I spent years making products in my own kitchen for myself and my clients.

Word spread and demand quickly grew. I wanted to formulate a line of skincare that was beyond natural, where every ingredient was edible, healing, and formulated for whole health. Earthbody Sacred Skincare, my labor of love and  a botanical line of organic and natural skincare was born.





We are the kings and queens of our own life. And so whether its business or a project or a family, daring to create something from nothing will change you. So, create a tribe. You’ll need the support to go all the way.

The first and most important part of living a more relaxed and balanced life is acknowledging that you don’t have a relaxed and balanced life. Often, dreams remain lofty ideas and we never really figure out how to ground them into practice. So if you’re a super mom and life is moving faster than it ever has before, stop. Sit down. Focus on your breath. Yes. For three minutes. Sit down and realize that the choices you’re making right now are intensifying an already intense situation. The best practice is to stop. Deactivate. Breathe. Then look at the situation. When you are calm and in your body, re-enter the situation. Something will have changed.


3 tips to make your home more peaceful.


+ Create an Altar

Altars are a bridge to honor whatever you believe to be sacred. These spaces can infuse a life in your home that can purge, cleanse, and uplift. Altars can be as simple as a candle, a bowl of water and a fresh flower. Or you can make it ornate with a statue, pictures of people you feel embody wisdom, fruits, incense, stones, or letters.


+ Find the Sky

Being able to see sky in your home has a large impact on creativity and…





Each coaching session is absolutely unique. There are themes in the work like figuring out a pattern and breaking it down, devising strategies to work through difficulty, identifying limiting beliefs, and restoring emotional intelligence. We do this by looking closely at the part of our life that feels the most stuck.




Honestly, I find daily balance difficult yet clarity comes when I disconnect. In that space, I can see the bigger picture and find a way to reengage with a fresh mind. I go into retreat for weeks at a time. I’ll unplug and turn off my computer and phone for a few days. I’ll get lost in a good book. I’ll go in for a facial or a massage. I’ll hike or draw or write or people-watch.

I guess the most important thing about balance isn’t so much about what you do. It’s more about noticing you’re out of balance. That moment becomes your wake-up call. From there, the healing has begun.

The best advice I could offer anyone starting a business or carrying a vision of work in the world is to remember you’re not alone. In the beginning, you may be the only one holding the view. But it’s just about taking the time to inspire others, speak about your vision and let people join your mission. It doesn’t matter how big or small the endeavor is. We need to find our community. We are born leaders, actually.



…mental clarity. Find the best spot in your home to be able to stare at the blue sky. Create a practice where you can daydream on purpose.

+ Get Rid of Clutter Noise

I had a friend describe junk mail as people invading my home. Each letter was their voice and opinion and personality spewing all over my desk. But it doesn’t stop there. It’s also clothes I don’t wear or dishes I don’t like or shoes I don’t need. It’s stuff I know I don’t want anymore but still remains in my home. Clutter noise.

Purging is a powerful tool to create a home of intention. Curate your space and hand select everything in your space so it is a living expression of your own individuality and your family. Make your home sacred.


Whether you are in San Francisco or a different city, practice on how to stop, breathe, and smile. As Ibrahim mentioned, we are all in this together. Namaste, TMP readers!

Earthbody offers a free 30 minute consultation that you will not want to miss out. For further information, please visit the Earthbody website.



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