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Landry Bender

ActressLos Angeles, CAStory & Photos by Lauri LevenfeldStyling by Grace Wethor
From the earliest age, Landry Bender was ready for the spotlight. Described as an old soul, she manifested her destiny on stage and at just ten years old was on a plane to New York with a role of a lifetime and an opportunity to fulfill her dreams. From this moment, Bender’s career has expanded with prize castings and what most would see as the perfect “Hollywood story”. Yet Landry is known by her fans as well as industry folk for being a kind and humble individual who celebrates her journey by staying passionate and engaged. A girl inspired (and a bit obsessed) with old Hollywood (in particular Audrey Hepburn), we asked another TPFG gal, Grace Wethor, to take the reins and bring her eclectic, cool vibe to this classic beauty to create some designer vintage magic. 


1. Who are you? What were you like as a child?

My name is Landry Bender and I’m 17 years old. I’m an only child and have been told my whole life I’m an old soul. Whether it’s my parents, or the people I’ve worked with I find myself just as comfortable with adults as I do with people my own age. For as long as I can remember I’ve loved performing.  Whether it was for family friends or community theatre once I discovered it, I never let it go.


2. What was your first acting gig? Tell us about how this happened.

I booked a film called The Sitter when I was 10 years old. After being in LA for almost a year auditioning for different projects, I got an audition for the R-rated, raunchy Jonah Hill comedy. One week and three auditions later, my mom and I found ourselves on a plane to New York City for four months. To this day it’s still my favorite project I’ve ever worked on.

3. Outside of acting, what are your biggest loves/passions?

When I’m not working I find myself being pretty low-key; I’d definitely consider myself a homebody. I love playing guitar, reading and writing scripts, taking pictures, fashion, and watching movies. I also have amazing friends who I love to go out to eat with and explore LA.


4. Do you find LA to be competitive and challenging? How do you navigate?

It can be! It’s very easy to get frustrated for sure. The competitiveness I don’t feel very much, though. Most of my friends are actors and there’s a real sense of support and camaraderie among us instead of a sense of “competition” which I’m really grateful for. And in terms of it being challenging, I think the best thing to do is to remember why I started. I loved putting on plays when I was really little and I never want to lose that spark. It’s of course work, and sometimes it can definitely feel like work – but I truly love the creativity and art involved with the industry and that’s something I never want to lose.

5. What things are most important to you?

Those who I surround myself with are really important to me. I keep a pretty close circle and I love that everyone around me are such authentic people. It’s been very empowering to me as well to find my voice and connect with things as I’ve grown up. I’ve been working a lot with organizations like Girl Rising, who are working towards making sure girls all around the world are getting the right to go to school and get educated. I’ve also been so inspired by a lot of the kids in my generation who are taking matters into their own hands like the students from Stoneman Douglas.


6. Who are your role models?

In terms of people I look up to in the industry and whose career I admire, Audrey Hepburn and Lin-Manuel Miranda are big ones for me as well as Neil Patrick Harris, Emma Stone, Betty White, and Julie Andrews. I’ve also gotten to work with amazing producers and writers who I consider family and have taken a lot from. But personally, both of my parents are amazing people and truly influence me everyday and have made me the person I am.

7. Walk us through a day on set of Full House.

We shoot at Warner Brothers on Stage 24, the same stage where Friends shot for 10 seasons along with a few seasons of the original Full House. Everyday is a little bit different but Fridays are live taping days which are the best! I get to set in the morning and go straight to school. Three hours later, it’s time for hair and makeup where it can take awhile – as ‘goth’ Rocki is very different from ‘regular’ Landry. We shoot a few scenes before the audience arrives then take a lunch break. I usually go to the studio commissary with my cast mates. After lunch, it’s a quick read through of the script with the whole cast. The live taping is exciting and always fun. It runs from about 4pm to 8pm and after final bows we get to visit with some of the fans who come to the show.


8. Tell us some of your favorite LA finds.

I have a bunch! Something I love is at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery they have this thing called Cinespia. In the summer and fall, they project an old movie up against this big, white wall under the stars and everyone brings snacks and blankets. The Last Bookstore is a really fun spot in Downtown LA where I always find something. Some of my favorite restaurants are Bottega Louie, Cecconi’s, and Au Fudge as well as Bandera on the West Side. It’s a chain but there is one in Arizona where I am from so it a good go-to.


9  Where do you go for peace and solitude?

If I’m being honest, I have the greatest bed in the whole world. A huge fluffy linen duvet, a bunch of tapestry pillows – the whole package. In general, I really do love my bedroom. It’s very much a representation of me the way it is decorated and set up. I love listening to music or reading when I need to have some alone time; it very much feels like a safe place. And other than that I like to be outside. I think sometimes in the age of social media we underestimate the power of taking a 10 minute walk. That is something that’s really refreshing to me.


10. Name three places in the world you are dying to go and why.

I would love to go to Australia because it looks so beautiful, there’s so many cities in Italy I’ve always wanted to explore, and I’d also love to see Austria because I’m a nerd and I’ve wanted to go on the Sound of Music tour for as long as I can remember.


11. Where do you see Landry in five years?

In 5 years I’ll be 22. I see myself graduated from college, getting involved in projects I’m really passionate about, as well as. writing and producing through my production company. I also have plans to expand into fashion. It is a fascinating world and I love the creativity and the art of it all. I am just hopeful to have a well-rounded, balanced, full life.

Look 1:

Pajamas: Vintage Chanel
Shoes: Steve Madden (Landry’s Own)
Bracelet: Tiffany’s
Necklace: Tiffany’s (Landry’s Own)
Rings: Louis Vuitton, Social Butterflies, Cartier 
Sunglasses: Tiffany’s
Look 2:
Shirt: Kate Spade
Dress: Bettie Page
Shoes: Christian Louboutin 
Bracelet: Tiffany’s 
Rings: Louis Vuitton, Social Butterflies, Cartier 
Look 3:
Dress: Vintage
Bow: Dolce & Gabbana
Hat: Polkadots & Moonbeams
Boots: Chanel
Bracelet: Tiffany’s 
Rings: Louis Vuitton, Social Butterflies, Cartier 
Look 4:
Dress: Vintage
Pearls: Vintage
Shoes: Alice & Olivia (Landry’s Own)
Bracelet: Tiffany’s 
Necklace: Tiffany’s (Landry’s Own)
Rings: Louis Vuitton, Social Butterflies, Cartier 
Look 5:
Overalls: Revice Denim
Shirt: Vintage
Blazer Jacket: Zara
Belt: Moschino
Pearls: Vintage
Shoes: Sam Edelman (Landry’s Own)
Bracelet: Tiffany’s 
Rings: Louis Vuitton, Social Butterflies, Cartier 


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