The Girls!

Jillian Shea Spaeder, Isabella Alexander & Rachel Gage

Best FriendsLos Angeles, CAStory & Photos by Lauri LevenfeldStyling by Grace Wethor for Wethor & Co
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They say two is company and three is a crowd. Yet this old proverb doesn’t stand up to besties Jillian Shea Spaeder, Isabella Alexander, and Rachel Gage. The three girls who met acting in Los Angeles turned what could have been a competitive and challenging environment into a situation filled with love, support, and sisterhood. While there are so many similarities shared, it is their differences which they celebrate and learn from. And happily, which keep them (most of the time) auditioning for different roles and projects. While each continues to dream of being in the entertainment world, today they share more on who they are, what makes them tick, and the goals they have inside and outside of Hollywood. 

1. What’s your definition of friendship/ being a friend?   

Jillian: A friend is someone you can laugh with, cry with, and be silly with. Being a friend means always being there for someone.

Bella: My definition of being a friend is being someone who is always there to listen, guide, and love you. Being a friend is like a reminder to stay true to yourself and have a humble outlook on life. I wouldn’t be in the amazing life I have now without some of my friends.

Rachel: Definitely laughing and having fun together but in the long run, being there for one another and cheering each other on.


2. You are all bffs. Describe the best parts of each other and what makes you click!?

Jillian: None of us are afraid to be ourselves with each other, and we never fight. Both Bella and Rachel are easygoing, supportive and fun.

Bella: Jill has this infectious joy that makes people feel loved to the moon and back, and never seems to find a negative in anything. Rachel is not only one of the most beautiful girls inside and out, she has a drive and passion that sparks to life in everything she does. Happiness is our click, it’s the thing that makes us, us!

Rachel: Jillian is the funniest person I know and is so kind, creative and spontaneous. Isabella, also very funny, has an amazing sense of style and fashion and is super smart. Together, there’s never a dull moment!


3. What’s the background story on how you met?

Jillian: I met Bella a few weeks after we arrived for our first pilot season in February 2015. We were staying at the same apartment complex. My older sister and I were swimming in the pool one day and

saw this girl. My sister started talking to her and asked her age. It turns out our birthdays are only one day apart (same birth year!). We struck up an instant best friendship. Rachel and I met when we were in a waiting room auditioning. We didn’t know each other too well then, but we got super close when she joined the cast of Walk the Prank.

Bella: I met Jillian about a month into my first time being in Los Angeles. We were both new and a little shy, but we bonded instantly. Who knew that one day at an apartment pool could blossom into one of the best friendships ever! I met Rachel at some auditions, but we really bonded on the set of “Hopefuls”, a Nickelodeon pilot that we did together playing the roles of sisters. The show wasn’t picked up, but it was one of the best times on set I’ve ever had!

Rachel: Jillian and I first met at an audition testing for the same role but you can’t let competition get in the way of friendship. Isabella and I met on a project we booked together playing sisters and they got that right because we are a lot alike.


4. Is three better than 2? Are there any challenges?

Jillian: Three is always better! For some girls that might be a challenge, but it doesn’t seem like that for us.

Bella: Three to me is better when I’m with these girls! I am constantly laughing and being creative with each of them. When we are all together, we truly have the best time and balance each other well. A day at the beach or just hanging out, we always have a blast!

Rachel: The more the merrier, 3 times the fun! We always make sure no one gets left out and it’s easy because we all balance each other out.

5. Tell us about you -your passion, purpose, and dreams.

Jillian: My passions are playing my guitar, singing, and writing music. I also love acting. My dream would be a career in entertainment where I get to do both!

Bella: I have always loved the arts. I was a competitive dancer, but a bad injury led me to express my creativity through acting. When I began acting I instantly loved everything about it and I realized I could make it a career. My purpose and reason behind acting is to ultimately build a platform. I want to be able to stand up for social issues and eventually build a positive movement! If I can accomplish this, my dream would to be to get as many top actors and make a film about something I feel super passionate for, while still getting my degree is Neuroscience :).

Rachel: My passion right at this moment is to be happy in what I am doing, and that’s performing in the entertainment business. Then there are my dreams for attending college and working in the medical field.


6. What are your favorite things to do together?

Jillian: We love going to the beach, having sleepovers, and basically just hanging out.

Bella: Personally, my favorite thing to do with Jill and Rachel is find random adventures. From climbing to the Hollywood sign all the way to finding new restaurants to stuff our faces with.

Rachel: I like going to the beach and on hikes together.  Jill and I also like playing tennis.

7. If you could name a song to describe your trio what would it be?  

Jillian: Our song would be “Happy” by Pharrell Williams, because that’s how we feel when we’re all together.

Bella: If I could pick any song to describe the trio it would be “Paradise” by Coldplay. It talks about growing as people and living the life that makes us the happiest and I think that is what we are doing right now!

Rachel: Maybe La La Land by Demi Lovato or Tonight Tonight by Hot Chelle Rae



8. Because of your closeness in age, you all can compete for the same roles- how do you support one another? And has this ever caused a rift?

Jillian: Competing for the same roles is just part of acting, but we are all so supportive of each other. We would be happy if any of us got the role.

Bella: In the business we are in, you have to pick and choose carefully who you’re friends with, I just happened to luck out with some of the most selfless and motivating friends! If we ever go out for the same role, we love to support one another, and I think that’s why there has never been a conflict.

Rachel: We get a lot of the same auditions but we are always rooting for each other because in the end, the competition is with yourself and doing your best. We are similar but book for very different reasons, and that’s with everyone, all my friends are super talented.

9. If you could do one thing for your bff, what would it be?

Jillian: I would wish for all three of us to do a project together!

Bella: If I could do one thing for my BFF’s, for Jill I would get her the nicest music room full of instruments, equipment, records, and a high-tech sound booth just so she could perfect her craft (she is a great singer). For Rachel, I would give her a lifetime of modeling gigs, simply because she has such a natural beauty and positive energy that the world should see. The one thing I would give them both would be eternal happiness.

Rachel: I would have a big sleepover where we watch Greys Anatomy all night with tons of cookies and white cheddar popcorn.

10. What’s next for each of you?

Jillian: Right now, we’re all auditioning for different projects, so stay tuned!

Bella: Next for me is continuing to audition and hopefully book a new opportunity. I would love to work with someone who would help me potentially make an anti-bullying campaign, as well as maybe starting to act more in movies. If I am working and learning, I am happy! Also, we are waiting to see for a pickup of Fresh Off the Boat– season 5!!!

Rachel: Focusing on school and hopefully lots of TV shows and movies, but to just stay happy and never give up.

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