The Girls!

Anum Tayyab

WriterHouston, TexasPhotos by Faiza TayyabPoem by Anum Tayyab
Every person has a story. A different kind. And emotional kind, a breakthrough kind. When I was writing this poem I wasn’t thinking about anything else except all the events that made me think less of myself. I chased those who didn’t even care about me, for validation. It’s a perspective from a girl who was afraid to stand up, afraid to defend herself. At the time, I was this girl. During these last few months, I have experienced a major confidence breakthrough. It’s changed my life for the better, and forever. I hope every one of you finds your path, and love for which is your life. 

A world where she believed

revolved around her

A girl who was defeated

nowhere near completed

Her sadness was nothing

her values, fears,


valued for nothing

for it was her tears

that defined her

for all she yearned for

defined her

her life

not labeled as hers


‘twas given to whom she fawned

Her dignity in their palms’

took a stand


did all she could

all for others

A hypocrite, she walked

respecting all

all but herself

known as



in need of constant reassurance

from those hanging on a thread,

to care for her will.

In need of validation

All that is motivation

everyone stared, as their eyes rolled

her name went around as


measly steps for her presence;

automatic negativity

she received

she felt so lonely

there was no such thing as

a companion

a friend

anyone who cared

was a visualization

piece by piece

she lost herself

A knife waiting to cut

her delicate throat

the scars she made

all for attention

the screams she voiced

all for show

the tears she wept

just a great act

she just waited

for the world

to welcome her

for all

she sat

and thought

everything she desired

was another cut away

she cared too much

for the ones

who cared so little

she couldn’t understand

couldn’t comprehend


she was foolish



longing for her existence

to never be existent

you’ll never find another soul

another soul



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5 thoughts on “Anum Tayyab

  1. i love who you’re becoming. such a powerful and inspiring you woman. i will forever be your number one fan. i love you – tonia

  2. Anum! This piece along with the pictures is a strong one, and it tells an open and honest story about a Girl who has evolved into a Young Lady! Often times, we are so scared because of society, and we do not share our testimonies. We get so afraid of judgment, that we forget how to be strong! Your story has inspired me, and your confidence has given life to my own! I appreciate you; I celebrate you; I cherish you! I am so proud to know you, and even MORE proud of you; because now, you’re a published author! Go on, and conquer–it’s in you! Let your light shine! You Glow, because that’s all you should know how to do!


    Mr. J. Barnes

  3. Thank you so much for giving me the privilege to read this great poem. It is profound, and it sheds such a strong light on your growth and your maturity. You have such a bright future ahead of you, never surrender to those that might seek to bring you down. May your story be an example to all others who seek to rediscover their dignity as you have done, and may you never forget your growth into an amazing young lady.
    “If you are what you should be, you will set the world ablaze!” – St. Catherine of Sienna

    Yours truly,
    Jorge Tito

  4. oh my goodness anum this is wonderful. it amazes me how you have gone through so much and still manages to radiate off waves of love and kindness to everyone around you. you truly are extraordinary and please don’t ever forget it. im always here. always. just like you were for me whenever I let my insecurities get the best of me. my love and support goes to you forever ❤

  5. oh my gish gurl i was left in tears. when u win the noble prize for life changing poetry, im going to cry.

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