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Founder & Designer for Haute Bride DesignsLOS GATOS, CAPhotography by Lauri LevenfeldStory by Lauri Levenfeld

I have known Lindsie for years. We worked together when she first started Haute Bride and we became fast friends. Lindsie is like her jewelry- fun, festive, smart, edgy, and beautiful. Today not only do you get an amazing success story, but a fun DIY jewelry project featured on Style Me Pretty Living, a must-have summer list by Los Gatos’ hottest boutique Bella Rosa, and a chance to win an incredible accessory giveaway. To enter, follow the contest guidelines at the bottom of this post. And best of luck from TMP, xo!


I have been designing jewelry since my wedding in 2001. To spread my creative wings, I decided to start my own accessories line after an unsuccessful search for the perfect hair accessory for my own wedding day. I became determined to make this dream accessory on my own. I started selling my custom hairpins on EBay and was quickly overwhelmed by the response and sales! I was working as an HR manager in the tech industry (during the crazy dot-com period) and 75% of my company’s workforce was reduced. I took a few months off and began to create more and more accessories for EBay, local boutiques and friends.

In 2004, I attended my first bridal market in Chicago and in New York. Both shows were tremendously successful. Our designs are now available in over 200 retail bridal salons worldwide, and can be seen regularly gracing the cover and inside pages of the top bridal magazines.

Our Flagship Salon and design studio are both located in downtown beautiful Los Gatos. Every piece is handmade by a skilled artisan in our studio and we are proud to say that our designs are fully crafted in the USA.

In 2006, we proudly accepted the “New Accessories Talent Designer of the Year” award at the Couture Bridal Market in NYC.

I have always enjoyed making things and definitely excelled in art. However, I didn’t take any jewelry design classes- I have always been self-taught.

It has taken me 10 years to be at the level of success that I had always hoped to be at. We have a nationwide brand now that is designed in the USA and everything has a lifetime warranty.

I have never rushed things. Success rarely happens overnight. I believe the consistent excellent customer service at both our salon and through our design center has helped create admirers and loyalty along the way.

My inspirations definitely come from color trends, Swarovski products, and architecture, but this question has always been a tough one to answer.

I design twice a year and do not draw what’s in my head. Instead I grab the materials that we use and start putting my ideas together.

My inspiration may come from the clothing that I see at fashion week, combined with colors and what I would see myself wearing. I also try to design the line with the intention of it not being strictly bridal. I want brides to wear their pieces again and again. And it is this concept that inspired us to do an everyday line as well, called Cocktail Bling-a collection of our everyday pieces, plus designs from friends that we love and wear.

For twelve years, I have been an official partner of Swarovski. We only use their materials, as they continue to be a company on top of all trends with color and style. Because we get first dibs, we use a lot of materials the public has yet to see.


Kids: Braden Michael & Brody Robert-age 6

When we found out we were having twins, we were excited and nervous. I was nervous about having a smaller frame and how I was going to carry two babies to full term. I ended up on bed rest for a bit at 28 weeks, but they were delivered at 36.5 weeks and both weighed over 6 lbs.

I was most shocked to find out we were having two boys. With a career in bridal, jewels, and everything girlie- this put a new twist on things.

The best advice I have received is to shower your babies with incredible amounts of affection. My sons are very affectionate little guys and I believe it’s because of the attention and affection that we have given them. They tell us that they love us about 100 times a day. I try not to be in such a hurry all the time and take time to really listen to what they have to say. I look them in the eyes and listen.

It’s hard to not be as involved as I would like in all of the things I do, but I have learned to delegate some of my workload so that I can be more involved in the boys and their class. I do have the luxury of school being next door to my office, and so I try to contribute by doing yard duty and helping with class projects and parties as much as I can. I have heard from so many, and I am now seeing it with my own eyes, that time goes by so fast. I don’t want to miss any of these important memories with them.

My best and most humbling moment as a mom has been giving birth to these two amazing little boys. They are the sweetest, kindest and most well-mannered boys. They recently finished their first year at St Mary’s School in Los Gatos, and I have noticed such an incredible growth in them. Their love for the Catholic religion and how to treat each other and others has been truly inspiring for our family to watch.

When the boys were babies, I had such a hard time leaving them. Now as they get older, I try to leave my business on the backburner at night when I go home to spend more quality time with the family.

It is always challenging, but I understand that it is important for them to have the attention from their parents and not have work or phones interfering. This is something I will continue to strive to do for them.

My favorite brands are J Brand, Parker, Rag and Bone, Frye, Ivana Trump, and Jessica Simpson has great booties in the fall. Since I modeled all of these faves for the shoot via my friend Gina Barsanti from Bella Rosa Boutique, we decided to do a must-have summer list to show off outfits that compliment my jewels.


Bella Rosa Boutique’s Favorite Must-Have List


1. Alexis Striped Dress with Pockets

2. Hare+Hart Papa Pouch with Brindle Hair

3. Streets Ahead Skinny Belt

4. Camilla Romper

5. Alexis Ivory Lace Up Shorts and Blouse

6. Nightcap Lace Maxi Dress

7. Janessa Leone Gloria White Straw Hat

8. Tyler Jacobs for Feel the Piece Bossy Tee

All items can be purchased at Bella Rosa Boutique.


Lindsie- I just love your energy and positivity and your commitment to creativity and the boys. You continually inspire me with your endless energy and inspiration. I will forever be addicted to your instagram and your amazing images – which includes all the precious gems in your life.

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  2. Obsessed with everything at haute bride! Hope to win so my September wedding will be absolutely perfect

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