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Kate Cutler

Co-Founder & Head of Strategy of Bkr

You gotta love the gal who channels her inner fashionista and goes out on a entrepreneur limb after a 12-year career in law. Kate Cutler is just that. Always one inspired by the glitz and glam, she jumped on the chance to help lead a new company to success premised around fashion, luxe, sustainability and health. And Kate is a doll to boot, a true San Franciscan. Here is her story.


Kate… I grew up in San Francisco in Noe Valley. Until the age of ten, I refused to wear pants and insisted on wearing a dress and tights everyday. Because of my love for all things girly, it was a little shocking to have two boys; but I am in love with them and I now know a lot about trucks and dinosaurs.

I love French fries, brown sugar, good bread, dry cheese, tea with milk, and red wine. I like the color beige, probably too much. I prefer cashmere to fleece and do not wear sensible shoes. I was a lawyer for 12 years before bkr and I do not miss it.

I am the co-founder and head of strategy for bkr. We created the concept and bottle because we were intelligent, fashionable, cultured women who were drinking out of cheap, disposable plastic water bottles. We searched all over and couldn’t find a reusable water bottle that we loved.

We wanted something clean, clear, luxurious and beautiful – that wasn’t made of plastic or metal, didn’t have a huge mouth, and didn’t feel like camping equipment. Something that we could become more attached to than plastic water bottles. From all of this, the idea for our luxe little bkr was born.

I’m inspired by travel; the designs and fashion on the streets of Shibuya and Harajuku in Tokyo, the grand architecture on Rue St Honore in Paris – I love being somewhere where I can see, hear, and taste new things. I’m also inspired by art – visiting the MoMA, looking at murals and graffiti, walking into cool tiny galleries in the Mission. I am a big fan of interior design as well – poring through Elle Décor and Architectural Digest and being transported to amazing homes all over the world.



Fashion inspires my growth on many levels. At its best, fashion is art – it makes you think and it  drives you to create something yourself. I remember standing in a long line at The Met to see the Alexander McQueen exhibit and then being absolutely floored. Alexander envisioned and produced these amazing pieces. Seeing work like that makes you look at things differently – you see more than the craftsmanship- you see the drama and the story. Art inspires you to want to tell your own story and create something that changes the way people think.

My icons are Coco Chanel and for today, I love Marion Cottiard’s style – really anyone with that chic effortless Parisian look.

My style is a combo of tailored timeless pieces with a little edge – I like to invest in key pieces like coats and shoes. My labels – the ones I am always inspired by – Chanel, Dior, Valentino, and Alberta Ferretti.

I keep it simple with beauty running around with two boys. I have had the same beauty routine for years. I drink a ton of water and use sunscreen religiously. As for products – Cetaphil cleanser, Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer, Nars blush, Dior mascara and Chanel lip gloss.

Children-Hudson Grey Bauman-age 5 & Cooper Hayes Bauman-23 mos


The most amazing moments as a mom have been watching my older son Hudson take care of his little brother with patience and affection.

I’ve also learned to let go of expectations and to live in the moment (or at least to try); sometimes the most fun you have is where and when you least expect it. We recently spent nearly an hour laying on the kitchen floor just wrestling and giggling with the boys.

When Hudson was tiny he lived in the Moby wrap and loved his Angel Dear lovey. Now at age 5 he is obsessed with Pokemon and loves all of Mo Willems’ books, as well as Where’s Waldo.

Cooper loves his Brazilian soccer ball, his glow worm he calls his “baby” and anything his brother “Hudsie” has or does.

When both boys were babies they lived in the Hannah Anderson one piece pajamas. Now we do a lot of H&M skinny jeans and Vans.

Ikea has the cutest accessories for kids’ rooms. We are currently building a house, and so, we spend lots of time brainstorming with the boys about what their rooms should look like – we get a lot of suggestions like “black and purple paint” and “secret doors.”

The ways I am inspired to keep growing.


1. My kids definitely inspire me to grow – the way they look at new things, take their time and are in awe. We’re so busy, so they constantly inspire me to bend down, look and really see and feel things.

2. Other women entrepreneurs including my co-founder Tal inspire me – women who have given up jobs and taken risks to pursue something they felt passionate about. Starting your own business is a steep learning curve and these women keep me going.

3. Our customers inspire me – they tell us that bkr has changed their lives. They drink more water, they don’t buy plastic and they feel spoiled when they treat themselves to a bkr. This makes me want to continue to grow bkr and reach more people.

4. My husband inspires me. He loves people – he’s an avid small talker and will stop tourists in the street to help them. He pushes me to meet new people, try new things and be positive.

5. Travel inspires me – eating new things, hearing foreign languages and realizing all the different lives that go on all over the world- makes me want to get out, see and experience more.


I now have my fashionable and sexy (black & white heart) bkr ​bottle on my desk. Absolutely love it and the bkr gals behind it. xo, Lauri

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