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The Dailey Method is definitely known in San Francisco and worldwide as one of the most effective and quickest ways to change your body shape and tone. Two months after having Harley, I decided to commit to these no-nonsense workouts (just 2x a week) and was joyfully overwhelmed with how fast my post-pregnancy body took back ownership of my pre-baby shape. Jill Dailey started her practice and business on just this premise, to empower women by strengthening their bodies, minds and confidence. Jill shares her story of how she built her business from her first client into a worldwide operation and franchise company and a few tips/ exercises for getting started on alignment and strength at home.


I am the founder of The Dailey Method Barre Studios. I am a mother of three children, a wife, a teacher, a friend and a sister.

I started my journey as a dancer.  In college I was drawn towards anatomy and physiology classes and realized I loved learning about the human body. This led me a degree in kinesiology. 

 When I graduated and started my practice as a Pilates teacher I was fortunate enough to not only have amazing mentors but also a tremendously diverse clientele. I had clients who were incredibly athletic, strong and fit but also those with health restrictions like osteoporosis and degenerative heart disease.

Through my one-on-one work I learned how to assess each person individually based on what their needs were and empower them to find strength and confidence at their own level.

These experiences helped me to tailor a class that would be able to accommodate almost everyone’s fitness level with a few modifications. And it was on this premise that the Dailey Method class was born.

I love teaching people how to align and strengthen their bodies from the inside out and through the practice inspire women to be comfortable in their own bodies both in how they look but also how they feel.  

The Dailey Method has also given me a great opportunity to provide other women with the opportunity in owning their own business. I love how this practice has created the path for a fully extended community where women can do something they love that supports and empowers health individually and in their community, while supporting their family and building a business that still allows them to spend quality time with their children.  I recently opened a studio in Fairfax which is two blocks from my house.  I am so happy to see how it is making a difference for my community and also for the quality of my own families lives.

My inspiration…


1. My inspiration comes from Alignment– I’m a little obsessed.  The Dailey Method class is constantly evolving based on current research and my own studies in a way that I believe makes it the best possible class for creating support, strength, balance and mindfulness.

2. Spotify Without great music, a fantastically designed class can still be boring.  I love creating ever changing playlists to motivate and inspire my teaching and my students to work harder and to have FUN!!  All I need it a little Pitbull and I promise your thighs will burn.


3. I have so many brilliant, motivating and giving people in the Dailey Method company that constantly inspire me to change things up, go outside my comfort zone and be a better person.  From my husband Doug who is responsible for me having the confidence to build the business to where it is, to the other owners that offer their time and knowledge to create and greater the whole, to my students that give me feedback, keep me on my toes and always motivate me to be better.  I’m so blessed with the love and support I get from all of them.


4. My Produce box– I’m a big proponent of organic and whole food eating.  My Full Circle Produce Box comes every week and its contents inspires the meals I prepare, keeping them diverse, seasonal and fresh.


The Best Exercises to Supplement Your Workout From Home


1. The Straight Arm Plank and Side Plank for Obliques-Truly the Power House of all Exercises. If you have time to do nothing but one thing…this is definitely it! A straight arm plank works almost every single muscle in your body with a strong emphasis on strengthening and toning your arms and core. Another thing that I really appeciate about planks is the opportunity for alighment and engagement focus. Because it’s a posture where you’re not moving there’s great benefit in being able to stay present in your body and focus on align, engage, align engage. For more on the proper plank, read up on my blog.


2. The Squat- Squats are great because they effectively strengthen and tone the quadriceps, hamstrings, and gluteal muscles. They also are a fantastic way to strengthen the muscles that stabilize and support your knee joint when done correctly. With feet hip distance apart bend at the knees letting your knees shift and torso slightly shift forward. At your lowest point your torso and shins should be at an equal distance apart. Go through a series of bending as deeply as you can, and then…

…straightening your legs (with an emphasis on really powering from the base of your seat to stand). Maintain abdominal contraction and neutral spine positioning throughout. You can also stay low and do tiny one inch increments up and down. Try to place an emphasis on the muscular energy hugging shins inward and pressing your thighs outward to aid in knee tracking. It’s like a booty lifting physical therapy exercise!


3. The Flat Back-For this exercise, lay down on your back and flatten the sides of your waist into the floor by tipping your pelvis up and drawing your ribcage down so they energize toward each other. This action takes your spine into a slightly flexed position making it easier to access all of your abdominal muscles. Slowly lower one leg away from you as far as you can without losing the alignment or engagement of the position, and then, draw it back over your hip. It can be very beneficial for self feedback to place your hands flat on your waist and notice the energy of pulling your hands down towards the floor during the entire movement. This exercise works all four layers of the abdominal muscles to stabilize your pelvis, ribcage, and spine from the inside out resulting in both toning and pelvic and spinal health.

Kids: Nico-age 12, Julius-age 9, and Damien-age 6


The most exciting thing for me as a Mom is when my kids just look at me spontaneously and say “I love you” (no- not when I just bought my daughter a new pair of shoes).  Or when my 9-year old that gets up every morning and says “I want to hug you mom”.  The unconditional love and affection I receive from them makes it all worth it.

Because of my children, I  have learned how to be present and enjoy each moment so much more.  They demand it and deserve it.  If I want to truly bond with them I have to stop everything else I’m doing and BE with them.  It’s not easy when you’re busy, but the benefits both in what they can receive and in the quality of time you get to spend with them is so powerful. They also they tend to behave better!

My hardest moments being a Mom has been  the constant questioning of if I’m doing it “right”.  Being the best example and teaching them the right (or wrong) things.  I tend to trust my instincts a lot but it’s really hard not to believe you could be doing it better… or just different.


My kids Favorites…

I worked hard not to mention any technology here.


1. Trampoline- this was probably the best investment we ever made.  The kids spend hours out there- alone and together.  It’s also a common place where they hang out with their friends.  Sometimes it’s a ball court or a stage and it keeps them outside and active.

2. Electric scooter- We live in a neighborhood that is safe enough for the kids to cruise around on these.  I think it makes them feel independent, confident…and fast.


3. Zoku My kids all get really excited about making a popsicle for dessert or on a hot day.  I love that the options are limitless and that it’s easy to make something relatively healthful.  We just got the tools so you can make cool designs on them.  Art and food.


4. Uno Our whole family loves this game.  It’s a go-to for some quality family bonding time.


My personal regime is easy and suiting to my lifestyle- eyebrow gel, facial scrub and sunscreen.

For style, I love Rag and Bone especially their jeans. Vimmia, this is a relatively new fitness apparel company.  They have great fits and fabrics and also do good work in the world.  I’m proud to be aligned with them. And Lulu Designs Jewelry is my friend Stacy King’s business and it’s pretty much the staple of my jewelry wardrobe.  I love her mixes of metals and organic designs.  She’s also doing a beautiful luxe diamond line right now that is to die for!

As for an icon, I know it’s been said and done but Oprah- I love what she does, stands for and what’s she’s accomplished.  Oprah radio is awesome.



And we love what you stand for Jill. We admire your dedication to bettering the lives of women through health, business and family. This is exactly what TMP stands for as well, we are in the business of promoting, celebrating and collaborating with women. Let’s keep making this a priority. xo, TMP


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  1. Kudos Jill,
    Youre truly amazing, I wasnt exactly sure what The Daily Method is/was all about, but now I know, and Im truly impressed by all you do. I know you main business in out in California, and youve recently opened a location in Colorado, how bout more in the midwst region, such as Michigan?? Please call or text me if you get a free moment, Id love to chat with you my number is (989) 600-6062. Hope to hear from you soon!

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