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Marquita Lanier

Three GenerationsLos Angeles, CAPhotos & Story by Lauri LevenfeldRetail by Izzy Be & Les Tout Petit

This is a story of three generations. Three women (well 2 + one girl) dedicated to empowering one another and the world at large. Through faith, creativity and love, each is inspired daily to be the best version of themselves while incentivizing and supporting each other and those around them to do the same. This love is spread through all types of artistic endeavors and a whole lot of

laughs and silliness to accompany. Through their family blog, Love the Laniers, they continue this inspiration weekly with devoted time for togetherness centered on developing passions, goals and lifelong dreams together. A perfect story for the holidays, one celebrating love, compassion, and collaboration. Hey, even Oprah Winfrey got wind of this terrific family. 

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