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Emma Kennedy

ComedianLos Angeles, CAStory and Photos by Lauri Levenfeld

I may be a teensy bit won over by Emma Kennedy (she IS family ), but outside of bloodlines Emma shines like a star in every way. With a heart of gold, this girl has the power of women in tow. If she wasn’t out to make the world laugh first, she would be saving the lives of innocent women forced into trafficking and slavery (a calling she will soon answer).  And anyone who would jump into an RV ready to tour the country (as a comedian and for the first times on stage) is a badass in my eyes in every way.


1.Tell us about yourself and your passion for your work.

I love acting and I’ve done theatre my whole life. I even have a BFA in Acting, which I see as basically four years of fantasy reality where I got to express myself- laugh, cry, drink, and sing show tunes with my fraaaands (thanks Mom and Dad). I made the big move to LA because that’s what you do after theatre school (well, most people move to New York but I grew up in Wisconsin and…).…

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