Amanda Steele

Video Blogger & ActressLos Angeles, CAPhotos by Lauri Levenfeld & Anna ZhangStory by Lauri Levenfeld
Styling by Courtnee Scully for LaLaLuxe
Makeup & Hair by Irmina Martinez Loeffler
At just 10  years old, Amanda Steele started creating content on YouTube celebrating her love of makeup and fashion. Today at 18, she is one of the most celebrated and sought-after digital stars to date. For Steele, success has come staying true to herself, being passionate and engaging in authentic connect- ions with her audience, while remaining humble and eager to change and adapt. Today Amanda shares her best tips for starting your own Youtube channel, while sharing insight and the #bts on building a platform, brand partnerships, and navigating a new, exciting acting career. 


1. Who are you? What were you like as a child?

I grew up in Huntington Beach, California. I played sports like softball, volleyball, and competitive cheerleading when I was younger although I have been interested in beauty and fashion for as long as I can remember. As a kid, I used to make doodles of clothes and dreamed of being a fashion designer. I was always on the computer playing some sort of fashion game. I am definitely more of an introvert and spent most of my years aged 10-13 online posting videos and making friends from YouTube instead of making them in person.


2. How did your YouTube channel begin and where has it taken you?  

Like I said, as a kid, I always wanted to be a fashion designer so I would go on YouTube to watch videos like “How to Sew”. Through spending so much time clicking on related videos I began watching beauty gurus and got hooked. This is when my love for makeup began. I asked my mom if I could post videos of my own and she said yes, making the rest history! I have had wonderful opportunities like meeting TONS of loving subscribers, collaborating on makeup collections (BhCosmetics and Colourpop) and a sunglasses line from Quay Australia. I also got to star in a show called Guidance produced by AwesomenessTV and is now on Hulu. This project was so much fun for me and started my career as an actress. After then, I was signed to IMG/WME as a model and actress.

3. What other passions or work are you pursuing?

I am really focusing this year on my acting. My first role I booked was my first audition ever and my first time acting so I am spending this year really learning the skill and gaining confidence and experience. I also want to be designing so I hope to put something like that in the works soon.


4. You recently became vegan, tell us why and what changes you’ve seen because of it.

I recently started a strictly plant-based diet for a few reasons. Since living in LA, I have found it so easy and accessible to eat vegan so I thought it would be sort of selfish to not (I am an animal lover)! I also watched the Netflix documentary called “What the Health” and it really opened my eyes. Since seeing that I have been vegan. I always ate healthy before this, so I didn’t see much of a difference in my body physically. Although, knowing what I know about food now, I just can’t bring myself to accept eating meat and dairy, personally. There are such amazing vegan restaurants in LA that it makes the food so exciting. I love Crossroads, Gracias Madre, Cafe Gratitude, and Craigs has an amazing vegan menu.

5. Describe a day in the life for you.

I usually sleep in super late if I can. I am NOT a morning person and always catch up on sleep from past days where I would have to be up early for work. My days are always different because I am always doing something different!  Usually in a week I will work on an audition, take meetings, attend nighttime events (which include an hour fitting and 2 hours of hair and makeup), and film one or two videos for my channel. I also take the time to go out to eat at my favorite places, go to the movies (or watch at home) with my boyfriend, spend time with my two dogs, and go out with friends.


6. What are your tips for starting a successful youtube channel or other platform?

My tips for a successful YouTube channel or other platform is to really understand your audience. Even if you don’t have one, think about who you would like to reach and what kind of content they would like to see. Consistency is also key. Having people know that they can find a new post or new video maybe once a week keeps them coming back for more. It is also very important to be real and raw. Youtube is a 

platform for people to really be friends with their viewers, so opening up and being personal gets the best response. Don’t forget to stay true to yourself! Creating content that makes you happy takes you much farther! People love to see passionate work, so do what you love!!


7. Where do you get your inspiration?

I get inspiration from everything. People I meet, places I go, and of course things on social media. I am always scrolling (maybe unhealthy) on the Instagram explore page for makeup, hair, and fashion inspiration!


8. Who are your mentors and/ or role models?

I look up to all women who work hard for what they want, while staying humble and kind. I don’t have a specific role model because I feel like who I am and what I do is so unique. I am in a lane different than everyone else. But, I do love my mom and look up to her like crazy. She’s the reason I am so ambitious, hardworking, and sensitive. She is a bad-ass woman and she inspires me.

9. What have been your biggest challenges career-wise?

Definitely big challenges in my career would be trying to fulfill myself while also keeping my audience. Sometimes what I want and what they want are different and I have run into problems not knowing how to balance it. I am finally realizing all I need to do is show them what I am passionate about and capture my true thoughts and emotion through video.


10. What’s next for Amanda Steele?

Amanda Steele is going to be a working actress and fashion designer. Look out world! I have so much I want to accomplish and I’m just trying to enjoy the ride!




Look 1:
Newspaper Dress by MacDuggal
Shoes by Charles David


Look 2:
Pink Polka DotTop by Romance Was Born
Bottom by Romance Was Born
Shoes by Nicholas Kirkwood


Look 3:
Spotted Bodysuit by Tory Burch
Bottom by White Fox
Shoes by Nicholas Kirkwood
Look 4:
Yellow Dress by Julea Domani by Zeena Zaki
Shoes by Stuart Weitzman
Earrings by Charles Albert
Ring by Millapani
Look 5:
Black Bodysuit with Overskirt by Amanda Navarra for Bon Sach
 Skirt by Amanda Navarra for Bon Sach
Shoes Valentina by Rangoni


Look 6:
Denim Jumpsuit by Balmain
Shoes by Gucci


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