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Lubov Azria tells the story of when she was 18 and new to Los Angeles,  she walked by a department store and was stopped by the most gorgeous dress sparkling in the window. It was love at first sight! She went inside to try it on, everything was perfect from the fit to the feel. As Lubov stood before the mirror gleaming and twirling, ready to purchase, she looked down at the price tag. It was $3000!! Her car wasn’t even worth $1500.  She felt a pit in her stomach and a feeling came over her that she was not worthy of this dress.  It was at this moment Lubov vowed to herself, and all women, that no one should feel this pain and if she ever became a designer she would make gorgeous, affordable clothes that would make everyone feel good about themselves. This day changed her forever and gave Azria the purpose to follow her dreams and
become the woman she is today. It was at this moment that the DNA of BCBGMAXAZRIA was born. I met Lubov at an intimate dinner she hosted for 45 women held in San Francisco. After Lubov told her story, she asked everyone in the room to introduce themselves (a vital process for her to learn and know about everyone in the room and one we dedicated an hour to during dinner). Instead of asking “What each person did”, the questions were about inspiration, favorite quotes, and a first job. Every woman listened attentively to one another, and the comradery of the room started right then and there.
This is the beauty of Lubov, her desire to connect to the world and design

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“It is not the minutes in our life
but the moments we cherish.”


1. What were you like as a child? Who are you today?

I was definitely quite shy, but I always loved being creative. I was forever reading or drawing! As to whom I am today I have faced my fears of being that shy girl, since I have to appear in the public eye often, but in many ways I am still that same little girl (… and happily she still gets to create beauty every day).


2. Describe your life’s work?

Being passionate about what I do and making a difference every day. Always asking myself the question of “How can I make it better?”.  I know that whatever you focus on, you will achieve. My mission is to be inspirational in order to inspire others. Love and inspiration is what fuels our work. We have to let life stimulate us, and encourage our curiosity to lead us to new discoveries. 


3. How do you define love?

Love is passion. It is a variety of feelings and states, and ultimately it’s found and nurtured between people & thoughts. In the best form it is sharing a connection, compassion and kindness. 


4. Travel is essential to your inspiration. What else have you gained through your journeys?

Being lucky enough to travel extensively, I think it opens your mind! It gives you perspective and allows you to see how different cultures and people view the world in many varied ways.


5. How has your role as a mentor to your team translated to the teachings of your children? And/or vice versa?

As a mentor, teacher  and mother I believe first and foremost you have to lead by example! You have to show and do versus simply talking about it.


6. Describe a Day in the Life for you.

I am a firm believer in making every minute of every day count. When I wake up in the mornings I go for a run or workout. I catch up on emails and calls on my way to work. When I arrive at the office  I read my quote of the day for a dose of inspiration for the day start.

Typically, I meet with all departments representing the different aspects of BCBGMAXAZRIA from the Marketing, Advertising, Brand departments to our Merchandising & Business Departments, and of course, Design. In addition to,  I carve out two hours for fittings and in between it all, a quick lunch…maybe another coffee. 

When I finish for the day I catch up on calls and emails as I head home. Then a light dinner and some quality time with my husband Max and the kids…whomever is home as we are all constantly coming and going. Lastly I end my day with my kindle by reading a couple of chapters in my favorite book of the moment (smiling). See some things never change…

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7. What has been your biggest curveball? And your biggest surprise?

As the business has grown the curveball has been to learn to let go! To realize what you can and cannot control. As for a surprise…

… Max still has the ability to surprise me every single day (…and he does.)


 8. BCBG aims to move toward being green. How have you impacted this direction and in what ways are you creating the solutions?

With success comes responsibility and the company has made every effort to educate ourselves about new and alternative modes of production and researching how we can evolve and change our process to effect true change, not just in our company but the world. It all starts with knowledge and taking small steps but in the right direction.


9. How has social media changed the game plan for your company?

Social media has been a true revolution because it enables you to connect and communicate directly with the consumer by essentially cutting-out the barrier of traditional media between you and your customer. It gives your brand a clear voice direct to the consumer but also enables your customers to communicate with the brand. “Quid pro quo”


10. You are a big proponent of women, what charities or organizations do you align with/ support?

I believe that true change starts by empowering individuals and inspiring them to be the best version of themselves. My goal is to connect women. Our mission as a brand is to inspire woman to be an inspiration!

I am a member of an incredible group called The Trusteeship for Women- a group that brings together women of diverse fields and provides them a forum to exchange ideas and support and inspire each other.

(some of the charities we work with are LA’s Best; Fashion Delivers; Three Square; Shine on Sierra Leone and the Pink Lotus Foundation)


11. So many people dream of being a fashion designer and running their own company, what is it about you that has made your dreams come true? What advice can you offer to those following in your footsteps?

To some extent life is about timing-being in the right place at the right time.(chuckling) I do  however find that as luck goes -the harder you work, the luckier you are.

There is also no substitute for hard work. Preparation, passion and vision should be your constant companions on the road to success.


12. Where will you take fashion next?

(smiling lifting her arms) The sky is the limit!


Check out more on Lubov’s fashion story on Joliegazette.

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