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When I spoke to actress Ellie Patrikios for the first time on the phone, I felt an immediate connection upon hearing her voice and an overwhelming excitement in the words she shared. A magical storyteller, Patrikios immediately entrances you with her childhood memories, her mystical voyages, and her deepest appreciation for avocados.  Her passions correlate into curiosities for the unknown, which transcend her questions into findings, and then, into direct connections and relationships. Think a la Erin Brockovich. 

When a chance family trip happened in 2014, Patrikios was forever changed and the course for giving back became one of her deepest life purposes. Ellie transcends individuality and creativity with a playful spin on our joint favorite director Wes Anderson, here is her story. 
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1. Who are you? What were you like as a child?

I am; an adventure seeking, adrenaline filled, discovery driven, Erin Brockovich junior, traveling gypsy, avocado addict, experimenting scientist, nature loving, British and Greek all-round storyteller (actress, filmmaker, documentarian, writer, voice over artist, public speaker), and model, named Ellie Vivienne Athanasia Patrikios, and I am twenty-three years old.

As a child I retained that naturally built in; “What will happen if I do this” sensor. Even if I was taught prior to my action, about the outcome, it never stopped my embark on conducting my own experiments in order for me to gain my own “proven” results. I was always getting into trouble for this. However, it was difficult for people to tell me off, being that, I had this angelic appearance; curly blond hair, big blue eyes, chubby cheeks, and lips too big for my face..

People often referred to me as “Shirley Temple” in which, immediately I would affirm them “No! I am Ellie!”. I always knew who I was. They would stroke my head, and I would say “I’m not a cat you know”.  I was into telling stories from the moment I could talk. I loved reading, drawing, and writing. I can safely say that, it was pretty evident I was not going to be a banker.


2. Describe your life’s work.

I am an actress and I believe it is only primitive to whole-heartedly allow my soul to enter the imaginary circumstance and given character, no matter how diverse or contrasting she may be from who I am. You see, from the moment I take on a role, there is no she, but I. Here I am able to learn acceptance, listening, and, reasoning. While having the privilege of telling a story, the honor is to be able to share what I have learned.

My life’s work is to focus on my bigger purpose, in which I strongly believe, is to be a voice of reason and understanding. Pointing out the flaws we have socially and generationally created, diminishing one “accidental” manifestation at a time and replacing it with optimism, values, morals, and faith.

I want to guide those who feel lost, alone and, hopeless, on a journey of self- discovery, and self-love, by using my own conducted experimentation, experiences and, learnings. My aim is to disprove the tantalizing, and deflating theories that we have created over a course of time, I want to unhinge engineered prejudice, doubt, and fear, allowing people to get back on their feet once more, treat one another with

respect and dignity, potentially asking the same questions that I did; “Where does my food come from?” “Where does my water come from?” “What do I feel right now?”.

I want people to find the friend within themselves. The friend that has stood by them from the very first beat of their heart, and has not left their sight on the very last.


3. Tell us about the gypsy within.

My eyes are totally animated as I am answering this one! The gypsy within, runs in my blood. My family is extremely spread out. Dad was born in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), and is Greek. Mum is British and her mother’s side is from Malta.

Mum and Dad didn’t have a car when I was born, so they would carry me in a body buggy on the London Underground, and when we moved to the island, Kefalonia, we would drive because Mum didn’t like flying. So 4 days of driving from London to Greece, entailed an epic suitcase tumbling adventure through France, Switzerland, Italy, etc.. and has expanded from various times & places. Also, it goes without saying, my discovery with nature, and the impact it had on me. Whenever I would be having a bad day, I would take a step outside, and instantaneously be ok again. That’s when I knew the effect and power of the world around me, and how the love I felt from that, would be my life’s mission in giving back.


4. What was your biggest a-ha moment?

I have had two vital a-ha moments within the last four years. 1) I was reading Jeanne Ricks “The Biology of Beating Stress” at the same time as learning Anatomy & Physiology. The combination of the two and the aftermath of a breakup I just had. 2) Discovering the bigger meaning of my purpose, and how my ego had nuzzled its way into my everyday life transfixing/transcribing the way I felt, to the point where my occupation alone was my purpose. My “A-Ha” moment, was the discovery of my higher purpose. Helping those who need a hand, sharing the love and compassion that I feel toward the world, and utilizing my own fascinating, and devastating scenarios to the best that I can. I want people to know that they are not alone. And that they can make what they want of their life, to know the importance of not giving up on that and holding their morals and core values in their heart until eternity.

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5. You are so connected to nature. Tell us about the little escapes you plan from LA.

Oh boyness! Being in Los Angeles for the past five years, I have adapted to the rage of traffic, and the talk of the 405. It is almost effortless with the push of gas to be able to change your environment within an impulse. I have become extremely used to doing this now, so with a jar filled with pieces of paper labeled with random places, I will often pick one out and literally, “just go.”

My boyfriend and I often surprise each other with a spontaneous trip (even nearby). I recently was surprised with a trip to Pasadena and stayed at The Langham Hotel. I love this, because I get to learn so much about a place that I live near by and never thought of exploring the way I do when I am there. Also – as far as I can tell, it almost feels like I am in a completely different city! I dare you to try it!


6. You are a storyteller. How does this show up in your life and work?

Being a storyteller all-embracingly shows up in every big and, little thing that I do. In fact, I can’t actually have a conversation without it going into a story (So I have been told). I believe that I do this from my visceral response to everything around me, and while my body adjusts with sudden goosebumps, in excitement, all I want to do from that moment is share this with another.

I see everything in frames, colors, and energy, that are so distinct and, present themselves with a voice of their own, expressing their own significant journey through time. My mind will then, automatically dictate and narrate their manifested story – be it a location alone, or a plant, animal, object, person.

I enjoy sharing these stories by; taking on a human portrayal as an actress using my own discoveries and experiences under the imaginary circumstances. Writing stage, and screenplays, books, making films, or documentaries, and taking photographs. I love coloring the elements that distinctly sprung out at me, when taking the photograph. It demonstrates subjective stories, giving that moment an everlasting life.


7. Who are your biggest mentors/ inspirations?

I am inspired on a daily basis, which makes this intricate to be able to give justice to the inspirations and mentors in my life. answer. Immediately in my mind sprout my biggest mentors; My mother (Kate) and father (Dimitri), who continuously teach me right from wrong, stand by my side through thick and thin, love me unconditionally, and have allowed me to follow my dreams.

A big mentor in my life right now is a gentleman called Michael Abrams, my talent manager. Michael has believed in me from the moment we met, and it is his consistency, communication, and the way he has made me feel safe in this industry, that helps me each day.

Anthony Montes, I met him when taking my Bachelor’s Degree at The New York Film Academy for Acting for Film. Alongside many other things, Anthony (who had been taught by Sanford Meisner himself) taught me Meisner’s Technique.This is where I believe, I truly became the actress that I am to this day, applying Meisner into my everyday life, and my craft. I have known Anthony for almost six years now, and have watched him continuously take on challenges, and create pieces of art in which demonstrate a predominant underlying message that his morals and his values have given voice to.

I am fascinated by Lauri Levenfeld and her enigmatic personality. I feel fortunate to have learnt many things about the woman that she is, the strength and determination that she holds, in which gave me hope in an instance. Erin Brockovich, God I love Erin, and the fact that no matter what she was being told, or how many times she was being pushed away, she never once gave up.

A highly talented artist – musician, and actor, Barry Piacente, who began making music with his band in his garage. It wasn’t long before the band was featured on the radio station Rock 96 in Atlanta GA. I met him in Savannah, GA during the process of filming a feature, and every day became an honor in speaking with Barry. I learnt an incredulous amount about the trials and tribulations that life had thrown at him, from having everything in front of him, to the span of forty-eight hours in which he lost almost everything. Yet, today, I see the smile that lingers in his eyes, and the love he has for himself, and everyone around him. He never gave up. This man has infinitely inspired me.

In the film world: Wes Anderson (I could literally write a book on why this man inspires me) but I am sure if you’ve watched his films and/or read his stories – I won’t need to answer that for now.(But do find my book on Amazon sometime hehe).

Fernando Meirelles (director of City of God), the way the film turned out and the use of colors to express the characters emotions (phwoar!) Magnificent. Ricky Gervais – Every day! Chris Lilley (Wrote / Directed / Acted in “Summer Heights High” alongside a list of other hilarious series.). Jeanne Ricks (author of “The Biology of Beating Stress”). T. Colin Campbell and Thomas M. Campbell (Authors of “The China Study”)

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8. Tell us about the trip you and your parents went on and how it changed your life.

It took place around Christmas 2014. We unexpectedly, and automatically became closer with one another, as a family, as a union, and as a Wolfpack. Together, we were fortunate in re-discovering our special bond, over taking a wrong turn and ending up in a village where sat a Greek Orthodox Church. We thought “Greek Orthodox?! In Fiji??!”. It was there that we met a Bishop with a heart so pure, and golden.

He took us around the village, introducing us to everyone. The happiness, the love, smiling faces, and contagious laughter that emanated from villagers, and children, who possessed pretty much nothing. And, oh boy! They are mighty intelligent, speaking three languages (Fijian, English, and Greek!). Their homes were made from bits of material, and did not contain much inside. Yet, without a doubt they’d happily invite you into their home and offer you whatever they have, to eat and to drink.

The key was the power of love. And, it was the best day of my entire life. It felt like we had been there many times before with the Bishop. It didn’t take long before my father, mother, and I said that we wanted to help.

So what was originally an unplanned holiday, turned out to become a beautiful conquest in taking action to building an orphanage that would be able to cater to children who have been neglected, living under terrible circumstances, and who rightfully deserve the love, compassion, nurturing, affection, and education.

For the last three years, we have spent Christmas and New Year on the island, visiting the Bishop, and the orphanage, and in 2015 the children officially arrived to their new warm home. I was humbled to have been given the opportunity to become a godmother to a young boy, Akuila, now, Dimitri (after my father and Saint Dimitri, a Warrior in Thessaloniki, Greece).


9. How do you define love?

While love may truly be a battlefield, I believe love is inherit in all of us, and we feel it every day. It is a continual conquest within transcribing or conveying a definition for a depth of one’s emotion, and cannot be given a word such as; only love, itself, to be able to give the full credit it deserves.

Let’s not forget about Mr & Mrs. Ego, who timelessly stand in the way of “love’s” recognition. We allow ourselves to live a moment of love, and we feel happy. But give it two weeks, something didn’t exceed a

subconsciously unwarranted expectation, and we can so easily feel the impact of hate. I asked myself why it was so easy to feel the opposition rather than something that already exists within our entity (love) in which we continuously try and find new definitions for, and that’s when I figured that past experiences, decaying moments and relationships warranted that infeasibility in solidifying it’s meaning, or, its state of feeling.

To me, love is born internally. It comes from within, and it is our own creation. A comfortability in the body, that contains the greatest synchronicity with another and one’s self. I learned that you truly have to love yourself to know how to love another, and at nineteen years old, for the first time, I actually felt love for myself in it’s most purest form.

The Troggs didn’t lie when they sang “Love is All Around”. And from that moment, my entire depiction of love extensively matured, I wanted to locate the feeling, so to best express to you, it starts in my fingers, and my toes, my entire body, and my head are relaxed and in sync with one another. My thoughts do not exist, but my blessings of life speak thousands of words through my emotive eyes.

I believe, that if I want to, I can fall in love with almost anything, be it a table, a chair, a bottle of water, my neighbor’s cat. And, when I say “fall in love” I don’t mean the love I would have for my boyfriend, or even the love I have for my parents, or friends. I mean the love that I am able to express, and care for, deeply, and feel that synchronicity.


10. What’s next for Ellie Patrikios?

I’m currently working on a Feature Film with the Olsen Brothers, playing co- lead “Lauren Haley” in an action-packed thriller.

I’ve been writing a book about “The Golden Twenties” which will take me a decade to complete, with chapters defining each trial and tribulation one will face within those years, from my own experience, potentially underlying to another, a way to overcome the potholes in advance, in order to make the most of this primal time, that will in fact define the Platinum Thirties.

I aim to utilize my craft in order to make commercials for my father’s company Ionian Island Holidays. I want to create documentaries. Feature films, and continue my career in acting. And potentially become a teacher, or a public speaker, given that I have dedicated half of my heart to the children in Fiji, my family, I want to be able to continue in giving them whatever I am able to.

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