The Girls!

Isabella & Sophia Canepa

Modeling & Soccer SistersSan Francisco Bay Area, CAStory & Photos by Lauri LevenfeldStyle by Katja O’Brien for Tuchinda and Moque
Makeup & Hair by Irmina Martinez Loeffler & Tacha Scott
When I met Isabella and Sophia Canepa a few years back for an editorial campaign I shot, the first thing that struck me was their undying love and support for one another. As individuals, they were both confident, strong, talented and engaged, yet together they were a fun-loving, undeniable force. I have watched these girls swiftly excel in their careers and on the soccer field, yet both are determined to find balance in a career and sport that can be all-consuming.  This is a story about two sisters following their dreams and paving a path together, hand in hand. A TPFG story by all means… as we know the power and inspiration of girls standing together vs one girl standing alone. 

1. Who are you? What were you like as a young child?

Isabella: My name is Isabella Canepa and I am a 12 year old model and actress who works in both  the LA and SF/Bay Area.  I come from a family with 6 kids. I have 4 brothers and a sister.  I am a middle child with my twin brother, Mark.  When not working, I love to spend time with my family, friends and play soccer.

Sophia: My name is Sophia Canepa and I am a 9 year old actress and model from LA and the SF Bay Area.

I am the youngest of 6 kids.   As a young child, I have always loved dancing, singing, spending time with family and playing soccer.  Not much has changed in who I am today.


2. What does sisterhood mean to you? The best and worst parts (if there are any!)

I: I love having a sister.  We have the same interests and support each other in whatever we do. We practically do everything together like travel, work, home school, and play soccer..  So we are really close. We both have different personalities so we balance each other out. I don’t like to fight,  and will avoid it as much as possible. My parents have raised us with the notion that life is too short to fight.

S: Having a sister is very special and I am really thankful for her. I don’t know what I would do without her support and friendship. I really can’t say that there are any bad parts about having her as my sister except I wish she was my twin!

3. What are your biggest passions?

I: My biggest passion is to become an actress, model and possibly a professional soccer player.  

S: I really want to be a movie star and professional soccer player.


4. Who do you admire?

I: I admire Gigi Hadid and my sister, Sophia. Gigi Hadid is such a versatile model and I love that about her. I also can relate to her friendship with her sister Bella Hadid since they have the same interests as my sister and I do. My sister puts 120% into everything she does. She wants to be an actress and is just naturally good in what she does. I admire that a lot as she is an inspiration. She really is an amazing person, actress, model and soccer player

S: I admire my parents because of all the hard work they do for us kids. They are busy all the time in helping all of our dreams come true. They drive everywhere and allow us to have this fun experience of being an actor and model but they also want us to have a childhood and play sports to keep us balanced. I also admire my big brother,  Andrew, as he is an amazing soccer player. He plays defense like me and I want to be like him. Finally, my sister Bella. She is hardworking but also the sweetest and prettiest person I know. She always has a smile on her face and supports me 

5. Both of you are homeschooled, so you can pursue modeling and acting…what is this like? Has this been a hard transition or totally great to support your art/ dreams?

I: I went to a public school from Kindergarten through part of 3rd grade. I was working a lot and would have to leave early or miss school all time. It became a distraction and I didn’t want what I did outside of school to define me. I was already being bullied at school and didn’t want to bring more negativity my way. After discussing our options , we took a chance to homeschool. We had to learn on our own as we were the first ones to homeschool in our agency. Today, our homeschool is very rigorous and super challenging. We have classes online with other students so I still have the classroom feel. I am really glad we chose this path as it has allowed us flexibility to pursue our dreams. We are learning a lot  and have made honor roll. I really feel that the one on one interaction is a true benefit for our education

S: I have been homeschooled since I was in 2nd grade. It was an adjustment at first because I had a lot of friends and it was hard not seeing them. It became too hard to go to school because I was always working. Now, I have adjusted and I like my homeschool. I get to have the flexibility to work/travel and I get to hang out with my sister and mom.


6. Where do both of you want to go with your work?

I: I would really like to be both an actress and model.   

S:I really want to be a big actress in movie theaters. I also want to be on Lifetime as I love all the shows. I like drama and The Who done it kind of movies.  


7. You both are on a competitive soccer team? How do you balance? Bella, tell us a little about your journey to it.

I: Soccer definitely runs in my family. I use to be a dancer, but I would miss so many classes and then it was hard to catch up on the choreography.  I have always watched my siblings play soccer when I could. I ended up loving the game and really loved how it was a team effort. I feel that the entertainment business is more of an individual path. So when I was 11 , I asked my mom if I could play soccer. She was

hesitant at first because she didn’t want me to get injured. She finally let me and I played for a mini season. I really liked it and decided to play  a season of recreational soccer. I loved the game so much, I wanted to go to the next level. I ended up asking all my family of soccer players to help me train. After 5 months of playing soccer and training on my own, I got the courage to try out for a competitive team in my age group. I ended up making the 2nd highest team for my age. I love my team, and coach. We are like a family and I can’t wait to see and play soccer with them. I have learned so much and can’t wait to see where my soccer career takes me as well. It can be hard to balance the modeling and acting business as I may miss a soccer practice here and there. My coach knows on my off time that I train whenever I can. I always have a ball at my feet in the house! We do try to make practices as much as possible. Sometimes we will do 1 day trips up and down to LA to make it back in time for practice. My parents know how important it is to me and want to keep my life balanced as much as possible. I don’t know what I’d do without them.

S: I really like my team and my coach knows that I train on my own a lot. I have a family full of soccer players that help me train. My mom does a lot of driving up and down to LA to get us to practice after working or auditions. My manager also helps keep us balanced so we can have a childhood. One of the coolest accomplishments I was able to do was to attend a Bayern Munich ID Camp. I found out that I made the Bayern Munich West team and will travel to Las Vegas with them very soon!


8. Name a song that best describes you two. Name five of your favorite things to do together.

I & S: Shake it off by Taylor Swift would have to be our song. I think it best describes us because it is a “feel good” kind of song. It never fails that we sing and dance to it.  We are so lucky for all and/or any opportunity and the message of this song helps us to remember not to sweat the small stuff.

Our favorite things to do together are travel, sing, play soccer, dance and create videos on This is pretty much all we have time to do!  

9. What has been your biggest challenge in pursuing modeling acting. What is your favorite thing about it?

I: Some of the challenge in pursuing my career is the necessary balance of working, spending time with family, playing soccer and my homework. Our manager is amazing to where she helps us with this goal.

Some of my favorite things about modeling are getting my makeup and hair done. It is also fun modeling new clothes before the public sees the collections, meeting new friends, and being able to visit places I would have never seen if I weren’t in the business.  

In acting, I love having the opportunity to take on roles that  allow me to be someone different. It is both challenging and fun. And I love to work with recurring crews and friends as well as meet new ones too.

S: I think the biggest challenge of pursuing modeling  is balancing soccer with acting and modeling. Also, sometimes school can be in the way. School is really hard. And of course, being away from family.  

My favorite thing is that I get to see all my friends and meet new ones.  I also get to wear makeup and get my hair done. In acting, I love to play different characters. It is a really cool feeling when people tell you that they saw you on TV too.

10. How do you support each other in your passions and dreams?

I: Because we started at such a young age, it feels like it is just part of our lives. When my sister or I get any opportunity, we are genuinely happy for each other. There is no jealousy as we both have the same dreams. Luckily, a lot of jobs I have done, she has also done them too.  I feel we are so lucky because we both get to experience each other’s experiences. We are so grateful and love what we do .

I am always proud of my sister for all her accomplishments and she is proud of mine. If I get the job and she doesn’t, we both end up experiencing it as we have to travel together and  we live 6 hours away from LA. If we don’t go or aren’t allowed to each other’s job, we will stay home and practice soccer. No matter what, we are always doing what we love. We are either working, spending time with family, playing soccer or hanging with friends.

S: I am always proud of my sister for all her accomplishments and she is proud of mine. If I get the job and she doesn’t, we both end up experiencing it as we have to travel together and we live 6 hours away from LA. If we don’t go or aren’t allowed to each other’s job, we will stay home and practice soccer. No matter what, we are always doing what we love and doing it together.

Thank you to Tuchinda and Moque for their beautiful fashion collections. 

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