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Grace Wethor

ActressBeverly Hills, CaliforniaStory & Photos by Lauri LevenfeldStyling by Katja O’Brien
Makeup & Hair by Irmina Martinez Loeffler
As one of our Super Girl nominees, Grace Wethor’s story about surviving a brain tumor hit us hard at The Project for Girls. At 15, no kid should go through the worry, stress and pain that Grace has. But Grace truly is a supergirl in every way and while the diagnosis hasn’t been pretty (the tumor is inoperable),  she has overcome with bravery, joy, love, and compassion. Wethor and her mom have not lost hope in any way, they live life presently and look  to find alternative, natural treatments. This is truly Grace’s greatest gift, her ability to channel courage and fight this disease while upholding a positive message and course of action… staying true to herself and leading life daily by the things she loves to do. We can all learn a lot from this young lady. Right now, we all have the chance to live our most authentic lives.
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1. Who are you? What were you like as a child?

Hi, I’m Grace Wethor. I’m a 15 year old actor and model. I’m originally from Minneapolis, MN. I spent most of my childhood there and I was a super active kid. I did a lot of sports, but not the normal ones that come to mind. I performed ariel techniques for 10 years with the youth circus, Circus Juventas. I was also a dancer and a world champion synchronized figure skater.


2. Name your biggest passions.

Acting, modeling, dance, fashion, art…. Really anything where I can be creative and make something new!


3. When you were diagnosed, where were you in your life and how did things change?

I was 13 years old when I was diagnosed. Unfortunately, my headaches were so bad that I had to stop participating in a lot of my favorite physical activities. There is no standard treatment for my

type of tumor so I decided to go towards more natural approaches. I really focus on eating healthy, juicing, vitamins, essential oils, biofeedback, and following my dreams. After I was diagnosed I decided to go full force with things that I love. That’s when I moved to L.A. and started auditioning!


4. Yay! You were one of TPFG top ten nominees for our Supergirl Contest- why is this platform so important? What do you think girls can gain from community?

I know! I was so excited when I found out. TPFG has such an amazing impact on young girls, especially on social media. Social media is tricky. It can be a great place, but it is also a hotspot for bullying. Girls are constantly put against each other, when we should be supporting each other. TPFG shows that social media can be an amazing place to learn about other girls. Everyone has their own story, and to have a place to share that is truly amazing.

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5. Your mom taught you the principles of yoga, mediation and good nutrition (not to mention art & creativity) – how has this lifestyle become a crucial part of your healing?

I truly believe that doing what you love, being well grounded, and eating healthy can heal you! My  tumor has no traditional cure so it was up to us to make me feel better. I’m so blessed to be a part of a household that has always taken part in these things, even before being diagnosed, so I knew what an amazing effect they could have.


6. Do you consider yourself a leader or a follower? Do you tend to stay in a pack or beat to your own drum. And how does your approach shape the fundamentals of your life?

I was always different. I’ve learned there are situations where I am a leader and situations where I am a follower. At times I can lead, I try to do it with the intention of helping others or achieving a goal. Other times, there are leaders who I can learn from. I grew up surrounded by people who taught me it was okay to be yourself, even if others thought it was weird. I did get bullied for it, but I didn’t care,

because I loved being me. For example, on Saturdays I went to yoga with my Mom. I often smelled like essential oils and always ate organic foods, even if other kids made fun of me for it.


7. Describe a day in the life of Grace.

I wake up, take my vitamins, and drink a green juice. I never really know how I’m going to feel, so my day usually depends on that. Some days I have really bad headaches and have to take a day off. Other days I have doctors appointments.  But I’m always doing something creative! Even if I’m not working, I’m doing some sort of art project!


8. You are very open and honest about your tumor and the life you are currently creating with it, how do you hope your journey will inspire others?

I’m super passionate about showing other kids that no matter your situation or illness, you can still do what you love. It shouldn’t stop you, it should make you work harder!

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9. Who in your life has inspired you the most? Your biggest role models?

My mom is definitely a big one because she has always been there for me! Zendaya is also someone that I look up to and have been fortunate enough to work with. Just the way she presents herself and handles her career amazes me. Talking to her about my career really shined light on how I wanted to continue my journey. And her mom is one of the nicest people you will ever meet!

10. What’s next for Grace?  

I’m not exactly sure, because your life can change instantly, as I’ve learned. But I know whatever it is, it will be something I love. I love every aspect of the industry; filmmaking, art, fashion design, etc. That’s one thing that I’ve learned along this journey, doing what you love can make any bad situation seem good. I have a lot of amazing things lined up for 2017! I can’t say much but, I’m super excited because they are unlike anything I’ve ever done before!


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  1. Pretty easy to be proud of Grace, her courage and her journey. Also proud to be her Godfather

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