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Chandler Moseley

Fashion DesignerTiburon, CAStory & Photos by Lauri LevenfeldFashion by Chandler Moseley
Chandler Moseley is a fun-loving, creative soul who is deeply passionate about art and fashion design. Her collections portray a witness to the world with humor, color, and imagination. And while a painting might spark her direction for a latest collection, Chandler hopes her designs inspire women to feel good about themselves and inspire activism and a voice for those who need the support. For Moseley, it is her passion for fashion that has provided a way to channel her life’s dreams and challenges. Never could she have imagined that her activism and pledge to stop bullying (inspired by a dear friend & a tee) would a year later become her own personal story, an outcry to her own victimization. But Chandler isn’t lying down and taking this lightly, she is starting a movement and the movement is fashion.  Stay tuned… 

1. Who are you? What were you like as a child?

Hi. My name is Chandler Moseley and I am 15. I live in Tiburon, California and am an activist and a fashion designer. I adore fashion because it gives me an outlet to express all my emotions and energy. Fashion means everything to me and I simply cannot imagine my life without it. It is all I think about and when I am going through a difficult time, I throw myself into designing and sewing which helps serve as an escape and an outlet for me.

As a small child I was obsessed with art. I would make dresses out of anything from paper to faux fur. I would describe my young self as curious and creative. I have ADHD, so I had no filter, verbally and style-wise, so whatever I thought I did. In many ways, this set me back socially when I was young.  As I grew, so did my love for fashion. My designs also led me to activism– part of the reason I love fashion so much is because I can transform a woman’s self-esteem through outfits and garments. Making a person feel good about themselves is one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever known.


2. What are your passions? How has fashion shaped your life?

Fashion is my passion. Fashion has shaped my life by giving me a sanctuary and safe place when things were rough at school and has given me skills to help me think of creative solutions to problems. Outside of fashion, I love to ski, sail, golf, and horseback ride.


3. This year was a tough year, what happened and how are you stronger for it?

I chose to start my Anti-Bullying campaign to help empower victims of bullying so that they would feel like they have a support system behind them so they could overcome and grow from their struggles. When I initially started my campaign, I was not aware of how much bullying was actually affecting the rest of the world, I just knew I wanted to help. It started with one of my childhood friends who was persistently bullied and had to switch schools. Although I attended a different school than her, I knew I needed to make her feel like she had many people supporting her so I created my Anti-Bullying tee and distributed the shirts to as many girls I knew who attended her school. I also distributed the shirts around my school and our community to spread the message. Somehow, I knew this shirt was not made just for that one friend, I knew it would be bigger than that and would help many others who were affected by bullying.

My parents were proud of what I was doing and my father posted this on Facebook. One of his fraternity brothers from USC, who is a record producer in Los Angeles, saw this post and reposted it which drew a lot more attention to my campaign. I ended up selling the shirts on

my website, and I donate 100% of the proceeds to the National Bullying Prevention Center. I had people ordering shirts from different states and one mother who had a child who was affected by bullying purchased five shirts alone and also sent in a separate donation to PACER! Over the years I have taken every opportunity to sell my shirts and donate 100% of the sales to PACER, and they always send me a nice thank you note. It is so rewarding to have people come up to me and thank me for what I am doing and to see people wearing the shirts. Many of my teachers even hung them on the walls of their classrooms and I was recently featured in our local newspaper.

Ironically, what I did not know at the time this all began, is that I, myself would later become a victim of bullying through exclusion by my social circle. Being constantly excluded by my friends and seeing the fun they all were having on social media crushed me and was extremely painful. Although I continuously asked my friends to come over or to hang out, no one wanted to be with me. I felt completely alone and eventually this forced me to make many difficult decisions. Each decision I made was targeted to help me grow as much as possible and do what is best for me.  I wish people knew that no one is immune to bullying- it is hurtful to everyone even if they do not show it on their face. I believe the only way to heal is with positivity and forgiveness.


4. Who are your role models?

For me, a role model is someone that displays traits that inspire me to work on building a better version of myself. My biggest role model is my mother. She has always been the strongest and most stable force in my life and there is no way that I would be where I stand today without her. My aunt Malia is also a woman whom I aspire to be like. She, like my mother, holds such a disposition of grace, beauty, and intelligence that has taught me how you treat people reflects who you are as a person. Another woman who inspires me is our family friend, Gina Peterson; a woman who has done nothing but advocate for me and inspire me. Her style and her personality have provided an example of how I should conduct myself. Her fun-loving attitude and warm personality have guided me in many decisions.

Lady Gaga is one of my favorite women because she is such a great example of expressing oneself through art and fashion. She is confident and takes huge risks and does not care what anyone thinks. Beyoncé is another role model of mine. Many of her songs make me feel very powerful and have shown me not to let anyone’s opinion of me get me down. She has also taught me if you believe in yourself and hustle hard, your dreams can come true.

5. How do you think girls can empower each other? Why is a platform like TPFG so important today?

Women can empower each other by rallying and advocating for one another. Everyone likes to feel they are supported and loved. Instead of putting each other down and creating more negativity, we should work together to pick up and support those who have been hurt by bullying. As girls, we need to be extra generous with our positivity. When women standby and support each other, we are one of the strongest forces on this planet. That is why I think The Project for Girls is so important. “Girl Power” can only be generated through positivity and uplifting support, two things that the Project for Girls generates.


6.  Tell us about your latest collection. What was your inspiration and what steps do you take to create a line?

For my upcoming collection, I chose to focus on coral reefs and Spanish paintings. I wanted to choose really fun concepts and put a classic and colorful twist on most of my garments. One painting in particular really inspired this collection. I loved the vibrant colors and the way the artist painted the shapes of the face and depicted a human expression in ways that are both abstract and concrete. I am really excited to complete this collection and to launch it on my website .

Usually, the steps I take for designing my collections include finding photos for inspiration and creating a mood board, sketching, choosing 7 to 10 favorite sketches, then draping the designs on one of my mannequins with muslin, then I pick out the corresponding fabric choices, and finally I sew the designs. I make all my own patterns and I like to use my friends as models. When I am done photographing the collection, I will post the garments on my website and social media. Making a collection can take three to six months and is extremely fun but can be stressful at times.

7. Name the fashion designer who changed your life and why.

The main fashion designer that truly ignited my spark for fashion is Coco Chanel. The way that she came from nothing and blossomed into one of the most influential designers in our history is beyond inspiring to me. One way I can relate to her as a fashion designer is through the fact that we both had to wear uniforms. The way she elevated the classic clean lines and crisp white blouse of her orphanage uniform, which she later carried into most of her designs, inspired me to take a closer look at my school uniform and try to make it more fashionable.

Coco Chanel allowed me to realize that less is more and fashion can be classic and innovative at the same time. Her eternal style and her bold decisions as a young changemaker enlightened me to believing that if I work hard enough towards my dreams, they can come true. My lifelong goal is to build a fashion empire as large as hers, be a changemaker, leave a meaningful legacy, and empower women.


8. Travel is a big inspiration, what have been some of your most favorite places to go?

My collections are often based off a feeling I acquire from being on vacation, so travel plays a large role in designing for my collections. So far, Mexico has provided the most inspiration because there are so many diverse landscapes and ecosystems that inspire me. The vibrant color schemes and music are incredibly vivacious and I think it merges well into my design aesthetic. The white sand on the beaches reminds me of a blank canvas where coral reef and fish pop vibrantly against this backdrop. This concept translates very well into my clothing because Mexico is such a creative and colorful place all around and that tends to be the design style that I am attracted to. 

9. Name a song that best describes you and why.

The song that best describes me is “Run the World (Girls)” by Beyoncé. I relate a lot to this song because I have had to learn to not bow down to people who think they can mistreat me. Standing up for myself (and others) has helped me gain courage in difficult situations. My favorite line from this song is “My persuasion can build a nation; Endless power, with our love we can devour“. Since Beyoncé is a role model of mine, I relate to a lot of her songs and her music empowering women helps me find confidence within myself.

10. Where will Chandler Moseley be in five years?

In five years, I hope to have influenced many more people with my Anti-Bullying campaign and have many more collections and experiences under my belt. I really want to help change the world somehow. I know that is not a small task, and it will take a lot of time and determination, but I am going to do my best to achieve this and want to be well on my way wherever I am in five years. I have not yet decided whether I want to attend fashion school or a traditional university after high school, but I do know I will be in the fashion industry and will continue to make a difference every way I can. 

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