Sasha Lazard

ChanteuseNew York City, New YorkPhotography by Lauri LevenfeldStory by Lauri Levenfeld

To those who know Sasha Lazard, she is a staple in the art world equally as comfortable in a couture gown as she is on the playgrounds of lower Manhattan watching over her children. Widen the lens, however, and she is considered one of the most elegant and beautifully trained artists of our time. Enhancing her musicality are her mesmerizing performances, breath-taking sense of style and her associations with the finest luxury brands, all lending Sasha a public figure-aura of glamorous mystique. When Lazard opens the door to her gorgeous apartment, the gypsy interiors exhibit first-rate bohemian glam and exude a life centered around sharing her love of music, art, and the world around her with her dearest and everyone she meets.

My life’s work is my children and my music.  I began my career as an opera singer. Shortly after beginning my real training at The San Francisco Conservatory of Music—I realized quickly my destiny was not to follow a traditional path. I had an operatic quality to my voice, but was attracted to all forms of music. I loved collaborating, and mixing up genres. I was at the frontier of classical crossover with my first album “The Myth of Red” and I have just released my 5th one entitled “Lumiere.” My most personal one to date.


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