Mykal-Michelle Harris

Modern Day She-RoLos Angeles, CAStory & Photography by Lauri Levenfeld
Styling by Lauren Taylor
Makeup by Stacye Branche
Hair by Marva Stokes

It is hard to believe that at age 7 Mimi Harris is already taking the world of entertainment by storm. In her case, there is something more than true to a person’s calling and knowing exactly what you were meant to do. But TV and commercials are not the only thing this girl is passionate about. Mimi is using her popularity and platform to get the word out on causes important to her heart and she is already making a difference in people’s lives by being committed to kindness, charity and ways of thinking of others. With her current role on Mixed-ish, Harris brings her sassy character to life tackling important issues with relevant conversation. Now our total she-ro, we can’t wait to see what this young lady does in life. Our modern day Snow White comes to life.

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