Kate Cutler

Co-Founder & Head of Strategy of Bkr

You gotta love the gal who channels her inner fashionista and goes out on a entrepreneur limb after a 12-year career in law. Kate Cutler is just that. Always one inspired by the glitz and glam, she jumped on the chance to help lead a new company to success premised around fashion, luxe, sustainability and health. And Kate is a doll to boot, a true San Franciscan. Here is her story.


Kate… I grew up in San Francisco in Noe Valley. Until the age of ten, I refused to wear pants and insisted on wearing a dress and tights everyday. Because of my love for all things girly, it was a little shocking to have two boys; but I am in love with them and I now know a lot about trucks and dinosaurs.

I love French fries, brown sugar, good bread, dry cheese, tea with milk, and red wine. I like the color beige, probably too much. I prefer cashmere to fleece and do not wear sensible shoes. I was a lawyer for 12 years before bkr and I do not miss it.

I am the co-founder and head of strategy for bkr. We created the concept and bottle because we were intelligent, fashionable, cultured women who were drinking out of cheap, disposable plastic water bottles. We searched all over and couldn’t find a reusable water bottle that we loved.

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