Jayden Bartels

DancerLos Angeles, CAStory by Grace Wethor & Photos by Lauri Levenfeld
Styling by Nicole Pollard Bayme & Courtnee Scully of LALALUXE
Makeup by Kelli Shawn
Hair by Brittany Oros

It is hard to believe that in just three years, Jayden Bartels has taken the dance community by storm. With over 10-million+ followers tuning in daily, Bartels uses her social media platform as a creative outlet to share and showcase her choreography, music and comedy videos. There is no doubt that everyone loves Jayden’s approachable and fun-loving spirit and Jayden has nothing but admiration for her supporters adorning them with the loving and coveted

nickname “JayBeas”. With a full-fledged acting career dominating this Fall’s lineup including Disney’s Coop and Cami and Showtime’s new Jim Carrey series Kidding, we sat down with Jayden to talk the real deal on social media, how she juggles it all while staying focused, positive, and still having a whole lot of fun. 


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