Heather Vandenberghe

Founder and CEO of Vandenberghe & CoNew York City, New YorkPhotography by Lauri LevenfeldStory by Lauri Levenfeld

What do you do when a dream job or opportunity comes along and you’re not quite ready for it on paper (maybe the proper experience or perfect credentials don’t exist yet)?  If you are Heather Vandenberghe (in her younger years)- you bluff. You go for it with your head held high and make everyone believe that not only are you ready for this gig, but you are ready to offer something more special and more expansive than was ever dreamed of. It is this positive outlook and confident attitude (and of course, Heather packs some mean marketing skills)  that led Heather through the most prestigious doors and into the most coveted jobs early in her career. It also led her to a high stress and unbalanced lifestyle where she wasn’t managing her personal time and time for her daughters in the way she wanted. It was at this time, in her most frustrated and anxious moment,  Vandenberghe faced the most unimaginable hardship-her daughter’s accident, a moment that changed everything and gave her the will and the strength to live better and find more desirable work.

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