Catherine McCord

for WeeliciousLos Angeles, CAPhotos & Story by Lauri Levenfeld

Catherine McCord makes you want to hang out in the kitchen. Her kitchen isn’t spotless or perfect- its a “working kitchen”- where many hands and lots of kids congregate to make their latest meal together. Everyone dives in, share duties, and gives their input while listening to McCord divvy out  fun tidbits of wisdom on wholesome food and easy techniques. It’s inspiring because McCord juggles life (just like you and me)-three kids, a husband, and an ever-expanding enterprise-
yet her dedication to putting nutritious food on the table for her family every night is actually doable with her simple to follow recipes. I can honestly say after having a mini-aversion to cooking, my daughter and I got down and dirty in the kitchen recently and had a blast working the recipes. And so my holiday gift to you,  an article chock full of recipes, links, must-haves and a GIVEAWAY Weelicious cookbook at the end of the story.

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