Becky Straw

For The Adventure ProjectNew York, New YorkPhotos & Story by Lauri LevenfeldMakeup & Hair by Irmina Martinez Loeffler

As a mom I am always thinking of the best way to support, love and provide for my child. Having the ability to do so is the single biggest gift of my lifetime. I am honored today to tell the story of Becky Straw, a woman who is not a mom (yet!), but has dedicated her life’s work to giving not only the gift of life to so many children around the world, but also the training and skill set needed to the moms and the women of the Uganda community giving them

opportunity to provide for their children while elevating their individual sense of worth and confidence. With Mother’s Day around the corner (see campaign below), I can’t think of anything I would rather gift myself, a friend, or my mother than the opportunity to support a woman and child by creating a sustainable system within a community for all to not only survive, but thrive.

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