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Ashley Dickinson

Kinda KindChicago, IllStory and Photos by Jessica Epstein

Acts of kindness small and large are so meaningful in shaping society. The smallest bit of consideration or thoughtfulness can change someone’s day, someone’s outlook and even their life. Yet with so many demands on one’s day many people find themselves stressed and stretched, forgetting to engage and interact in the simplest act of being kind. With some humor, a light heart and some perspective, Ashley Dickinson of Kinda Kind is making Kindness Badass. No matter who you are or what you’re doing, we all make a difference. We all want to get ahead but while we do, let’s do it with kindness. Ashley’s stories promote this outlook on life and she finds her examples everywhere, reminding us how we can live in this rushing world and still take time to be thoughtful in big and small ways. After all Kindness IS Badass.


1.Who are you? And what life experiences have led you to create Kinda Kind?

I’m Ashley Lauren Dickinson and I’m on a mission to prove that kindness is badass. Too often people confuse kindness with being a weakness… and that sucks! Kindness is an awesome strength.…

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